2019 Box Office Flops

Remaining Movies to be added: Richard Jewell | Charlie’s Angels | Motherless Brooklyn | Where’d You Go, Bernadette | The Current War


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  1. ADD 2021 NOW!!!! Me and my pals Alex Salim and GarfieldandOdie have this list of movies WE KNOOOOW will bawmb !!!! So. Add 2021 now cuz we’re annoying as heck! So add. Ok? Yes!

  2. Spies in Disguise should be pending it’s been two months and the film only made $158.3 million against its $100 million budget.

    • Don’t let the “people” who tell you to chill put pressure on you, okay? The guy usually can take requests.

      • No he already knows there are bombs out there. He created this website and knows what he’s doing. They’ll be up her some day. But thanks for “helping”
        Take a chill pill. Relax. Let it gooooooooooo

  3. Nobody wants to see this shit. Period
    Hollywood went Sterile a long time ago. We all know why, but we just can’t say it…

  4. Looks like Bad Boys for Life is a hit, which comes as a mild surprise to me. January dumping ground and the fact that 1 and 2 are by no means universally loved, yet apparently this didn’t slow down BB4L.

  5. Bad news for Dolittle and Underwater they both bomb at box-office:

    for Fox Underwater, it got grossed $500,000 in previews and is expected to earn less than $10 million this weekend.


    For Universal Dolittle, it will gross of $22 million to $28 million, a disappointing start for a movie that cost a net to lose lot and lot of movie.


  6. Well, look like Underwater, Like a Boss, and The Grudge (2020) are the three films will be on the list for this 2020 page if you create.

  7. I can’t believe Dora and the Lost City of Gold broke even last year, because many Spanish speaking countries saw it, but would Nickelodeon make season 9 of Dora or not?

  8. It seems “Star wars : The rise of Skywalker” are completely dropped every day even still #1. This is because “Jumanji : The Next Level”, and “Frozen 2” still persistent and grows more in WW (not counted USA) than Star Wars : The rise of Skywaler. Even The Last Jedi can manage well. I think the rate (RT, Meta, PT) of Star wars Series every sequel release dropped since The force Awakens restoring Star Wars despite returning old Director. Changing the director or not always affect the sequels regardless of condition. Your thoughts?

  9. LOL expect to see the new “Grudge” remake as the first bomb of the new decade. It was just hit with an ‘F’ CinemaScore. I don’t think a movie has achieved that since “Mother!”. And since this film is being released in the January dumping ground, I’m sure the studio is bracing for a big worldwide loss as well.

    • According to IMDb it only cost $10 million so unless an exception is made you won’t see it on this site.

      That said this one might take the cake in the pantheon of unnecessary remakes/reboots.

    • The Devil Inside also received horrible reviews, got an F Cinemascore, and is the reason why January is considered a good month for horror movies (It earned over $100m WW). To be fair, The Devil Inside was the exception – it performed well compared to a typical F grade movie (The only one to be a legit success)

  10. Looks like the Fox News biopic “Bombshell” isn’t doing so good. Cue the group of people who’ll scream “See, Hollywood? No one wants to see your ‘woke’ movies,” when no one went to see “Richard Jewell,” either.

  11. Bombshell (2019)

    Production Budget: $32,000,000

    DBO $19,639,144 + WBO $485,000 = $20,124,144 (worldwide box office is 0.6 times production budget)

    still has to be released in majority of international markets but chance of avoiding being flop does not look good at this moment

  12. More on Universal’s mega-bomb in the making, “Dolittle”:

    First of all, the film was originally slated for an April 2019 release, but was pushed back to the Memorial Day frame due to poor test screenings and re-shoots. Universal delayed the release again until December 2019, but to avoid “The Rise of Skywalker”, “Dolittle” was pushed back to the MLK holiday. This almost certainly spells doom not only for the movie, but also for a possible franchise based on the “Dolittle” stories.

    Second, the official trailer shows that the $175M was not well spent, The CGI not only looks cheesy, but is pretty creepy, too. Between the bad buzz, the delays and this lousy trailer, “Dolittle” may be lucky to get a 30% rating on RT, depending on actual reviews. It didn’t take long for 2020 to get its first big bomb, did it?

    • OOPS…”Dolittle” was originally to be released just before Memorial Day 2019, but was pushed into the April 12 slot to avoid “The Rise of Skywalker” (which was moved to December). Because of the awful test screenings and reshoots, “Dolittle” was pushed back to the MLK holiday, and never meant to be released at Christmas. Anyway, Universal has a massive turkey on its hands!


        • Sounds like a feat of sarcasm, but may as well bite. This site is only for movies that lost money, no matter the quality. And even then Bomb Report only restricts low money losers to the most notorious.

          People may want movies like The Last Airbender or The Emoji Movie on this site because they hate them, but they did decent business at the box office. It all comes down to how much money they lost.

          The fact of the matter is that Black Christmas (wisely) avoided being the next Death Wish reboot by keeping their budget low low low, and they made a profit in the end. If this were a site on the quality of movies (and he does tend to throw out the adjective directed at the movie’s quality when needed), it probably would have been noted. But this is mostly about being a major money loser, and Black Christmas did okay.

        • Plus BR has a minimum budget requirement of $20 million. BC had a budget of about $5 million. Even if only three people paid to see the film, this site still wouldn’t cover it.

  13. According to my prediction about upcoming blockbuster, updated for 2020, based on Indonesia standard Time :
    Bad Boys for Life: Hit (40-45 million USD box office).
    Dolittle: Minor Bomb
    Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn): Hit
    Sonic the Hedgehog: Gotta go Hit (this all-new design is better than this old one that abomination)
    Onward: Hit
    Bloodshot: Doubtful
    A Quiet Place: Part II: Hit
    Mulan (2020): Doubtful
    Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway: Hit
    The New Mutants: Bombed (ITS WORST THAN DARK PHOENIX)
    Trolls World Tour: Doubtful
    Black Widow: Hit
    Scoob: Hit
    Fast & Furious 9; Hit
    The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run: Bombed
    Artemis Fowl: Doubtful
    Wonder Woman 1984: Hit
    Soul: Hit
    Top Gun: Maverick: Hit
    Minions: The Rise of Gru: Hit
    Ghostbusters: Afterlife: Hit
    Bob’s Burgers: The Movie: Hit
    Jungle Cruise: Hit
    Morbius: Hit
    Nobody: Bomb
    The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It: Hit
    The King’s Man: Hit
    Venom 2: Hit
    Death on the Nile: Hit
    The Eternals: Hit
    Godzilla vs Kong: Bomb
    Raya and the Last Dragon: Hit
    Dune: Bomb
    Uncharted: Hit
    Coming 2 America: Bomb
    The Croods 2: Hit
    Tom and Jerry: Doubtful

    • Dolittle is going to be a MAJOR bomb. Its production budget is $175 mil, but it’s releasing in January (infamously a dumping ground for movies studios have no faith in, like Oz: The Great And Powerful). Deadline is projecting Dolittle will only gross $25 million opening weekend when it needs about $600 million just to breakeven.

      • I’m quite surprised that a studio would tackle a more faithful take on the original “Dr. Dolittle” books when most people tend to associate the story with the Eddie Murphy movies from the ’90s. And it’s also quite surprising that in the ’90s someone thought it would be a good idea to make a “Dr. Dolittle” movie when the last attempt from the ’60s was a monumental disaster. I’m only assuming this got made because it was a passion project for Robert Downey, Jr.

        It’s also going to be a great risk for RDJ. since this will be the next major attempt for him to prove to the world he’s not Iron Man (or Sherlock Holmes, for that matter). If this movie bombs, it will only cement his typecasting. ;(

      • Hold on to your hats…could “Dolittle” be an even bigger bomb for Universal than “Cats”? With its $175M budget (plus marketing costs that could make the total balloon to over $300M), reshoots, and release pushbacks (always a bad omen), it could be a box office disaster on the level of “John Carter”! I’ve seen a trailer and it does NOT look good…

  14. 2020 animated list. Can you predict it?
    Sonic the Hedgehog
    The Croods 2
    Trolls : World Tour
    The Spongebob Movie : Sponge on the Run
    Tom & Jerry

    Note : Peter Rabbit 2 is not counted, although the trailer isn’t animated.

