2018 Box Office Flops

Remaining Movies to be added: White Boy Rick | The Mercy | The Hate U Give


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    • No it didn’t. It cost $10 million to make and made $52.1 million at the box office.

      Also, movies that cost under $20 million aren’t covered on this website unless in special circumstances (this isn’t one of them).

  2. What about Pacific Rim Uprising. Going by the usual 55/40/25 domestic/foreign/China split. It would have lost around $40 million before P&A costs.

  3. I think you’ve found the one staunch defender of Vice on the internet. Also have noticed that people get really touchy whenever anything negative about Megan Ellison is mentioned across the internet.

    • so what ? vice is nominated for 8 oscars….we still remember the insider from 1999..who remembers a cheap commercial movie that made a studio profit from that year ? movies are about legacy moron…romantic comedies make money…who even fucking talks about them after 1 week ? they are toilet papers..you wipe your ass for 1 week and then never talk about it.

      • I was talking about the films from a financial standpoint, a.k.a. the reason why this website exists. Newsflash: Every studio’s in it for the money. If it gets award attention, it’s a nice little bonus.
        I didn’t bring up the quality of the films at all. In fact, I very much enjoyed Beale Street, and was disappointed when it didn’t get more attention than it did. Also, The Insider is a quality movie that also has a page on this website: https://bombreport.com/yearly-breakdowns/1999-2/the-insider/
        The Oscars really aren’t an objective indicator of quality as much as they are representative of who can schmooze the best. When The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeosie was nominated for Best Foreign Film, Luis Bunuel outright said he knew he was going to win due to him paying a $10,000 fee to The Academy.
        Your dismissal of romantic comedies suggests either a biased, unhealthy view of the genre or of romance as a whole. Are there bad rom coms? Yes, just like any other genre. Have sex.

  4. Will Vox Lux be added? Polarizing film that just fizzled at the box office instead of being the firecracker Neon hoped it would be.

  5. The Front Runner must have cost at least $ 20 million and grossed $ 2.9 million at the box office, playing in 807 theaters and starring an A-lister.

      • Thanks Rollins. Been looking into The Front Runner, but have yet to find much, if any financial info about it. Reitman does usually make his films for cheap, so perhaps it was done in the mid teens. But if I come across any tax rebate info from the state of Georgia in the near future, I’ll update.

      • Jeez. If more people cared as much about Vice as this Jay fellow does, maybe it wouldn’t have bombed so hard at the box office.

    • Exactly! First Man is a certified flop as every trade publication has mentioned it as such. They have even composed articles explaining how badly it flopped and why. However, you won’t get an answer. Every time someone brings up First Man being a flop, and inquiring why it is absent, it goes ignored, Essentially the website owner is sacrificing its credibility for favoritism and hope of studio favors. And, honestly, it is not the only one missing from the list that an obvious choice. Others are on, which aren’t flops, so I am viewing this more as the website owner’s personal taste and opinion blog, rather than the standard.

      • Let me clarify a few things here. I am not upset or anything with your comment and it is my fault I did not reply earlier. I am currently working alone on the site and fell ill around the holidays and it has lasted through most of this winter so far. There are dozens of titles I fell behind on and have been trying to catch up with. First Man will be added. It tanked and from a personal standpoint I thought it was a piece of shit movie. As for studio favors, I doubt any studio gives the slightest shit about Bomb Report to hand over kickbacks and bribes. I’m not Harry Knowles, I’m just a grumpy asshole from Brooklyn. Give the site (and me) some time to catch up with the movies that haven’t been written up. And any movie that isn’t on the site yet is just an oversight, it’s not my love of a film that I’m trying to shield from failure. Basic arithmetic dictates what movies are added. Some of my favorites are all flops. I hope this does not come across rude and I genuinely appreciate you and everyone that opts to spend time on here. I will try to do better responding to comments and requests.

      • “First Man” flopped because not only of The American Flag Controversy, but also because people were more focused on “Venom” and “A Star Is Born” to even care that it was out. It might have took almost all of the former film’s IMAX screens, but that wasn’t enough to save the film.

  6. The hate u give and Vice has its last market in april. Welcome to Marwen and White boy Rick in march. First man had its last market in February 8. It was Japan. ???

  7. You know, Mary Poppins Returns wasn’t a remake at all, but a sequel that was successful than that bloody remake to Winnie the pooh.

    • As for 2018, what will be remembered as the biggest bomb? For me it’s A Wrinkle In Time. It’s based on a well-known book, production costs would’ve been under control thanks to CGI & a cast of mostly lesser known young people, Oprah Winfrey marketed it and it also stars Chris Pine. How could this not have been a success?

    • It’s doing very well at the box office so far. It has already made 300 million dollars(with almost 150 million dollars coming from the USA) worldwide on a 90 million dollar budget, and it’s still a LONG way to go before it’s theatrical run ends. I do think it deserved to do make more though. Especially with the FANTASTIC reviews it got from critics and audiences. I do think it has a chance at hitting the 400 million dollar mark before it’s theatrical run ends. Yes, it is the lowest grossing “Spider-Man” film, but it certainly made money.

      I am SAD that many families opted for “The Grinch” instead of this and “Ralph Breaks The Internet”, though. Two quality animated films playing during the Christmas season, but one BAD animated film made by the BIGGEST COMPANY(Illumination) that makes films ONLY for the money.

      This film was EASILY the best film of 2018, both in animation and general. I thought I would NEVER see an animated film of THIS QUALITY after “Zootopia”, but hey! Stranger things have happened(no pun intended)! They did it! It’s OBVIOUS that Sony Pictures Animation put MORE HEART and PASSION into this than “The Emoji Movie”. It shows WHAT A BIG JUMP IN QUALITY a company can have. I hope Sony Pictures Animation continues to make more films of this level of quality. They are a talented studio, and they are REALLY trying hard. Even if they made “The Emoji Movie”.

      • Spiderverse is extremely overhyped. Best animated films this year were Isle of Dogs and Incredibles 2. Stop motion gets no love anymore.

