2017 Box Office Flops

Remaining Movies to be added: Birth Of The Dragon


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  1. Although it grossed over $400 worldwide, “The Mummy” qualifies as a box office bomb as it cost about $350 million total plus marketing costs and lost about $100 million dollars. Because of this, Universal better cancel its planned Dark Universe and go back to the drawing board and start it from scratch.

  2. Fun Fact: 2017 was the WORST YEAR IN TICKET SALES SINCE 1992 with 11.1 billion compared with 2016’s 11.4 billion. Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix, Weak movies and all just made the year even worse, but 2018 was a MUCH BETTER year for the box office and 2019 should bring that up. Do you think 2017 was a very bad year for movies, right?

  3. “Ferdinand ” deserves a spot on this list. It had to compete with “Star Wars The Last Jedi” and also, it needed 322 million $ to break even and it did not achieve that.

  4. I’m going to paste what I wrote on Facebook a few months ago — this is not an affront toward you. Forbes or either of the Penske owned rags variety or deadline, set ridiculous bars of success for that movie to break even, based off of nothing. The budget was never released by Time Warner. The ceiling to reach profitability kept being raised by those publications, and in turn churned out clickbait articles that Justice League lost over $100M. In february, Time Warner posted their quarterly financial report and now here we are with deadline posting how Justice League’s box office pushed the quarter into profit. Movies that lose $100M don’t make investor reports as the reason there is a profit. http://deadline.com/2018/02/time-warner-beats-q4-expectations-powered-by-justice-league-1202276054/

  5. Justice League, man, you’ve got to post Justice League. It lost more money than a lot of these even cost.

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