  15. 2019 animated movies in a nutshell :
    HTTYDTHW : Hit
    Wonder Park : Bombed
    Uglydolls : Bombed
    Toy story 4 : Hit
    Frozen 2 : Hit
    Spies in disguise : Below average
    Playmobil : Bombed
    Arctic Dogs : Bombed
    Missing Link : Bombed
    Angry Birds 2 : Below average
    Lego Movie 2 : Below average
    The Secret Life of pets 2 : Below average
    Abominable : Below average
    The Addams : Below average

    Your thoughts?
    My thoughts : Too many underperformed animated films, not such good as 2018.

    Note : The Lion King is not counted because the movies isn’t too animated. Average movies is categorized as below Average.

  16. Just saw a preview for The Call of the Wild, and good Lord almighty you can book that abomination of the source material for a spot on the 2020 page. I would have thought we could do CGI dogs by now but I guess not. Guess I should be happy they didn’t make Buck talk.

    • I think the film looks great, actually. Given that John Powell is doing the score, even if the film isn’t well-received, the score definitely will be. Plus, the film’s budget is reportedly only one-hundred-and-ten million, so it might be able to overcome that.

      • It was horrible. SJW Woke culture destroyes another classic. We have a black mailman in the late 1800s in Alaska accompanied by a native woman. This is ridiculous. The CGI dogs were terrible. There have already been movies with real dogs done better like “White Fang.” Can we please just stop inserting current racial and feminist ideology into classic works set in history.

    • I think it might be best to give it a few more weekends to see how much it holds on. The Greatest Showman had a lousy opening but still managed to do okay in the long run. Even though the odds are against Cats for doing the same, it could happen.

    • U need patience. The sites owner is not a flighty birdbrain. He just added to pending – and don’t flatter yourself, it wasn’t because of you

    • “Charlie’s Angels” hasn’t been relevant in years and that’s why it bombed. No victory for conservative white men to be seen here.

        • Can’t say I’ve seen it because I haven’t. But it has to do something pretty low to top something like The Haunting or Rollerball or Swept Away as the worst remake ever. (Also, not exactly a remake since it works with both the TV show and movie to be its own thing in the franchise.)

      • The original reboot also had zero relevance at the time it was released but it and its sequel both made money. Sorry honey woke trash that doesn’t have brand recognition doesn’t sell.

      • Your delusion is hilarious. Charlie’s Angels bombed because Elizabeth Banks in her own words made a film for feminists because “men have too many films already” and ‘Captain Marvel & Wonder Woman don’t count because superhero movies are a male space.” And then she blamed men for not watching the movie. Conservative white men won big this year. Dark Phoenix, Terminator & Charlie’s Angels all had 3 female leads and all of them were financial disasters. Oops!

    • I think “Black Christmas” has a production budget of under $20 million, which would disqualify it from contending for this site (even though it still did very terrible at the box office).

      On the other hand, the estimated budget for “Cats” is around $80 to 100 million, which (given a bad reception and more limited legs) won’t really allow the film to be profitable in the end,

      • This guy was warned about Black Christmas’ budget several times. He’s just not getting it, illiterate, or English isn’t his first language.

        • Lol sure it does deserve it!! But it’s just not going to be added to this website. It’s below 20m budget per the owner’s rules. . You’ve been told many times (yes it’s just you posting in multiple names) yet you continue whining. You can have your tantrum all you want, it’s. Just. not. happening. Maybe create your own website and go have at it. In the meantime… quit whining crybaby.

  17. While “The Rise of Skywalker” proved that the “Star Wars” theatrical franchise has run out of gas, “Cats” was doomed from its initial trailer back in May. Universal’s pathetic attempts to do damage control will backfire, and this ill-conceived musical will sweep the Razzies and become one of the biggest box-office bombs of all time! (Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t get a 0 on RT, given the hostile reviews!)

    As for 2020’s two musical releases, “In The Heights” has limited appeal while Spielberg’s remake of “West Side Story” may suffer the same fate as “Cats” (and it has a pricey $100M budget!) Only time will tell…

    • Well, the big issue most people had with the Cats movie is the effects, which have been confirmed to be unfinished. They literally rushed it out so that it would be in theaters before Christmas. Theaters are getting an updated version this week. West Side Story will probably do better because it shouldn’t have any off-putting CGI in it.

    • TRoS’s problem is that TLJ broke the fanbase and TRoS really is a bad film with massive plot holes, an over-abundance of ass pulls, and flat out ignoring, if not disrespecting, previously established canon. It’ll need a major miracle for it to make $1b globally by the end of its run. Even if it isn’t technically a flop, the damage dealt to merchandising and the like is going to be devastating. However, should it fail to reach the $1b globally mark, it probably is a bomb due to how much it cost with all of the expensive re-shoots and how much was likely spent on P&A.

  18. It was initially claimed that the budget of Cats was as high as $300m. If that were true, Cats would be the worst money loser since Mars Needs Moms (John Carter and Lone Ranger made back their production budgets, while Mortal Engines made $80m WW on a 100m budget – Compare that to 39m on a 150m budget)

    • You’re forgetting about the theaters’ cuts of the gross. Mortal Engines grossed $80M but theaters get around half of that. The people who actually made the film get $40 million. Considering the film cost around $100 million and they probably paid at least $20 million to advertise it, they lost at least $80 million. It was a total disaster.

      • They lost $175m when all was said and done, which sucks because Mortal Engines had an amazing concept. They could have explored how such a society would have functioned, but it will never happen now.

        • Cassandra Clare is just a thief who plagarizes everything from TV shows she watched as a teen anyway. If you’re wasting money buying her books and watching her movies, you might as well just pay the people she stole all her concepts, plot & dialogue from.

  19. Well, the opening weekend has hit Cats, and it bombed, earning just $10.9 million on a $95 million budget. In addition, it has a 2.6/10 on IMDb and a C+ Cinemascore, so I wouldn’t plan on it having legs. Also, they will be improving the visual effects after the movie had already released, so that will hurt word of mouth even more. Expect this to lose at least $50 million (and that’s being very conservative about the losses.)

    • About the opening weekend figure. The $10.9 million was worldwide. It earned about $6.5 million in the States and $4.4 million internationally.

  20. This site is for EVERY movie that bombed not every movie that cost atleast $20 million to make.

    In my opinion all movies are okay to add regardless of how much money it cost to make.

    • Eh, defining that in and of itself can be tricky if you just go ahead and allow every single movie that ever bombed. Besides, it can be pretty vague when you decide to throw in so many more movies. Not all of the information present for each film is correct, and for lesser budgeted movies it can be a lot trickier to pinpoint how much of a loss it was (the site does have exceptions).

      A $20M limit is a fair metric to use since it already covers enough ground.

  21. Cats bomb so hard now Universal will lose a lot of money for this add Cats on the list sorry Steven Spielberg and Universal.

    • Cats will probably end up with $35 million tops domestically. However, I think it may be a little premature to write its obituary – let’s at least wait a few weeks and see how the foreign run plays out.

  22. Cats seems completely bombed. Only 2 millions debut. And Star wars 90 million debut. Even domestic Star wars can higher than Avengers endgame, Star wars is likely to hit. Debut prediction is above frozen 2.

    Does Cats movies is a franchise fatigue? Many are become a victim, such as Dark Phoenix, Terminator Dark Fate, Godzilla King of the Monsters, Lego Movie 2, Maleficent 2, Jumanji 3, and poor remake such as MIB INT.