        • That’s fine. Opinions are opinions. I loved “Incredibles 2” as well, and I do want to watch “Isle of Dogs” sometime in the future. But I will agree, stop motion films DESERVE to do better at the box office.

    • I would love to see “Welcome to Marwen” on this list by now. It’s domestic run has already ended for a month now(10 million dollars), and I think it’s international run has ended too, since it looks like there isn’t any new countries for the film to open(did I mention that it only made 1 MILLION DOLLARS overseas?). Both this film and “Mortal Engines” ended Universal’s solid 2018 on a terrible note. Especially considering that Universal had a good number of box office hits that year(“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, “The Grinch”, and “Halloween”(2018)), that’s really sad.

  8. I’ll predict that the First Big Bust of 2019 will be The Upside. The reason I pick this is because it’s a Memorial Tribute to the Weinsteins, which supposed to released it when it hits the fan!!!

  9. Widows is done. Most of the international markets have played out, and the lack of awards buzz means no more traction for it. Can’t say I’m surprised after watching it though.

  10. I’ll probably watch it once it comes out on DVD, but if I have the time to waste, maybe an outing to the movies for that might be a good idea. “So bad, Netflix doesn’t want it!” should have been on the poster. Great incentive to see it.

  11. Put Vice and Mary Queen of Scots on the pending list. It looks like they are just two more awards hopefuls that couldn’t quite break out. Plus, they have $60 million and $25 million budgets respectively and haven’t even come close to breaking even yet.

    • No wonder Larry Ellison is taking a firmer hand in Annapurna, Megan Ellison can’t control budgets.

    • Too soon to put “Vice” and “Mary Queen of Scots” here. There are still markets that haven’t released both films yet

      Also, Vice just got released like a week ago, it’s too soon to call it a flop

      • Vice just has too big of a budget. Probably not all that interesting to international audiences, and it’ll probably cap out around $50 million or less in the states.

  12. Hopefully Hollywood gets the message that moviegoers are tired of the unoriginal retreads they keep spitting out. Not one original idea at all.

    • Ha ha, Hollywood actually learning from their mistakes, that’s a good one.

      I literally just saw a commercial for yet another King Arthur movie coming out in January.

  13. I wonder if Bumblebee, Ralph breaks the Internet and Mary Poppins bombed at box office due to release date in contact and many ppl watching Aquaman

    Despite Aquaman and Bumblebee have same release, but Bumblebee will be bombed if their box office did not reach 350 million USD.

    Is those movies (Bumblebee, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Mary Poppins Returns) wanna to be bombed?

  14. I stand corrected…between the $42M budget. a horrible D+ score on Cinemascore, which may seal its box office doom, and the critical pounding (add a possible Razzie nod or two), “Holmes & Watson” deserves to be on this list! How about it, Bomb Report?

      • I have not seen Holmes & Watson now do I plan to despite being a fan of Ferrell & Reilly. The trailers look awful & it’s getting terrible reviews.

      • I’ll probably watch it once it comes out on DVD, but if I have the time to waste, maybe an outing to the movies for that might be a good idea. “So bad, Netflix doesn’t want it!” should have been on the poster. Great incentive to see it.

  15. Oh yes,a BIG bomb, at least critically (4% so far on RT)…There were warning signs: an atrocious trailer and no screening for critics (it’s one thing to hide a cheapo horror flick, but “H&W” is from a major studio, Sony)…Will Ferrell’s star has fallen hard and fast and this turkey won’t help! It should be on this list but it was relatively inexpensive to make…

  16. Ralph breaks the internet is a bomb, but no where on the internet is it mentioned…
    Production costs 175M, Promotion 100M.
    Has to make 550M WW but got stuck on 309M at the moment.

    • It still has a decent amount of overseas markets left. I do think it’s unlikely it’s going to hit the 550 million dollar mark, but I do think the 400 million dollar mark is still likely. Maybe 500 million dollars if it’s lucky. I hate that a lot of families opted for “The Grinch” rather than “Ralph Breaks The Internet” though. It makes me lose even more faith for Illumination. But hey, “Frozen 2″(also known as Disney Animation’s first cash-grab film in a long time) is going to make a billion dollars next year!

  17. Everything opens low during the holiday season. Jumanji opened to $36 million and made over $400 million. It’ll take time, but they’ll be fine.

  18. do you think Bumblebee or Mary Poppins Returns could end up here? they are both big budgeted films Bumblebee (135 million) Mary Poppins (130 million) and they both had low openings Bumblebee (21 million) Mary Poppins (22 million). i think they may need good word of mouth to break even.

    • Everything opens low during the holiday season. Jumanji opened to $36 million and made over $400 million. It’ll take time, but they’ll be fine.

        • Greatest Showman made $150 million with mediocre reviews and a worse opening than either. They’re both making at least $100 million.

    • The release schedule next month is very weak so both will hold firmly.
      Bumblebee will end up around 400M WW (120 US, 150 China & 130 Rest ) so with a little profit.
      Same goes for Poppins ( 160 US, 0 China & 240 Rest )

  19. Pacific Rim Uprising and Fantastic Beasts the Crimes of Grindelwald have to be on this list as well. Both did not make back the money on the budgets in the US box office and greatly under performed. If Solo is on the list those two movies should definitely be on the list as well. Bumblebee and Welcome to Marwen are looking iffy too as we end this year. But please update the list with the other two movies I mentioned.

    You can’t put Solo on the list and not put Pacific Rim and Fantastic Beasts 2 as well. Both barely stayed in the top 10 after their releases and were huge disappointments financially.

      • That’s decent numbers, but far from great. Warner Bros. really needs to rethink their plans with the “Fantastic Beasts” films. I’m surprised that Warner Bros. is still going through with the five film plan despite the second film kind of underperforming. I really hope that the third film ends up being a stand alone film and NOT the continuation the end of the second film promised. But hey! Warner Bros. is focusing more on “Aquaman” right now! It’s going to hit the 500 million dollar mark at any point this week!

