2012 Box Office Flops


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  1. Shouldn’t American Reunion be on here as well? I mean yeah it was a hit, but only internationally. Unfortunately, It underperformed domestically due to competition from films like The Hunger Games, 21 Jump Street, Wrath of the Titans, and even Project X. It’s a shame really since I love the American Pie franchise (excluding those shitty direct to video sequels) and I wish we could’ve gotten a 5th film. If only Universal released it in like August or even September.

  2. I’m guessing The Bourne Legacy broke even, or at least came close enough to avoid being called a bomb? $125mm budget, $275mm WW gross, probably what, $175mm-$200mm after theaters take their cut, but I suspect the ad spend was huge because I remember this one being everywhere with Jeremy Renner and the “THERE WAS NEVER JUST ONE” angle being stuffed down our throats.

    In a nutshell I sum Legacy up like this: America was asked “hey, we’re soft rebooting this series that just ended 5 years ago. Can Jeremy Renner be the next Matt Damon? You loved him in The Town!” and America answered “Hell no.”

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