  23. Ok, real talk time.

    Is there a chance when it’s all said and done RoS could be a bomb? The die hards will see it multiple times obviously but this thing is getting SAVAGED critically. Could it scare enough casuals away to put it in the red?

    • No idea what the break even point would be, but I think the opposite of what you said will be true. The die-hards are going to stay clear or only see it once. The casuals will see it once and only once. Expect a big opening weekend, followed by massive drops each week afterward. Few will come back for repeat viewings.

      I’ll wager a guess that the break even point is at $1 bn globally. However, SW is NOT a strong performer internationally. At a minimum, the opening weekend needs to be over $200 mil to even hope to reach the billion mark, but $250 mil is much more ideal. Should it fail to reach the $200 mark, it deserves to be placed on the pending list.

  24. I doubtful Jumanji 3 will underperformed because of Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker and Frozen 2 I look at the BOM website, it only gross 226 million. And today is Star Wars 9 debut, and it can rip Jumanji 3 . Cats seems bombed even helped with Jason Derulo and Taylor Swift

    Your thoughts?

    • Well, Jumanji 3 and Frozen 2 are the hit but the 6 sequel film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Men in Black: International and Shaft all played to disappointing are not cause those 6 all fretted about sequel fatigue, franchise fatigue and failed.

  25. I’m pretty certain Cats will get on the list. It is experiencing absolutely atrocious reviews (16% on RT and 33 on Metacritic) in addition to a $95 million budget. It will be absolutely murdered by The Rise of Skywalker, tracking with a $14 million to $17 million opening in the states. It will likely not leg out in the states and do that good overseas, so I think Cats will get on this list.

    • Which would be the biggest farce yet here as it’s a great movie and only getting trashed due to the media being butt hurt that their trust is and the FBI always narrative is being shown to be total crap. Filthy muckrakers.

        • They won’t sue no standing just griping cause they hate being call out for the worthless homunculi they are

      • Also: Clint’s last two movies (15:17 To Paris & The Mule) were absolutely dreadful, boring pictures. I don’t blame anyone for sitting this one out when the last two were terrible. I know I am.

  26. My prediction of the top 10 to be a box office bomb for 2020 are:

    2020 Box Office Bomb Prediction:

    1. The New Mutants

    2. The Gentlemen

    3. The Photograph

    4. The Way Back

    5. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

    6. Bloodshot

    7. Underwater

    8. Artemis Fowl

    9. Free Guy

    10. The Purge 5

  27. As I’m writing this comment, Playmobil looks to set the record for the third worst opening movie for a kids movie in 2,000 or more theaters with a scant $167,000 opening (the other notorious bombs: The Ooglieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure = $443,901 and Delgo = $511,920). This was definitely not a great 2019 for animated films (not named Disney and DreamWorks) that tried their luck on earning a profit but failed to connect with audiences because kids don’t know what the movie is about. STX can just give up the movie and pull it from theaters instead.

  28. As other people have said, there is no way that Playmobil: The Movie will turn a profit. It has earned $12,462,516 across 4 months overseas, so the international dollar cannot say it. In addition, it will not likely top $800,000 over the weekend. Even if it earns 4 times its opening weekend, it will earn about $15.6 million worldwide. However, it will likely not even earn this much, since it has a 4.5/10 on IMDB, a 25% Metacritic, a 19% Rotten Tomatoes, and a B+ Cinemascore. To earn back it’s budget even once, the movie will have to earn about 78.171855 times its opening weekend. So far, the record is held by Raiders of the Lost Ark, which earned about 27.17 times its opening weekend. Let’s just say that Playmobil will need a Christmas miracle to break even.

    • STX didn’t learn from the “UglyDolls” fiasco, did it? “Playmobil” is yet another franchise wannabe that got soundly rejected by the public; the culprit, of course, is bad storytelling…

      • STX did not invest money in the movie, they just distribute the movie and will receive a distribution fee. And according to Deadline, P&A spending was only $ 3 million, as they probably predicted it would be a flop.

  29. Might as well remind you about “Playmobil: The Movie”, which is out on the 6th in America and apparently cost $75 million to make.

  30. So Charlie Angels are completely bombed and yet still on the list . Same like Uglydolls case. Meanwhile it dropped to rank 12th on incomes. Only 46 million USD incomes just 2 weeks released. Comparing to Ford v. Ferrari, it gross slowly, and now it’s 111 million USD.

    Your thoughts about Charlie Angels and Ford v. Ferrari?

    • After 3 weeks of release, Charlie’s Angels currently has a worldwide gross of $51.5 million on a $48 million production budget which is not good, but still better than most of the films on this list.

      • A worldwide gross of $51 million is TERRIBLE. Revenue is split in half for domestic box office, and foreign revenue only gives studios 33% back. At most, the studio has barely even received $20 million back out of the total so far. Even for a mid-range flick, Charlie’s Angels is as much of a bomb as Dark Phenix and Terminator: Dark Fate.

        • Sony predicted thus would Bomb so thry cut their advertising budget from $100m to $50m. So it didn’t even make back its advertising budget so this is a major bomb.

  31. Charlie’s Angels looks horrible. The next Kristen Stewart moving coming out, Underwater, has Mega-Bomb written all over it. She cannot act, why does she keep getting movies??? Midway was good, too bad people don’t care. This should be required watching in history class. Ford v. Ferrari was good, just not the type of movie for everybody. Star Wars will be huge because it supposedly wraps up everything, we’ll see.

    • Clearly you haven’t seen anything else of Kristen Stewart besides her crappy big budget films. The 1970s version of Midway is miles ahead of the recent one too

  32. Ford v. Ferrari is likely to avoid box office bombs. Within Frozen 2 release, and only 103 million USD within 90 million budget.

    Your thoughts about Ford v. Ferrari?

    Can Jumanji 3 and Star Wars : The Rise Of Skywalker still better than prequel? or worse?

  33. The only underperforming sequel this year that may have not killed the franchise is Godzilla 2. There are only 2 sequels left to be released this year (Jumanji 3 and Star Wars 9, both of which should do fine)

    • I’m not so sure about Star Wars.

      There is just no hype for this film with only a month before its release. It’ll probably make a profit, but whether or not it underperforms is an entirely different question.

        • Where is the media hype? Where’s the commercials? Where is the Merchandise hyping? Other than some YouTube trailers and one video game where is the festivity’s

        • He’s right. There is no hype. There is only dread. Disney is dreading it, hence why they spent so much money doing Reshoots, Kathleen Kennedy is dreading it because her career is at stake, Bob Iger is dreading it since he already said there will be no more Star Wars films for the next 5 years, Fans are dreading it because they already know it’s going to retcon 40 years of established canon, Feminists are dreading it because it will prove the Fandom Menace right if it bombs the way Last Jedi did, and now even the general public is dreading it after that stupid “They fly now?” trailer got meme’d and became a laughingstock.

          What part of any of this sounds like “hype” to you? Stop deluding yourself.

        • Yeah all these racist incel trump supporters are making all this up. It’s sad…so deluded. It’s still going to make a sh**t ton of money just like Last Jedi did -maybe not close, but still soooooooo much more than Midway. It’s not going to bomb like Solo. I’m tired of hearing all these dumb*sses going on and on. Just go jump off a bridge already.

        • Wow someone’s bitter and now one brought politics into this so stuff that firmly in your ass. Also really using incel as an insult unironicly ok boomer. Btw never said it would bomb just not make anywhere near as much money as the past films, and yes there is very little hype for this movie compared to ROTS and hell even TLJ it’s a barren wasteland of tanking merch sales one film bomb and several video game flops. The only two good things this movie has going for it besides brand recognition are 1) the mandlorian (clearly when someone with even the slightest talent comes along I.e. anyone other than Kathleen Kennedy the series makes quality programming) and 2) the recent video game fallen order (which succeeded by simply not being a pyramid scheme all la battlefront and not turning into a sociology circle jerk)

  34. Midway (2019) has made “utt” 40 mil $ on international market and 82%(32.8mil $)of that is coming from China and rest of the world came up with only 7.2 mil……
    only few countries are left to go : Aus. Fra., Tur. and couple smaller ones

    Midway will not make more than 60 mil on international market & 50 mil in US looks like max it can get

    all that on 100 mil $ budget……

  35. It seems the old Charlie Angels (Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu) still better than currently casters and directors. Your thoughts? Ford v. Ferrari seems dropped in this weekend, due to Frozen 2 mass release.