  20. How could not Pacific Rim Uprising and Fantastic Beasts 2 : The Crimes of Grinderwald did not bombed? Although they only dominant in ONE WEEK, then fall down due to new movies? It should be added to the list. Both are completely bombed. I give that rate 1/10

  21. Widows probably deserves an entry now. Never caught on fire despite the trailers being good (and better than the movie itself).

    • Zemeckis occasionally makes good films, and Mortal Engines was better than that Spider man movie that came out this weekend. Spiderverse may be the most overrated movie I’ve seen in years.

      • Mortal Engines may have been more ambitious than Spider-Verse but it was boring as sin. Spider-Verse is one of my favorite movies of the year but to each their own.

        • What about Spiderverse was good to you in particular? I personally felt it had an underdeveloped story that was fairly derivative in most aspects.

        • I enjoyed quite a bit about Into the Spider-Verse. I thought the animation style was very unique and felt like I was watching a comic book come to life. I enjoyed each version of Spider-Man and appreciated that each one got their own back story explained as well as Kingpin’s, which was pretty tragic but you are still aware that he is a villain (much like Killmonger from Black Panther in that way). It was nice to see an older Peter Parker with flaws, some gritty moments for a PG animated movie, and I found the movie consistently funny and the second end-credits scene had me laughing so hard I was crying. The Stan Lee cameo was a tug at the heart strings as well. I had some issues like the underdevelopment of the uncle and I don’t think Sp//dr got enough screen time. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. And hey, it was a whole lot better than Venom.

  22. Mortal Engines? More like Mortal Lock to show up on this website. Who read that book and honestly thought “I could light $100MM on fire, or I could make this into a movie!”

    • It’s really a shame I thought it would be New franchise but I guess apparently not and it would have been better if Peter Jackson directed it. But now it’s just another lame YA adaptation down the drain

    • I think “Mortal Engines” will be on the pending list at any point. It is tracking for an 8-9 million dollar opening weekend in the USA, which is absolutely ABYSMAL results for a big budget film like it.

    • Because the film isn’t really tailored to Asia. Its main asset is it being one of the few films in recent Hollywood history to have a majority Asian cast, which is meaningless in countries where plenty of local films have all-Asian casts. Also, China’s recent crackdown on the wealthy doesn’t help either.

    • I think the world would end if anyone dared say ANYTHING negative about that crappy movie and way overrated book. I was thrilled to see it barely earn back its budget!

  23. What? No mention of Operation Finale? It’s amazing the movie didn’t do better. The story of nazis killing jews is definitely a topic that needs to be portrayed in a movie….every 3 months….

  24. Look like Andy Serkis’ Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle will be a big loser in the Big Screen, since it’s so much overshadowed the Jon Faverau version!!!

    • It was released on Netflix, and the limited theatrical release was there just to support the film’s Netflix. There was NO information on the budget(from what I found), but I’m guessing it cost at least 150 million dollars to make. Regardless, thanks to the film’s Netflix release, it’s not going to lose money for Warner Bros.

  25. Mojo says it went wide from 22 theaters Nov 20 to 807 theaters on Nov 21. In its first weekend November 23-25 it only earned $630,000; just over half of its total gross revenue so far. The only question isn’t whether The Front Runner is a critical and commercial bomb but whether it will still be in 22 theaters by the time “Vice” is released on Christmas Day. Starring Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, it’s this season’s other Oscar-bait American political biography movie.

    • I don’t see Vice doing very well either. The budget is way too high for a Dick Cheney biopic. That being said, awards season doesn’t seem to be too competitive so far.

      • Everything that seems to be hyped up this year before they come out die a somewhat quiet death, Green Book and First Man being the main ones that come to mind.

      • We’re now a few days away from “Vice” going into wide-release and the reviews are mixed as are the reviews for “The Mule”. So much for the December release season, it looks like this year the strongest Oscar contenders for the Best Picture, Best Director, and the top acting awards were the movies released in November or earlier, like “A Star Is Born” and “Green Book”. There’s certainly no movie like “Titanic” or “Return of the King” that will dominate in Oscar nominations.

  26. Box Office Mojo reports “Robin Hood” has grossed $14 million in its first 5 days of wide release in America and a few other countries on an estimated $100 million budget. It’s going to open in additional countries this upcoming weekend however, barring some kind of miracle for Lionsgate, there’s no way it will gross anywhere near $100 million.

  27. Robin Hood was dead long before it hit theaters. Green Book as well. Nutcracker, Widows, Tyler Perry’s Nobody’s Fool. Crap crap crap!

    • Just because a movie flops financially, that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t good. Green Book and Widows are some of my favorite movies to come out this year.

  28. With a total of 800k at 1k locations, it’s time to close ‘Green Book’. And with a take of 14m and a 100m budget, it looks like ‘Robin Hood’ is shot, too.

    • Robin Hood is probably toast but still has plenty of countries to go and Green Book still has plenty of time to expand and recover.

  29. Why do they bother to turn “The Nutcracker” into a movie? Every film version of the classic ballet has bombed miserably, including the Macaulay Culkin version and an ill-advised 3-D film. Now it’s Disney’s turn to find out that this property is box-office poison…

  30. The Front Runner may be one of the worst awards busts in recent years. The opening for that one has just been atrocious.

  31. First Man won’t finish it’s run worlwide until it gets released in Colombia, Japan and Argentina. I hope the WW saves this movie, as it did, thankfully, to Alpha.

    • I don’t think that Widows is going to have a hard time doing that and I imagine that it will be playing for a while due to being one of the big Awards contenders. Instant Family will probably be another lesson in keeping the budget down. I mean, they spent $48 million on it! That’s way too high and I imagine it was mostly due to Wahlberg’s involvement.

      • Widows is just whether the mainstream will embrace it. Mediocre Cinemascore might drag it down a bit. Instant Family seems to have good word of mouth, but it really should have cost half of what it does.

  32. I just hate how all of these awful big cash grab movies reel in the money while actual good movies are left to the wayside.

