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  1. When you guys have the chance, please add Apt Pupil. It’s a very underrated film from Bryan Singer that deserves more love

  2. Looking at upcoming movies with anniversary dates (aside from what you have planned), are any of these movies going to be added?

    16 October: Practical Magic
    30 October: Americn History X, Vampires
    13 November: I’ll Be Home for Christmas
    25 November, Ringmaster, Very Bad Things

  3. When are you going to add these 1998 films:
    September: Ronin
    October: Pleasantville, Soldier, Apt Pupil
    November: The Siege, Meet Joe Black, Home Fries, Babe Pig in the City, Very Bad Things
    December: Mighty Joe Young, The Thin Red Line

    • Still adding ’98 titles. We began with January releases recently and are catching up to the current date. Soldier will be added on its 20th anniversary.

  4. Would love to see “Antz” on the list. Not only it’s Dreamworks Animation’s first CGI-animated film (It’s would be their bread-and-butter), but, it’s got lost in the mist that was Disney/Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life”, that was came out a few weeks after!!!

  5. So many to add here for that year!

    The Avengers, Sphere, Deep Rising, Meet Joe Black, Major League: Back to the Minors, Species II, Quest for Camelot, Soldier, Desperate Measures, Jack Frost, Twilight, Knock Off, Holy Man, Mighty Joe Young, An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn.

      • Mafia, Blues Brothers 2000, Dark City :(, Newton Boys, Mercury Rising, Black Dog, Primary Colors, Out of Sight, Wrongfully Acused, What Dreams May Come, Babe Pig In the City

        • I’m in favor of Primary Colors. As far as I know it’s a X-rated British art film based on a secret Victorian novel (Why do anonyously-written novels always made into X-rated British art films?)!!!

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