    • We all know that Frozen II will probably get phenomenal business, My daughter is excited to see it. Ford v. Ferrari has great write ups, but it is doing about average business. I hope it will be a success.

  36. Charlie’s angels will be on this list soon. Elizabeth Banks is alreasy playing the SJW card and blaming men for this mediocre film’s bombing.

    • Of the three main characters I only recognize Kristen Stewart and I’m not a fan of the Twilight series. I won’t rush out to theatres to see it but since it’s an action movie I’ll probably get around to watching it next year when it’s on disc or if it’s on a streaming service I subscribe to .

      • Naomi Scott was in Aladdin and that Power Rangers movie. She and Kristen Stewart need to be in a better movie. The other lead was really bland. When an audience full of the target audience wasn’t laughing, it said everything that I needed to know

  37. I think “Charlie’s Angels” should be added to the pending list. It has debuted very poorly in North America with just $8.3 million, part of a global opening of only around $27 million.

    This could suggest a global box office of less than $70 million, which (relative to a $48 million budget) would render the latest attempted franchise reboot a flop in the end.

  38. Comparing to Ford v. Ferrari and Charlie’s Angels incomes, both movies are actually underperformed. Ford v. Ferrari only got 52 million debut within 97 million USD budget. Despite get positive reviews, this movies seems underperformed. And even Charlie Angels, underperformed too. Only got 28 million USD within 55 million budget. Rating on Charlie Angels seems average, only 60% in RT, PostTrak 46%, Metacritic 51%, and only get B+ in CInemaScore.

    • I’m surprised Ford v Ferrari cost that much. The opening figures are certainly great for a movie of that genre, however.

      I can see Charlie’s Angels turning a profit, but a very meagre one.

    • I didn’t even know another Charlie’s Angels movie was coming out in the first place. How much did they spend on marketing? A nickel?

      • Only 28 millions incomes on debut. Lower than Ford v. Ferrari, despite budget is lower than Ford v. Ferrari and Joker. Seems underperformed

  39. Ford v. Ferrari had 97.6 million USD budget, and only got 10 million in first day. Despite later or very limited release in worldwide, and have 92% RT. 81% Metracritic, A+ Cinemascore, and 87% PostTrak, can they avoid box office bombs? Your thoughts about Ford v. ferrari? Need at least 200 million USD to break even, and higher than Joker budget (70 million USD)

    • The only Charlie’s Angels reboot I’m interested in would be one that’s set in the 1970s and is a campy homage to the original television show sort of like the Beverly Hillbillies movie of the 1990s that was basically a color version of the original 1960s TV show.

  40. It seems like Arctic Dogs has ended its domestic run, as it’s not listed on Box Office mojo and Pro on Tuesday.
    If it did end its run, it only made 5.14 million domestically from a 3.1 million opening weekend.

  41. Midway 2019 with 100 mil. budget is almost sure to flop….

    at moment (5 days in release) is already pacing 11 mil behind Terminator:DF and trailing more than 60 mil at international markets

    movie marketing team played on US patriotism (“veterans w”.) and while that was good enough for 1st place at weekend chart it is far from being profitable …

  42. I doubtful if Doctor Sleep, Midway, and Charlie Angels likely to be hit. Many people predict these three bombs are likely to be average despite low budget. And some people believe Frozen 2 likely to hit as well even Joker already almost to gross 1 billion USD worldwide.

    Some movies like “Lego Movie 2”, “Rambo : Last Blood”, “MIB International”, “Dumbo” are stripped on this list even neither bombed nor massive hit.

    Can Frozen 2 avoid the box office bombs? Despite with good schedule release, but Jumanji : The Next Level and Star Wars : The Rise of Skywalker, can haunt everything in box office

  43. Well, you don’t have to put Rambo Last Blood on this list. it succeeded. Shocked about Doctor Sleep. It was really a good movie.

      • But at least Stallone did not blame women or men for the film underperforming like Banks did blaming men for her crappy film bombing.

      • By the way. More women went to see Rambo during its opening week than they did to see Charlie’s Angels during its opening week.

        But yeah it’s men and women’s fault and not that it’s a mediocre woke piece of garbage.

  44. It seems most of the bombed movies in this year are under 100 million budget. Comparing to list in 2016, 2019 bombed is likely to be worse than 2016, despite many movies bombed in 2016 are over 70 million USD, such as Alice Through The Looking Glass. Your thoughts?

  45. I’m shocked that Doctor Sleep bombed in one of the worst Veterans Day box office weekend ever.

    Boy, 2019 was a very odd year for Warner Bros. despite Joker making a shitload of money (which is nearing $1 billion by next week) and It: Chapter II succeeded expectations. Sadly, not one adult drama didn’t manage to do well. There are 6 WB movies that failed miserably: The Kitchen, Blinded By The Light (great movie), The Goldfinch, Western Stars (Bruce Springsteen documentary. Heard it was actually pretty good, sadly it wasn’t shown in my local theater here in Fairfield, CA), Motherless Brooklyn, and now Doctor Sleep. One by one all bombed. And is The Goldfinch really that bad?

    • I watched Western Stars in Columbus. I never listened to a whole lot of Springsteen before, but my roommate is a huge fan of his. I have to say it was incredible and enraptured me the entire time! I don’t really see it as a financial flop or success because it seems more of a passion project than anything else, and I don’t think how much money it makes was really of anyone’s concern.

    • Goldfinch wasn’t as bad as some movies on the list like “Gemini Man” or “Lucy in the sky” but it was incredibly long and filled with plot holes. The story was there but it was lost in the execution.

  46. The marketing campaign alone cost more than double the movie’s budget. Bizarre.

    ‘Doctor Sleep’ Set To Lose $20M+ For Warner Bros. In Trio Of Fall Duds

    Finance sources tell us today that Warner Bros.’ weekend Stephen King upset Doctor Sleep is poised to lose around $20M after all ancillaries, should it earn $100M at the global box office.

    If ticket sales are lower, in the $80M range, then the loss swells to around $30M+. This comes after the grand under-performance of the mid-$50M Warner Bros. horror production…

    Estimates figure that Doctor Sleep will clear $149M in revenues from global theatrical rentals, global free and pay TV, plus global home entertainment, including streaming next to combined production, global P&A, participations, residuals, and global home entertainment costs of $171M, (and, no, Joker did not cost $100M in global P&A!!)

    • Playing with Fire was cheap enough it might break even, and Midway will break even if it legs out to $65 million in the States.

    • Last Christmas will be fine, that movie will do (very) good internationally….
      we will have to wait (because int.n. release dates are all over Nov. & Dec. for final score
      but in US movie is under-performing for sure..

    • Yes. Well I think most bombed 2019 movies is likely to be worse than bombed 2016 movies, despite unknown loss. Terminator Dark Fate seems bombed, lose 100-130 million USD. Maleficent 2 underperformed, Joker makes unexpected box office, and most of all bombed movies are below 100 million budget.

  47. Which Stephen King adaptation is the biggest money loser? I understand most of them have low budgets, though. Dreamcatcher?

  48. Whoa, Doctor Sleep is looking for a third place opening behind TDF in the 12 mil range on a $49 mil budget. If the domestic run ends below 30 mil, with little international excitement it may end up on this site. It will need super strong legs to avoid The.Bomb.

  49. Charlie’s Angels appears to be heading towards an opening in the mid to high teens. However, the reported budget is an incredibly low $48 mil, so it is up in the air whether it will lose money especially considering long term ancillaries. A cash grab nonetheless, though.

