2002 Box Office Flops


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  1. Next Sunday would Van Damme DTV film “Derailed” get on here?. Apparently had a
    “$18 million” dollar budget.

  2. More movies to add:
    – The Hot Chick ($34m budget, $54.6m gross)
    – Half Past Dead ($25m budget, $19.2m gross)
    – Punch-Drunk Love ($25m budget, $24.7m gross)
    – The Tuxedo ($60m budget, $104.4m gross)
    – Possession ($25m budget, $14.8m gross)
    – The Country Bears ($35m budget, $18m gross)
    – Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron ($80m budget, $122.6m gross)
    – Enough ($38m budget, $51.8m gross)
    – The Sweetest Thing ($43m budget, $68.7m gross)
    – High Crimes ($42m budget, $63.8m gross)
    – Clockstoppers ($26m budget, $38.8m gross)
    – We Were Soldiers ($75m budget, $114.7m gross)
    – Queen of the Damned ($35m budget, $45.5m gross)

  3. Will Gangs of New York be added? It grossed $193 million worldwide but cost $100 million just to produce. Not to mention the tens of millions they spent on Oscar campaigning.

  4. The articles for the Franchise Pictures movies are the greatest things on this site. I’d really love to see a feature-length documentary about them in the style of the Cannon Films doc “Electric Boogaloo”.

  5. Why’d you drop Jonah? I thought it was one of the low-budget exceptions due to Big Idea going bankrupt because of it.

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