    Suspiria was my second favourite movie of the year and it’s going to literally make make like 1 million dollars off of a 20 million budget not counting marketing.

    • Amazon doesn’t really need it to make money, the goal is just to get people talking about their stuff and their service, along with getting you eventually hooked into the Prime system.

      • Despite a way too long running time, Suspiria was such a fantastic watch. Completely bonkers filmmaking and I hope it gets a proper release in a few European markets.

        • Saw Suspiria at a small arthouse this weekend and it stuck with me, saw Bohemian Rhapsody afterwards and thought it was totally boring and paint by numbers.

  33. I kind of envy all this big studio films or the Franchisee’s that make into breakeven even with Crappier films. I’m talking about Fantastic Beasts – Crimes of Grindelwald.

  34. Mojo says “First Man” had a $59 Million production budget and took only $43.875 Million Domestic. It was moderately marketed so I’m only guessing but wouldn’t be surprised if those costs were around $20 Million. However, it looks like Foreign audiences ($50 Million) saved it from bombing. Should the studio thank the exclusion of an American flag-planting scene for that?

    • I concur with multiple people here, First Man is a massive bomb and I’m puzzled why it is not included. Even the trades have mentioned it as a Gosling October bomb that looks set to lose $50 million plus for the studio. Also, the P&A expenditure for First Man was, very, splashy and is reported at $45 million, not $20 million. Furthermore, with taxes, etc. you only receive a small portion of the foreign box office intake. So, at $50 million, you are looking at around $30 million. In order to make a profit, First Man would have to take in about $120 to $150 million WW.

      • Added it to pending. It still has some overseas markets left and if it lands nominations, it could capitalize off of that.

        • Agreed. Unless it scores overseas(which is unlikely because of the heavy competition) and/or gets it’s Academy Award nominations, “First Man” is going to lose a decent amount of money for Universal. That is just sad. It only played at my local movie theater for two weeks, and when it got to it’s third week, it was gone! Even “Venom” is continuing to play at my local theater despite coming out before “First Man” did! It deserved to do better for sure.

      • It still has a good 5 territories that can add another $20 mn at the least. So i think it has a chance for not being on this list.

        • The remaining territories for First Man are all very small and will contribute, at best, $5M. Patriotic themed films have never done well in those areas. China has already passed on a release date for it and is unlikely to reconsider. Also, there is no need to post multiple times under different names. We understand your point all the same and it isn’t going to change its likely addition to the list. There’s a reason why the industry trades have all included it as a bomb.

      • Mojo now reports “First Man” has reached $100.556 Million Worldwide so by your calculation yes it will fail to produce even a small profit. So I guess the debatable thing about it now is whether it’s just a regular bomb or a massive bomb.

  35. Does anyone think Widows or The Girl In The Spider’s Web will end up here due to the competition? Maybe even Fantastic Beasts 2 due to mixed reviews.

    • Widows should be fine assuming it doesnt completley flop next weekend. It did decently in the UK this week. Girl in the Spider’s Web is toast. Grindlewald will be saved by overseas but WB may want to reconsider the five film plan

        • Box Office predictions are now down a tiny bit to 60 million dollars on it’s opening weekend in the USA. It is a good start for sure, but considering that it cost a massive 200 million dollars to make, it might need to do better than that. Speaking of which, I saw “The Crimes Of Grindelwald” today. It’s not by any means an AWFUL sequel, but it’s very, VERY average. It has very little action compared to the first film(which I quite liked) and is quite boring in places. I still think it has enough legs to make it’s budget back in the USA, and it will do VERY well overseas, but I will agree, Warner Bros. might need to reconsider their 5 film strategy there. At least it was better than “Justice League”(despite opening with 30 million dollars more(90 million dollars), but costing 100 million dollars more(300 MILLION DOLLARS!).)!

      • Nothing would make me happier than adding another lousy, deep state worshiping Peter Berg movie to the site but it appears it did cost about $35M and not $50M. It was set up as a low budget feature, but when STX landed Wahlberg for 3/4 of his normal salary, the budget tripled to $35M. The poor reception hopefully killed off the planned trilogy.

  36. What i think will be the flops list for this year: January: Proud Mary. February: Early Man. March: Death Wish, A Wrinkle In Time, Pacific Rim Uprising, Sherlock Gnomes. April: Sgt. Stubby An American Hero. May: Solo A Star Wars Story. June: Adrift, Action Point, Hotel Artemis, Superfly. August: The Spy Who Dumped Me, The Darkest Minds, Dog Days, Mike 22, Alpha, The Happytime Murders, A.X.L., Papillon, Kin. September: Peppermint, The Predator, White Boy Rick, Fahrenheit 11/9, Life Itself. October: Bad Times At The El Royale, Hunter Killer. November: The Nutcracker And The Four Realms, Overlord, Robin Hood. December: Mortal Engines, Welcome To Marwen. That’s 33 flops this year.

  37. Well, I think Overlord is going to be on this list. I know it doesn’t come out until Friday but it costs $38 million and it has stiff competition. I just don’t see it doing well enough to make a profit. I’m surprised that Paramount didn’t just sell this one off to Netflux like they did with The Cloverfield Paradox.

    • They could sell this to more of a cult audience and it also was higher quality. Might catch on what it comes out on home media.

  38. Not according to BOM, also doesn’t scream to me as a international play. Has to make at least double globally to have a shot, and I personally don’t think the other territories will make up for it.

    And everyone who wonders if First Man was too political, it wasn’t that which killed it. The ads didn’t look interesting and neither was the film.

    • In agreement with the other contributor, El Royale is not a bomb and will not make the list. It’s done enough to avoid the bullet already and films like that overindex in the secondary market. Does not fit the website’s criteria, which BOM supports. No need for further discussion about it.

      I also concur that First Man is dead and should be an immediate addition to the list. It’s another October bomb for Ryan Gosling. Hunter Killer is another one destined for the list.

    • Has already made its $30 million budget back with more international territories to roll out. With SVOD, cable rights, and DVD sales it will be in the black. Not a bomb, and thus appropriately not on the list. First Man, however, has a great shot at making the list.