  50. Are The Lego Movie 2, and Godzilla KOTM considered bombs? Lego Movie 2 grossed out $105 million in the U.S, and Canada, and $85 million on a $99 million budget. As for Godzilla KOTM, it grossed out $385.9 million on a $70-200 million budget, making it a Box Office disappointment. Did these movies bomb?

    • The studio will probably see about 212 million back on Godzilla’s 185 million budget. That will cover its large P&A costs and a decent chunk of the production budget. With video and TV sales, it may get close to break even, even if losing some money. So I wouldn’t consider that a bomb.

  51. Keep an eye out for Midway. It has a reported budget of $100 million, it’s projected to earn $15 million, and it is getting not-so-great reviews.

    • Every single movie released by Summit this year has bombed (Except for John Wick Chapter 3). However, the success of John Wick made up for the shortcomings of Cold Pursuit, Hellboy, Long Shot, and Anna. Even last year, Summit released 3 movies, and only Uncle Drew was a success

  52. I feel like The Batman will flop, will be either a moderate or big money loser. Matt Reeves is far from a reliable director, Apes 3 made very little money despite its huge budget, and Robert Pattinson is more or less ridiculed worldwide due to the bulk of his well known work consisting of the Twilight movies. There is mostly nothing bankable about the movie, and this is not a Michael Keaton situation mind you, the Michael Keaton of thirty years ago was a well seasoned, well respected and, crucially, super talented actor. Pattinson is a good actor but simply not the same caliber as Keaton. A few more things: It took way too long for the project to remain in gestation (read:limbo. It was originally supposed to be directed by and star Ben Affleck, remember?), never a good sign. The story does not signal a spectacle (of course you don’t have to be a spectacle to be a good movie or make money, but so far nothing to excite anyone to plan to rush to the theaters when it comes, unlike the announcements of, say, MCU movies, for example). Finally, there simply is very little buzz about the movie, Remember how Aquaman got everyone excited at this point in production?
    Anyway, I may be totally wrong since to movie just started shooting. Hopefully we will see a return to form for everyone’s favorite Dark Knight,

    • Matt Reeves is far from a reliable director. Same With Todd Phillips.

      Apes 3 made very little money despite its huge budget. Even if it under performed wrt DOTPOTA, it earned more than ROTAPOTA, and is considered a success. ($490m WW)

      Robert Pattinson is more or less ridiculed worldwide due to the bulk of his well known work consisting of the Twilight movies. He has since been trying to shake off that image, and his acclaimed roles in Good Time, Lost City of Z, and The Lighthouse imply that his efforts are bearing fruit.

      It took way too long for the project to remain in gestation (read:limbo). Deadpool and Wonder Woman were also held in limbo.

      The story does not signal a spectacle. Neither did Iron Man or Deadpool. Mortal Engines and BvS on the other hand…

    • “Ridiculed worldwide” “bulk of his well known work consisting of Twilight movies”

      What in blazes are you talking about? Twilight was 4 movies. He has made dozens more since then. 4 is not a “bulk”.

      Ridiculed worldwide? You must be talking about Kristen Stewart and Jacob whatever his name is. I never watched Twilight, but I have watched Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, Metropolis, Water For Elephants and The Lighthouse, as well as that James Dean movie he made … All of which were critically praised.

      Maybe you should stop watching movies made for 13 year old girls and start watching films adults are interested in? As far as I’m aware the only ridicule you’re referring to is how people thought the books were stupid and that vampires should be scary, not sparkly. Sounds like the woman who wrote it was the one who got ridiculed worldwide?

  53. Terminator: Dark Fate is pacing behind Dark Phoenix

    Theaters count : 4,086 vs 3,721
    4 days total : 31 mil $ vs 35 mil $
    1st Monday drop : -73% vs -69%

    Dark Phoenix (2019) total of $246 mil (65.8 +180.5) at this moment would be great for Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Genisys ($432mil ) looks like smash hit compered to T Dark Fate

  54. Terminator Dark Fate – Pulled a mere $200 mn WW first week. (Including china)

    This franchise had a real capability of doing a lot better. The promotions with only one Trailer cut and lot less buzz around the release, costed the openings for the movie.

    The openings could have easily been 40% higher adding another $30 ~ $40mn on opening weekend.

    This probably is the last one in the terminator Franchisee.

    • Actually, as of Monday, the worldwide total stands at a miserable $125, Dark Phoenix made about ten mil more at this exact point in time.

  55. I’ve enjoyed and rewatched all Terminator movies except Genesys and still regret not seeing T2 in the theatre during its original run. But Dark Fate even with Linda Hamilton back just looks like a cgi snoozefest. Damn.

  56. Is there a reason Rambo: Last Blood isn’t on here? After box office returns the movie will net less than 50 million worldwide. The advertising budget was probably equal to that, which will leave the entire 50 million budget untouched.

  57. Wow, with extreme erosion globally (it opened a week in advance in some territories), Dark Fate may finish under $200 million WORLDWIDE which is a nightmare even the most pessimistic people never expected. May make it to the top of the year’s biggest money losers list.

    • It shouldn’t have ended this way. The franchise always had great potential, with technology becoming a more and more important part of our lives. I simply don’t believe in interest waning irretrievably in a franchise, think about the James Bond franchise in the eighties with Timothy Dalton fading and having been later resurrected in a big way with Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig. All you need is creativity and a love for the source material. I predict there will not be a Terminator movie for a very long time, probably decades, if ever. It may well be sold to streaming or some other outlet for a cheap-o TV reincarnation, definitely not something the fandom at large would like to see. Looking at the broader issues, this may also permanently end Skydance’s (Larry Ellison’s company) participation in motion pictures, most likely in large tentpoles. Even Paramount will incur some significant damage, with Star Trek and Terminator franchises failing, it appears all they have left is the singular Misson Impossible franchise. I would not b surprised if they significantly downsize or just pull out of tentpole pictures altogether. A sad weekend for movies every which way.

      • Paramount is currently in a restructure already, especially now that their parent Viacom will be merging back CBS Corp. (for about the second time) at the end of this year.

        • Yes, plus the Terminator rights from what I understand will revert back to Cameron and ex wife Gale Ann Hurd some time next year due to the law in the U S requiring all copyright reverting to the original creators after 35 years, so it is possible one of four things may happen for the franchise’s future, or lack thereof:
          1. Cameron, Hurd and Larry Ellison continue to produce new content by mutually agreeing on something, such as a CBS All Access series. This is unlikely, as after two failures, Cameron will probably want to keep the franchise as far away from Ellison as possible.
          2. Cameron and Hurd agree on a fresh start for the franchise. The problem with this scenario is, interest in the franchise can probably only be resurrected if Maestro himself, Cameron, would direct it. However, it is unlikely, as he is totally booked for the next four to five years mostly with the Avatar sequels, and he indicated his lack of interest to continue Terminator story in a hands on way.
          3. Hurd and Cameron do not agree on how to proceed, or neither of them is interested in continuing, in which case the franchise is put to rest indefinitely. With the current B.O. fiasco, this appears to be the most likely scenario. From an investment perspective, the franchise turned toxic this past weekend, hence it will be a challenge for the franchise owner to attract money.
          4. Gale Ann Hurd takes over the franchise and continues it in some format, possibly in an inexpensive way,
          Time will tell, let’s hope something good happens to the franchise as opposed to the last 28 years.

  58. Seems like “Terminator: Dark Fate” and “Arctic Dogs” should be added to the pending list. Both are tanking in their debuts at the box office, with the former opening to just $27 million domestically (plus less than $30 million in China, its strongest overseas territory) on a $185 million budget and the latter starting with only $3.1 million in North America (overseas unlikely to help much with this one) on a $50 million budget.

    With these type of debuts, it seems unlikely that either film will be able to break even on their respective production spends, and they’ll likely lose tens of millions of dollars after ancillaries and marketing costs.