      • As of 10/31 El Royale has grossed less than $28 million worldwide and is not likely to make much more. The studio will see back approximately $15.4 million of that. The production budget is $32 million not including P&A costs. The film will definitely not make back a penny of its production costs in release at the theater and will probably lose some of the P&A. It may not be considered a “bomb”, but it is still going to lose money even after VOD, cable and DVD/Blu sales.

        • Your math is flawed at multiple points, but that’s a discussion for another venue. El Royale’s international rollout, which is slightly higher than you stated because boxofficemojo updates weekly, is in its beginning stages and will continue into next year. Currently, Its international totals are skewing identical to other similar films and there is no reason to believe VOD, cable, and DVD/blu sales won’t mirror those established comparisons. When all is finalized, it’ll certainly be in the black.

          But none of what I stated is particularly relevant in context to this website which declares if a movie is a bomb or not. As you stated yourself, and I agree, El Royale is not considered a bomb and, appropriately, will not be included on the list. That’s what’s important here, not trying to debate whose logic getting to the same conclusion is more exact.

      • Not sure where you find flawed math. You incorrectly stated that the movie had made its $30 Million dollar budget back. The studio has in fact only made back 55% of the film’s current grosses of around $28 million – which is $15.4 million. The budget has not been made back as P&A costs must be paid off first, and it is certain that they invested over $15.4 million in that area.

        The movie does have 6 more countries in which to open, however, they are not major markets. I agree they will help to partially pay down the production budget. Unless you are privy to the P&A spend on the movie it is impossible to tell how much of the budget will be met and state that the movie will certainly be in the black. That is all I was clarifying.

        • P&A expenditures for every film are readily available and reported by the trades as well as websites such as the numbers. They are also reaffirmed in a studio’s quarterly profile. Again, I am not going to argue math with you because this is not the intention here. However, it is very possible to make conclusions on a film’s projection and potential profitability based on established trends and models. El Royale has made its $30M budget back already with international markets included and based on its model, will be in the black when VOD, cable, and streaming is included. There seems to be a misconception about concepts here, which is causing your confusion, but again that is for another venue.

          What is important here is your statement, which I agree with, that El Royale is not a bomb and will not be included on the list. I would also ask kindly to refrain from using multiple user names in this particular discussion. Especially one that is an, exact, duplication of someone else. It just confuses those who want to follow along.

    • Shine and London Fields are both budgeted well under $20 million so they won’t end up on this list. You’re right though, GVN is not doing well at all right now.

  39. The way the new Johnny English movie coming out, looks like it’ll be another bust, since nobody didn’t care about the first two here in the US, anyway!!!

      • True ! It already marked $100 mn International. Recovering to most of its costs . . . Film is budgeted around $45 mn.

        Release in US is only a name sake. The Reborn did only $8 mn final run in US.

  40. Due to complications with Annapurna, Netflix was given the rights to broadcast MGM’s Operation Finale internationally. I do suspect that those rights would eventually go back to MGM becuz…..well, MGM is MGM.

  41. Just so you know, I made the comment, so ignore “Anonymous”. Also, Smallfoot has made $110 million today so it does have a chance of breaking even. I didn’t know Annihilation was sold to Netflix internationally either, but it did fail at the US box office. Other than that, The Predator, A.X.L, and Gotti are definite flops.

  42. Let us grieve for the loss of Bad Times at the El Royale, a Tarantino film with no Tarantino. May it become the cult classic that it deserves to be.

    Also, First Man needs legs to survive, because it didn’t do great this weekend.

  43. More flops this year:
    Smallfoot (because Box Office Mojo did not have the production budget on their site, I had to check Google, and it has a budget of $80 million, and while it’s still in theaters, it has only grossed $88 million and keeps making less and less money)
    The Predator (budget of $88 million according to Box Office Mojo, and just like Smallfoot, it’s still in theaters, and it has only made $123 million, and people are losing interest in seeing it)
    Annihilation (budget of $40 million according to Box Office Mojo, made only $32 million)
    A.X.L (according to Google, it has a budget of around $10 million, and has only made $6 million)
    Mile 22 (closed domestic run, budget of $50 million according to Box Office Mojo, and made $59 million)
    Alpha (budget of $51 million according to Box Office Mojo, made $79 million)
    White Boy Rick (budget of $29 million according to Box Office Mojo, made $23 million)
    Gotti ($10 million budget according to Google, made $4 million)

    These pages should be added.

    • Mile 22, Alpha, and White Boy Rick are up top as waiting for their international box office to be finished before being added. Annihilation was sold to Netflix internationally, so it’s probably fine financially. Feel like it’s too early to tell for Smallfoot, but I think it might break-even in the end.

  44. Sherlock Gnomes was a flop? Wow! It was actually a good movie. My kids enjoyed it very much. Very surprising. I never heard of the Hurricane Heist movie. Probably explains why it flopped.

  45. in November, i can see The Nutcracker And The Four Realms and Robin Hood flopping and in December, i can see Mortal Engines and Welcome To Marwen flopping.

    • I agree.

      Disney has another “A Wrinkle In Time” in their hands with “The Nutcracker And The Four Realms”. It’s VERY obvious that the film cost at LEAST 100 million dollars to make, and I doubt it will make it back in the USA. And it will also have a hard time overseas due to all the competition it has, especially with it’s family audience(“The Grinch”(2018) and “Ralph Breaks The Internet”(the latter also coming from Disney)) and will end up losing money for Disney. Did I mention it looks like it focuses more on it’s visuals than it’s ACTUAL STORY?

      “Robin Hood”(2018) will do terribly for Lionsgate. I can easily tell that the budget was somewhere in the 90-100 million dollar range(which is admittedly less than the huge 200 million dollar budget that Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood” film had(and that was from 8 years ago(2010). Of course, it also became a flop for Universal, but it was a rather small one at that.) and I think that the film will make around HALF of that worldwide. Add in the fact that there’s a TON of competition(“Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald”, “Creed II”, the aforementioned “Ralph Breaks The Internet”, and several others) and the film is destined for failure. And another franchise non-starter for Lionsgate. Not to mention that the film reminds me of the “King Arthur” film that became a MASSIVE flop last year. And NOT in a good way.

      “Mortal Engines” will just become another YA franchise non-starter, and will easily be lost and forgotten about during the holiday season. Sure, Peter Jackson is involved in the film(he produced the film and also wrote the script), but there are LITTLE TO NO big name stars(with Hugo Weaving being the ONLY big name actor in this film), a first time director(Christian Rivers, who before making this film, he only worked as a visual effects supervisor for Weta Digital), and the trailers constantly showing off the visuals more than the ACTUAL STORY, and that’s a big sign that the film is NOT going to end up well. Not to mention that this film has an estimated budget of 100 million dollars, which I’m very sure the film will not make back. Add in tons of competition that Christmas(“Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”, “Mary Poppins Returns”, “Aquaman”, “Bumblebee”, and a few others), and this film is going to not last long in theaters. Enough said.

      “Welcome to Marwen” looks just plain ODD, and will also last for a short amount of time during the holiday season. Robert Zemeckis has been in a bad spot recently, with both “The Walk” and “Allied” flopping at the box office. Sure, the animation style the film is VERY unique, but it’s also very WEIRD as a result. I can see the film’s budget being somewhere in the 70-80 million dollar range, and I doubt it will make ANY of it back. Add in the competition that the film has(which I already talked about when I talked about “Mortal Engines”, so I will not talk about it again.) and this film will be another money loser for Universal. Speaking of Universal, yes! Both “Mortal Engines” and “Welcome to Marwen” are their big Christmas releases! And both of the will flop and lose money for them! Way to go!(of course, I was being sarcastic.)

      On the hand, let’s talk about the good stuff.

      “Bohemian Rhapsody” will end up making a clean profit for Fox, and Queen fans will definitely flock to see it.
      “The Grinch”(2018) will end up being another huge hit for Illumination/Universal.
      “Overlord” will be a sleeper hit for Paramount.
      “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” could make some money for Sony.
      “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald” will become another box office winner for Warner Bros., and will be their highest grossing film this year.
      “Widows” will do well enough for Fox and will end up being talked about A LOT for next year’s Academy Awards.
      “Ralph Breaks The Internet” will be another hit for Disney.
      “Creed II” will do good enough at the box office for MGM.
      “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” will do VERY well for Sony and will end up being Sony Pictures Animation’s highest grossing film ever if it does well.
      “Mary Poppins Returns” will be a HUGE hit for Disney.
      “Aquaman” will make a good profit for Warner Bros.
      “Bumblebee” will make a solid profit for Paramount.

      And that’s just a few films!

  46. After the early reviews on Venom . . . . . Do any of you think. It would be a probable scenario for it to be on this list.

  47. If The Predator doesn’t start making more money overseas, it’s going to end up on here too. Once again, I guess most people aren’t interested in the Predator franchise.

    • You mean Robin Hood, the film no one wants to see, might bomb?

      Have to say that it really has not done a good job in marketing. Looks too similar to the King Arthur movie last year.

  48. The reason A Wrinkle In Time bombed was because the director found it necessary to change the book. Sure, she stuck to the basic story but she made a number of changes that DIDN’T follow the story to make it more “relatable” and to promote her own social agenda. Margaret Murry was described in the book as being skinny, freckled with mousy brown, stringy hair. The Murry family had two other children besides Meg and Charles Wallace–twins named Sandy & Denys. The Murry family lived in an old New England farmhouse NOT in LA. The three “witches” in the book first appeared to the Murry children as three old ladies–in particular, tramps or homeless people and not beautiful, made up creatures. While these details seem minor to some people, they make a difference in the “feel” of a movie. For those of us who actually read “A Wrinkle in Time” (along with the other three books in the series (A Wind in the Door, A Swiftly Tilting Planet, Many Waters etc.) it makes all the difference in the world. I also don’t feel it was necessary to change the race of the characters in order to make them “relatable”. Everyone on this planet who’s ever felt different, odd or that they just didn’t fit in and has been bullied for it can relate to Meg no matter what color they are. And the sideline about Meg’s bully feeling bad about herself by showing her alone in her room standing on the scale looking dejected NEVER appeared in the book either. If the director was trying to make her point, she beat it to death with a stick. I’m sure if Madeline L’Engle were alive she would tell you herself, “Don’t re-write my book!” Books like the Harry Potter series translated to audiences well because the author is still alive and could be consulted regarding the look of the actors, the set design, the special affects etc. Ms. L’Engle was totally against having her books set to film because she believed that a child’s imagination was limitless as to what the characters, the Murray’s home, the different planets and what it looked and felt like when you tesser couldn’t be captured on film. The only example of a children’s series of books that succeeded without being able to consult the author was C.S. Lewis’s, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and that was successful because they stuck to the story as it was written.

    • It was a mixture of no one caring about the source material anyways now and the fact that all of the original spiritual context was deemphasized, alienating both the remaining few fans of the book and religious folks. Pure location and looks being changed aren’t really important, it’s the heart of the story that counts. Besides, skin color and location don’t seem to have been really key points in the first place.

    • It dropped 87% because it lost over 1,500 theaters. Despite being in the minority that really enjoyed The Happytime Murders, it definitely deserves a spot on this list. There’s no way it will even make its budget back at this point.

      • Based on the trailer & poster it was difficult to tell whether Happytime Murders is a police procedural, a comedy a thriller or a parody of one or more of these types of movies. This plus having dozens of other programs I can watch instead kept me away.

      • This site needs to be updated. There are some glaring omissions, such as The Predator, The Sisters Brothers, and Bad Times at the El Royale. (I would also pay attention to First Man and Goosebumps 2 over the next few weekends as they are both underperforming.) Mile 22 ended its run already and White Boy Rick is toast so they should have articles by now.

  49. The Predator is estimated to have a $24M Domestic opening (and $54M Worldwide opening) on a production budget of $88M. With a C+ Cinemascore.