      • I think it would spoil the movie but let me try to explain: In Aliens, we spent most of the movie emotionally investing in a character and their survival, and in Alien 3 it was all thrown to garbage within the first few minutes. I think this is what Jo means, I have seen the same Alien 3 comparison in a lot of outlets this weekend and agree with it.

  59. Welp, looks like Motherless Brooklyn is DOA with a $3 million opening on a $26 million budget. I guess that’s getting a write-up soon.

    • Their entire marketing was around how incredible an actor Ed Norton is. Yeah, good choice considering EN’s bankability and reputation as one of the most difficult actors currently working.

  60. Add Terminator: Dark Fate and Arctic Dogs to this list. It’s eyeing a debut smaller than Genisys. While Genisys was saved by the international market, it looks as if Dark Fate can’t be saved by the international market. With a budget of about $185-$196 million (Genisys had a $155 million budget) and a B+ Cinemascore, it will be just about impossible for Dark Fate to break even. Arctic Dogs fared even worse, earning $700k on Friday on a 50 million dollar budget. It also has a B- Cinemascore, which means that it will also be impossible for it to break even.

    • I think Dark Fate’s marketing was very misguided . There was very little on characters, with two scenes (Sarah Connor bazookaing a racing Rev9 and Rev9 massacreing factory workers) playing ad nauseam, almost nothing on story and not really caring about the long legacy. The impression the marketing gave was that of just a generic action movie unlikely to gain new audiences or exciting long term fans to rush to the theater,

  61. i could remember an simpler tim when i used to pay £10.50 for an great day
    out at the corner cinema and watched good films without being talked down
    at by saying if you don’t go and see our movie then you are an sexiest pig
    and i seen goldeneye about 4 times and it was great it did gender polotics well
    and wasn’t forced down peoples mouths unlike today where every franchise both
    gaming and films where it is forced there is an side mission in borderlands 3 where
    the female antagonist bribes you to commit suicide for cheap entertainment and
    propaganda and if you do it the reward is an gun in which you get ridiculed by the antagonist
    each time you fire it with insults like gun-slut for sale and the other quest to find parts to help
    claptrap to build an girlfriend in order for her to call him an garbage male robot and people are tired of forced gender polotics and thats why they often fail and continue to fail until they learn.

    • So…by your logic, “Captain Marvel” was a flop. Maybe it was…to conservative male millennials. But to the rest of the world, it sold over a billion dollars’ worth of tickets. Think about it next time before you type up your biased observations about “gender politics.”

  62. I believe you can automatically add Arctic Dogs to the list because it has a budget of 50 million and is having an ABYSMAL 2.7 million opening. I guess Entertainment Studios Will stay a one hit wonder after all.

  63. Haha, toldja! Forbes: Terminator: Dark Fate Nabs Grim 2.4 million on Thursday.
    A sub-$100 million domestic and under $300 million worldwide looks likely at this point.
    Hopefully this will at least be a microscopic lesson for Hollywood to stop trying to resurrect rotten corpses of ideas and come up with originality every now and then.
    Note to Bomb: Please feel free to put Dark Fate on the Movies to be Added list on top of the page, trust me on this one…

  64. Terminator: Dark Fate projection has been downgraded to $28M Opening (via Deadline) and with weak international earnings past week looks like major Flop already…..???

  65. I just checked in The Numbers website, Maleficent 2 is already 293 million USD. And in Box Office Mojo was only 95 million. The glory days of Box Office Mojo seems gone now with new shit User Interface of BOM.

    Due to Joker still persistent, Maleficent 2 need gross at least 425 million to break even. With 185 million USD budget.

    Joker still back #1 in this week, and Maleficent 2 is only one and a half week released.

  66. Let’s all share a brief moment of silence in memory of Box Office Mojo, a website gutted of all useful box office content. It may have not always been the most easy to navigate or perfectly accurate website, but it was one of the best commercially available ones we had in regards to comprehensive box office.

    • What the hell was Amazon thinking? Who is going to pay for imdb membership to access box office data? I hope the-numbers.com has a massive increase in usership.

      • Amazon is full of it. The only reason to go to IMDB was the message boards and they got rid of that, I am sure the traffic to IMDB is mediocre at best and now they want to charge for something that no one will pay for.

        • I was a member of imdb for 13 years, and when they got rid of the message boards there wasn’t any reason to go there anymore.

        • I still use IMDb to track upcoming movies and rate movies, and see the list of casting. Box office data will be leaked by others so there’s no need for me to pay for access.

      • IMDB had been in control for a while, but the most they’d ever hurt BOM was a weird weekend about 5 years ago where it redirected to IMDB’s pitiful box office results page.

  67. Terminator Dark Fate – Landing with Mixed reviews next week

    Budget – $160 + PP

    Break Even – $350

    I can see the movie pulling it off to a safe zone, since Terminator has better following Internationally, Predicting the movie to do okayish in north america and better international.

  68. How about The Bomb extending a warm welcome to the newest disaster brought to you by the Disney family, Maleficient 2?
    A worldwide cumulative under $300 million at this point looks like a likely scenario, especially with poor results from China, which would mean a loss of about $50-100 million.

    • Some food for thought:

      In 1959, Disney released Sleeping Beauty for a budget of $6 million, which is about $53 million in today’s dollars. It grossed about $52 million, which is about $460 million today. Maleficient 2 cost $185 million and will need about $400 million just to break even.

      • I feel like it is more than that with worldwide advertising costs which may mean an additional $100-200 million.
        I saw the future,
        and it told me:
        “… which would barely cover the worldwide advertising costs but leave the budget completely untouched.”

        • How on earth did Maleficent 2 spend $200 million on advertising the sequel. Even my mother, a massive fan of the original film, didn’t hear about the film until we saw a trailer for it before watching “Joker”, a few days before release.

          Not that Disney should be crying too much if this loses money.

        • 183 million budget, and Joker still #1 in this weeks. and currently 293 million box office, Maleficent 2 needs to gross more 150 million in this and next weeks to avoid bombs.

          Even Aladdin slow incomes in first and second week, Aladdin manage to avoid box office bomb. Can Maleficent 2 manage that?

  69. Does anyone know whether Gemini Man was greenlit before or after Ang Lee’s last technologically superior disaster Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk? What’s up with studios giving Ang Lee these unlimited budgets for movies that use technology nobody knows, cares about, or asked for?

  70. I am boycotting anything will smith is in since he gave $122,500 to the cult.

    He is not a Scientologist and has denied rumors claiming him as a member of the Church of Scientology, but he has spoken favorably about it: “I just think a lot of the ideas in Scientology are brilliant and revolutionary and non-religious.”

    Smith gave $1.3 million to charities in 2007, of which $122,500 went to three Scientology organizations

    This in my opinion is just as bad as being a member.

  71. “Gemini Man” get on the board – What a disaster it is turning out to be. $275 mn to break even and the movie has just covered 30% after one week.

    Its time for Will Smith to rebrand himself, needs a fresh start.

    and for “Paramount” it is going to be the worst year in the past decade.

    • Jexi cost under $12 million including marketing supposedly. Its losses are small enough that it’s not worth putting

  72. No doubt Gemini Man will be in the list. The word of mouth will be virtually non existent for this one.

    Audiences won’t go see a generic cgi filled video game with terrible writing.

  73. I predict this will be the first year where a husband and wife who hate each other’s guts will both appear on Bomb Report with two totally different films: Brangelina with Ad Astra and Maleficient 2, respectively.

  74. I think Gemini Man will be bomb-worthy almost certainly, but Bomb is taking their time just to be on the safe side. I recall hearing about this movie I believe in late nineties first with Harrison Ford then with Mel Gibson in the elderly role (with the younger role cast due to cgi limitations). Too bad Ang Lee’s creative juices have dried up, I’d love to see more of his successful action style a la Crouching Tiger.