    I think it’s gonna have a spot on this list, better keep a good eye on it.

    • I really hope it doesn’t. I really enjoyed that the main cast of characters were all people with mental disorders and that they were portrayed in a positive way. (They were the badasses of the movie, especially the kid who was on the autism spectrum. I appreciated that as someone on the spectrum as well.) The movie wasn’t amazing but it was very entertaining and I want people to support more positive representation for people with mental disorders in film.

      • Did we watch the same movie? Garbage, absolute garbage. Condescending towards just about everybody, and the dialogue/characters were atrocious. If it gets a sequel, I’ll be mad.

        • The only character that they were even remotely condescending towards was the guy with Tourettes. Also, we differing opinions. I didn’t think The Predator was amazing but it was pretty entertaining to me and I enjoyed the fact that the lore was expanded.

  50. Alpha is showing a good sign at the China and Russia Box office. Seems like can pull off another $20 mn internationally and not prove a total bomb.

        • My bad. I meant “original” but clearly used the wrong word. I was thinking more along the lines of being independent from any other franchise or source material. Clearly I forgot what website I’m on. Nothing gets past you guys 🙂

        • I will agree it’s always good to see original films succeed. And now that you explain it, I understand what you meant.

  51. God’s Not Dead 3: A Light In the Darkness bombed too: being up against I Can Only Imagine and Paul, Apostle of Christ did it no favors.

  52. I think its safe to say The Spy Who Dumped Me is a bomb. It’s opened in all of its major markets, per IMDB, and has just broken 50 million on a 40 million dollar budget.

    • There honestly isn’t too much in September that I see flopping. Most of what is in store for September looks like low to mid-budget fare. For starters, I think God Bless the Broken Road could flop. Sure, it has “God” in the title and it’s a Christian movie but even then, I haven’t even seen a SINGLE trailer for it. Peppermint could underperform under the weight of The Prradator. Likewise, I have seen no promotion for Hell Fest so I could see that flopping as well. Little Women may also go unnoticed due to a lack of interest from audiences but it honestly might not take much for it to make a profit.

      • The Predator seems like it might bomb because of all the shifts in release date and a generally negative vibe around the film in general, with rumors of reshot endings and incredibly dumb plotlines. May be a case of okay box office being outweighed by exhorbitant costs, like Geostorm and that Wolfman movie a few years back. White Boy Rick and Life Itself are going to live or die by reviews, and The House with A Clock In Its Walls might be too weird to get parents to bring their kids to it. Assassination Nation seems like it’s trying to build up hype for a mediocre movie by being edgy, so we’ll see if the target audience eats it up or it’ll do mediocre business for its price tag.

        • I actually think The House With a Clock in Its Walls will do just fine. It looks like a standard family film and it’s being heavily advertised. I could see The Predator flopping, especially if The Nun overperforms but it is one of the biggest movies playing in September.

        • “The Predator” is getting above average reviews from critics(63 percent Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes), but I’m still not sure how it’s going to do at the box office, despite Fox HEAVILY marketing the film and giving it a massive IMAX/Large Format release. “The House With A Clock In It’s Walls” will do just fine at the box office. Universal is heavily marketing the film, which is a good sign, it has two big names(Jack Black and Cate Blanchett)leading the film, and just like “The Predator”(but to a smaller extent), they are also giving it an IMAX release as well(with an IMAX 3D rerelease of “Thriller”(which is well known for being one of Michael Jackson’s famous songs, with an equally famous music video as well)attached to it(which was what caught my attention for the film).) We’ll see how they turn out overall at the box office.

  53. Look like Global Road have been going to the dogs lately!!! It’s seems that every movie they released so far belongs to the dogs!!! First, Show Dogs bombed, now AXL got stunk!!! And, I’m hope their next film featured a dog!!!

    • The film distribution side of Global Road recently was seized by lenders, so this may be the end of Global Road.

      • The best way to describe it?
        Global Road is exactly like The Weinstein Company, but the former only started business A YEAR AGO after IM Global and Open Road merged together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Global Road becomes bankrupt, just like The Weinstein Company. Shame.

        • Eh, Global Road hasn’t put out anything great yet. Hotel Artemis was the best movie they put out so far and that was just okay at best.

        • The only reason TWC went bankrupt is because Harvey’s escapades got out and it looked bad to be involved with him, so banks weren’t willing to lend any more money. Global Road just never had the funding they said they did.

    • It’s a real shame that Happytime Murders isn’t getting a lot of love. In one of the few times I disagree with the critics, I thought the movie was absolutely hilarious. I saw it with a large group of friends and we all had a blast! I was laughing so hard I was crying on more than one occasion. If you like raunchy comedies, I absolutely recommend the movie.

  54. Well, it looks like Mile 22 might end up on here. It made a little under $14m in its opening weekend but the budget is $50m. I doubt it will have legs due to the poor reviews and competition.

  55. The Darkest Minds just posted the biggest third weekend theater drop ever. I think it’s safe to say it’s a flop – it’s just barely going to make back its budget through international gross.

    • I’m not surprised AT ALL by this. I knew that the film’s box office is getting WORSE and WORSE. It IS doing a little(and I REALLY MEAN LITTLE)better overseas, making 18 million dollars(the film is making 12 million dollars in the USA so far), making the film hit the 30 million dollar mark WORLDWIDE. I think it will be a MIRACLE if the film even makes it’s 34 million dollar budget back WORLDWIDE. But that means it’s still a HUGE FLOP and it will be on the regular list no matter what.

    • But no matter what, THAT is EXTREMELY embarrassing. Just breaking a record like that(for having the BIGGEST THIRD WEEKEND DROP OF ANY WIDE RELEASED MOVIE) is a major “Award Of Dishonor”. Add a MASSIVE 88 PERCENT DROP from it’s SECOND WEEKEND and a failure is ALREADY in store.