  75. I just heard that the budget for “Gemini Man” was reported to be around $138 million. If it fails to cross $300 million WW (which may have a chance of happening given its weak reception so far), the film may end up contending for this site despite having Ang Lee and Will Smith as attached names.

    • Ang Lee is always hit or miss, so it’s not surprising he’d have another failure critically and commercially

  76. Along with Ad Astra, I expect Lucy in the Sky to eventually find its way onto the Report after a dismal sub-$1,500 per theater average in narrow release on opening weekend and just plain bad reviews.

    Along with Ad Astra and last year’s First Man, now does not seem to be a good time to be releasing moody space flicks.

  77. Abominable may have a future on the report. Which is really too bad considering it’s a very good film and is non-Disney to boot.

  78. Add Ad Astra to the pending list. It has a budget of over 100 million and earned about 45 million worldwide on opening weekend. It’s only hope is that it could have long legs at the box office, but a) it would have to have really long legs at the box office, and b) it has a b- cinemascore, so it is more likely to have short legs. Lastly, add in Joker in the third weekend with it’s predicted $180 million debut shutting out most of the competition, and Ad Astra is likely going to be a disaster.

    • Long legs it doesn’t have. Looks like it needs to be re-evaluated since its domestic total will probably peter out around $50 mil and the foreign take seems like it’ll stall out around the $70 mil mark. Well short of breaking even its budget, never mind how much was spent on P&A.

  79. I’m so sad that the Goldfinch flopped 🙁
    I was actually excited to see and was disappointed to see how it did in the box office

    • I have yet to see that one. I saw Ad Astra, and Rambo, and Ad Astra was very slow moving and there were about 12 people in the theater. Now Rambo had a pretty good sized audience. I do think Rambo will be a box office hit.

  80. Prediction of Terminator’s B.O. Dark Fate:
    95 million domestic
    250 million international
    About 350 total, definitely in the red when P&A costs are taken into consideration. Possibly last big budget pic of Annapurna as well as Arnold. No international interest whatsoever.

    • Actually, it’s Larry Ellison’s company, Skydance Media, that producing it!!! And, he have more successes than Megan’s!!!

  81. All new releases of this weekend, Downton Abbey, Rambo: Last Blood and Ad astra will at least make back their money.

    The first one is in the green after this weekend as the budget is only $13M and in the US it will open above $30M.

    Rambo has a budget of $50M and will bring in at least that amount in the US before Joker opens. Now internationally it will make more without being dented by Joker because somehow the American craziness about Joker (and Batman or Superman) is not contagious for the rest of the world. I predict a worldwide cume of $140M.

    Then Ad Astra with a budget of $80M. Even though it will be tougher to make back it’s money it is a movie that will have longer legs than Rambo: Last Blood and it has Brad Pitt. Joker will influence this one less in the US. I predict $70M in the US and $90M in the rest of the world. So barely breaking even but not a complete bomb.

    In other news the following movies are all safe: Hustlers, Angel has Fallen, The Angry Birds Movie 2 and Dora and the Lost City of Gold.
    It’s nice to see all these studios make money.

  82. As of today, “The Goldfinch” is currently estimated to have one of the worst openings for a film playing in 2,500+ cinemas, not to mention a very bad opening for Warner Bros. Its opening weekend is set to be only $2.64 million, which against a budget of $40 million would mark it as a flop regardless of how leggy it turns out to be (which will likely be not-so leggy in the end).

  83. I think Ad Astra has a chance to wind up on the Report. Almost $90 million (reported) budget, muted marketing push, terrible title, new property, been-there-done-that feeling from the trailers (Passengers, Interstellar)…hope I’m proven wrong because *I* want to see it and *I* want it to be good, but no one I know has even heard of it, let alone wants to see it.

  84. Warner Bros.’ ambitious $40M Oscar-bait movie,”The Goldfinch” (based on the best seller), is doomed to be a box office clunker, between poor reviews (including boos at the Toronto Film Festival – ouch!) and a mind-numbing 3 hour running time…This is yet another pricey turkey for a struggling studio that didn’t need another bomb, and should be on the pending list soon!

      • Warner Bros. has had a host of 2019 films that either underachieved or flopped outright- “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”, “The Kitchen”, “Blinded by the Light” “Shaft” and “The Goldfinch”. Only “It: Chapter Two” and “Joker” will save the studio’s year…Oh, and by the way, the brainiacs at WB blame the marketplace for the utter failure of “The Goldfinch” (never mind its 25% rating on RT and poor critical reception!)

    • Looks like that is toast. I’m going to keep it off just so I don’t confuse people since it has not been released stateside yet — but I’ll add it closer to it’s opening. And thank you, I had not been following that one at all and didn’t know it tanked in most of Europe.

  85. I think Abominable, A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Little Women, Cats, and 1917 made gonna bomb at box office this year


    Abominable (Dreamworks):

    Made not gonna gets marketing and to crushed by Rambo: Last Blood

    A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (Lionsgate):

    Made gonna failed just like Early Man

    Little Women (Sony):

    Is about to gets destroyed by Spies in Disguise

    Cats & 1917 (Universal):

    Amblin Cats made gonna be flop by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers and 1917 made gonna be bomb like Dark Phoneix and Mortal Engines.

    • I haven’t seen Lionsgate promote Shaun the Sheep ever since that teaser in front of Early Man. Seeing how Early Man and the first Shaun the Sheep movie bombed in the US, how do we know the theatrical release here wasn’t pulled?

  86. What is your prediction for the box office performance of this years September Gang

    The Goldfinch
    Ad Astra
    Rambo Last Blood
    Downton Abbey

    (Everyone knows that It will be a hit)

  87. My son comes here posting a lot of nonsense. Sorry guys I tried to keep him off the computer but he loves his Gateway so much. The basement smells so bad now :((((((

  88. If Dora and The Lost City of Gold could hold on in box office like “Disney Pete Dragon” did it should make some solid money and not be a bomb.

  89. It seems a lot of people who respond here WANT a movie to be a boxoffice bomb.
    That’s ok, but what is not ok is that they don’t seem to have the slightest idea when a movie is a bomb.
    They neglect the following rules:
    1. The budget is almost never revealed by a studio, so look for the budget on different sites.
    If it is impossible to determine what the budget was, it is impossible to determine if a movie is a bomb.
    Example? The Art of Racing in the Rain has an estimated budget from 18 million USD, but some sites say it’s 50 million USD. If even the pro’s cannot make an estimate than we also cannot and cannot say it’s a bomb.
    2. A studio invests in the budget and the ads and gets back between 50 and 60 percent from the theaters.
    So rule of thumb is in general 2 times the budget is break-even, 2,5 times the budget to be more sure.
    Example? Godzilla: King of the Monsters budget 170 million USD, revenue 383 million USD. If you use the 2 multiplier it’s a succes, if you use the 2,5 multiplier it’s not. So? We don’t know and therefor it is not listed as a bomb.
    3. The international market makes or breaks a movie. Some big movies are released earlier internationally than in the US. South Korea, Australia and New Zealand are usually up ahead and even Russia (for piracy reasons) have the movies in the theaters even before the US. Unless a movie is rolled out in the whole world it’s impossible to make bomb-statements as I have seen by a lot of people here, because countries like China can turn a ‘sure’ bomb into a huge succes.
    Example? Dora and the Lost City of Gold with a 49 million USD budget is pending here after a lot of people here were nagging about it, it’s a bomb, it’s a bomb, it’s a bomb. The revenue at this moment is 60 million USD worldwide, BUT, it hasn’t been released in a major amount of markets. Specifically native Spanish speaking countries ( Mexico, Colombia and Spain for example ) where the character is enormously popular. But also it still needs to be released in Portugal, Poland, Australia, Italy, Germany, Japan and since there is a Hong Kong release it will probably also be released in China. So, it is not possible to state that’s it’s a bomb and also pending a movie like that is ONLY realistic if a small amount of release dates is left. Not when a movie has been released in only half of the markets.

    • I think you are right for analyzing this year movies. But there is a thing I want to talk ;
      1. First, not all sites which the movies have real budget. Some Netizens can fake a real budget by editing, especially in Wikipedia. Inaccurate budget can cause anger for netizens, and claiming that website is fake. Second, let’s look “Godzilla : King of The Monsters” budget. Some website says 170 million, others 200 million, others again 170-200 million. According to myself. I think the real budget still unknown, but at least between 170-200 million USD.
      2. Okay. Look back at “The Mummy”,”The Great Wall”,”Rise of the Guardians” and “Justice League” films. Even their box office are doubled their budget, still a box office bombs regardless help from other countries. The reason is underperformed, low rating, highly not recommended, too much negative comments, bad CGI, bad Visuals, lack of audience interest, Plotholes, etc. So, DOUBLING A BUDGET IN BOX OFFICE DOES NOT MEAN SUCCESS regardless bombed or not. Many are underperformed, but STILL NOT BOMBED too much or even not bombed.
      3. True. Look “HTTYDTHW” and “Jurassic World” has early released before official release in USA. And, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” have released in USA, but lately released in most world overseas. Example : In Indonesia, almost all movies which US released in Friday, Indonesia mostly released that films in Wednesday. Not all country release a film with same date and time in USA, because of different time zone. It depends on country of that movies want released or not.

  90. Amongst of August and September movies are completely underperformed. This is because of no blockbusters in these 2 periodes, similar to January and February case. You can look many meltdown of mass sequel regardless of hit or bombed, such as : The Secret Life Of Pets 2, Angry Birds 2, Godzilla : King of The Monsters. And many underperformed films such as Dora ATLCOG, Hellboy, Uglydolls, Wonder Park, Dark phoenix, Godzilla : King of The Monsters. I’m doubtful can break the sequel curse, which underperformed in sequels after prequels

  91. I’d like if you added ‘Blinded by the Light,’ ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain,’ and the ‘Angry Birds Movie 2’ to the pending list. They are definite flops.

  92. Unless Angel Has Fallen becomes a surprise hit overseas, I fully expect it to show up on this list. It cost $80 million to make, making it the most expensive in the Fallen series, but it is also expected to have the lowest opening in the series.

  93. According to Deadline, Where’d You Go, Bernadette has a budget north of $20 million and is currently flopping. Can you add it to the pending list?

  94. August 2019 review :

    Dora and the Lost City Of Gold seems underperformed. Even Angry Birds 2 too. Despite their both gain higher rating in Rotten Tomatoes, these boths are underperformed. After one week release, Dora ATLCOG only got 44 million USD, despite released in nationwide. Angry Birds 2 got just 35 million USD. Hobbs & Shaw still under performed too despite break even. This is the factor of The Lion King still persistent, and they manage #1 – #3 in first months.

    Your thoughts?

  95. I think The Angry Birds Movie 2 is a definite contender for the list, it has a budget of 65 million and is only expected to make 8.7 million on it’s OW. I smell a turkey here (no pun intended).

  96. I think you should add ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain,’ ‘Dora the Explorer,’ ‘Angry Birds Movie 2,’ and ‘Brian Banks’ to the pending list. They are all underperforming and aren’t making much money. ‘Angry Birds’ only made 4 million domestically against a 65 million budget. With even more releases coming, I don’t think they will make much more money. However, I don’t think you really need to add ‘Brian Banks’ if you don’t want to, because it has a small budget.

    I think these movies underperformed because they were too many released at once. Nobody wants to see all these movies at the same time, even if it is summer.

    • You were wrong about Once upon a Time … in Hollywood ( 180 million worldwide now and it just started in the rest of the world ).
      You were wrong about Godzilla.
      You were wrong about Yesterday ( 128+ Million worldwide against a 26 million budget is a HUUUGE succes ).
      And last but not least…. man were you wrong about Spiderman 🙂

  97. If you think last weekend is too much (Here to you. Art of Racing in the Rain) this weekend is much more of the same! Angry Birds 2 getting a head start yesterday, Good Boys is nothing to write about-R rating and all,-unless they pull a Sausage Party on them, 47 Meters Down 2 and Blinded By the Light is up in the air.

    • As what you heard earlier, the budget of the film is only $49 million. Considering how it’s projected to make as much as “Wonder Park” domestically, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” won’t bomb unless it completely collapses overseas, especially when its budget is only half the amount it cost to produce the aforementioned bomb.

      Basically, even with a projected domestic finish of $50-60 million and a possible 50/50 domestic/overseas split, “Dora” will still make over double its budget (which may likely allow it to break even after ancillaries and marketing costs are factored in).

      • I’m pretty sure that “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” may just escape from being a bomb. Considering Dora, as a cartoon series being well known will have more audiences in asian market driving to theaters.

  98. It seems Hobbs & Shaw are still underperformed within 332 million USD after 11 day release due to The Lion King interest still high and their incomes continuously. But I think Hobbs & Shaw might break even at least 500 million USD incomes

    • Hobbs and Shaw has yet to open in China, and the Fast and Furious series is HUGE over there. I see no reason it can’t make at least $200 million there alone.

  99. Good news Dora and the Lost City of Gold got a box-office bomb and destroyed by Scary Stories and Hobbs and Shaw.

    • Nonsense, 17M opening weekend wil end in 55M in the US.
      Rest of the world 120M maybe even more depending on Latin countries means it will have a global tally of 175M against a 49M budget.
      Get you numbers right!

      • Let we see until 2nd or 3rd week how much Dora and the Lost City Of Gold gains. If they did not reaching 100 million USD in that case, it means flop

  100. The Kitchen cost $37 million and will struggle to hit $15 million as a total. Embarrassing for Melissa Mccarthy

    • Based on a soon-to-be-out-of-print Vertigo graphic novel (Since DC is shutting down that imprint), 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, “All Sesame and No Street” (If you placed The Happytime Murders into this), no wonder it’s flopped!!!

  101. Some people think Rotten Tomatoes is a fake rate, and claims paid by Marvel fans. Some people think Audience Score is truth, Rotten Tomatoes are a fake rate. Even biggest movies like Captain marvel, has low rate in Audience Score

  102. Reviews for Dora are out, and they are actually better than expected… The RT Score is 78% based on 9 reviews, with an average rating of 6.55/10

    • This is bad, it’s going to brainwash more people and cancel PAW Patrol! Hurry, tell Paramount Players to pull the public advertising!

  103. I think you should at least add ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ to the pending list. The budget was 90 million and it only has made 55 million so far. It isn’t going to make much more once ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ hits theatres.

    • Despite with higher rates in Rotten Tomatoes, maybe this films seems underperformed, although in CinemaScore only got B, and PostTrak just 59%. Metacritic 85%, comparing to The Lion King, they got A in CinemaScore, even in Rotten Tomatoes are lower (53%)

    • Hobbs & Shaw is going for a totally different audience than Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Also, the reason why it has only made $55 million is because it hasn’t been released outside of the U.S. yet. I believe that other countries will start receiving it in a couple of weeks.

  104. Attention! I just talk about movies. But these one, Tracey Mills trying to insult me which they are using my name. Please be careful guys!

  105. This November, watch the enjoyable sight of Arctic Dogs and Playmobil being completely destroyed by Frozen II.

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    “Why are you typing random words and phrases that have nothing to do with the topic at hand? This website exists to discuss box office bombs, and nothing you type contributes to the discussion in a meaningful way.

    What you are doing is more or less trolling… you are trying to disrupt the flow of conversation with off topic comments. If you want to type nonsensical gibberish, do it in a website dedicated to nonsensical gibberish. If such a website doesn’t exist, create one. You may think that what you are doing is adorable, but in reality, it is really annoying

    Basically, please don’t type random shit on a website not dedicated to random shit”. Look in Tracey Mills reply it’s NOT my comment!
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