      • I don’t know if I should LAUGH at this result, or feel SORRY for it. I know that the film was awful, and why A LOT of people didn’t even bother to see the film in theaters, but there is STILL a chance the film can still make money from home media sales and cable rights. Fox will lose millions of dollars from the film, that’s for sure. Still, I’m NOT done dealing with “The Darkest Minds” JUST YET. There’s still LOTS to be talked about, especially at the end of the year.

        • Two more countries to open – Russia and Czech Republic. Neither major territories. It’s going to fail.

        • “The Darkest Minds” has hit the 35 million dollar mark, meaning that it has now made it’s 34 million dollar budget back. Worldwide. And from what I could tell, it has ended it’s theatrical run(at least in the USA). I think it will be on this list at any point!

        • Well, I wasn’t TOO far off. It hasn’t ended it’s theatrical run YET, but it lost more theaters, and played in only 172 theaters in it’s FOURTH WEEKEND. I still think that with how it’s going, this week(which is Labor Day weekend), it could end it’s theatrical run in the USA.

  56. Got a Hot One for you!!! Kevin Spacey’s Billionaire Boys Club! Grossed 287 in their opening weekend! No, not 287 Grand-287 BUCK$ ($36 per theatre)!!!

  57. This may be a somewhat small film, but I still think it’s deserves a mention and might even break a box office “record”. With a budget of $15 million, “Billionaire Boys Club” got a whopping $126 on Friday, mostly due to poor reviews and the poorly timed inclusion of Kevin Spacey. To put it in comparison, the worst opening of all time in the U.S, United Passions, made around $319 in its Friday box office. It has gotten around $1,478,436 in the foreign market, but it’s doubtful it won’t bomb in a spectacular fashion.

    • It’s too early to call it a flop yet. It is getting decent legs in the U.S. and there are some other countries that haven’t received the movie yet.

    • It looks like a flop considering it’s in the 3rd week and there is no way it’s going to have 140M worldwide to cover its 70M investment.

    • Well, it is super early but just going off of titles, release dates, actors, plot descriptions, and what I imagine the budgets are, here are my totally off the wall predictions:
      January: Ad Astra; Miss Bala
      February: Jacob’s Ladder; Three Seconds; The Prodigy
      March: Chaos Walking; The Kid Who Would Be King; Where’d You Go Bernadette
      April: After; Missing Link
      May: The Rosie Project; Uglydolls; The Sun is Also a Star
      June: Gambit; Shaft; Ford v. Ferrari
      July: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
      August: Dora the Explorer; Artemis Fowl; Playmobil
      September: Charlie’s Angels
      October: Gemini Man; Are You Afraid of the Dark?; The Goldfinch
      November: Margie Claus
      December: Masters of the Universe

      • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’s Tarantino and stars, which both appeal to US and international audiences, and while it might not be a huge hit for Sony, it’ll probably at least justify its own existence. Missing Link will definitely bomb because Laika is just Nike’s founder’s son’s pet project and it really doesn’t need to make money for them to make more films.

      • No offense, but I thought some of these movies would pull in the kids crowd and become decent hits. But, The Kid Who Would Be King comes out the same weekend as How To Train Your Dragon 3, for Missing Link, stop motion films don’t do well ( remember Kubo And The Two Strings and Early Man?) Even if Uglydolls comes out the same Weekend as Detective Pikachu and a week after Avengers, that could pull in the Trolls crowd. Dora could pull in the little kids crowd, Artemis Fowl will be next year’s A Wrinkle In Time ( dispite being Disney), as for Playmobil, ORF doesn’t have the best track record, don ‘t know about AYAOTD. This year, House With A Clock In It’s Walls won’t flop. Siabara.

        • I’m secretly hoping that Dora the Explorer is a dumb action movie since Michael Bay is making it. Just imagine, Sniper instead of Swiper. “Sniper, no sniping!” xD

        • I was SURPRISED when I found out that a “Dora the Explorer” movie was actually being MADE(let alone coming out NEXT YEAR). I watched a lot of “Dora” when I was very little. I would love to see how it does at the box office. I’m not SUPER excited(especially since I’m not a huge fan of “Dora”(but then again, I outgrew Nick Jr.)for the movie, but I AM curious.

      • Ford Vs. Ferrari might hook the older crowd with the history and the younger ones with the stars. Hope it’s good from all the talent involved.

  58. Here’s hoping ‘Mile 22’ ends up here. I though ‘AXL’ was a joke when I first saw a commercial for it.

    • Mile 22’s probably in the $30 million range and will make money due to presales and not being priced too highly. Anything higher than $35 million, and it may not succeed. I’m guessing you just hate Mark Wahlberg.

      • Looks like A.X.L.’s distributor, Global Road, is sinking like a rock too. Apparently, they’re struggling to get funding.

        • I haven’t really cared for their movies so far. Midnight Sun was a typical romance movie, Hotel Artemis was decent but kinda forgettable, and Show Dogs was the worst movie I’ve seen this year so far.

        • “A.X.L” reminds me of both “Max Steel”(it helps that Global Road distributed that film(back when they were still Open Road)) and “Monster Trucks”. I can definitely see it becoming a flop at the box office. The trailer looks like a joke.

    • “A.X.L.” is all READY to become a box office flop. It has little big name stars, an unknown budget(I can see around 30-40 million dollars being spent for the film), and it wasn’t even screened for critics. Big loss right there.

  59. Alpha seems to be on track for this. Less than $10 million opening and looks like it cost a whole lot more than that. China’s box office is going to have to be on fire for Alpha to avoid being a flop.

    • The problem is that the budget for Alpha is unknown for now. I do feel like the budget is really high. I plan on seeing it in 3D because I hear that it’s one of the few movies in years that is actually worth shelling out 3D for.

      • “Alpha” has an 80 million dollar budget. It’s not very expensive, but it’s still FAR from cheap. I’m surprised that it ACTUALLY got decent reviews from critics. Sony just kept MOVING THE RELEASE DATE OVER AND OVER until they settled for the August dumping ground. No wonder it’s going to be a HUGE flop.

        • I gotta say, having seen the movie, Sony really dropped the ball on the marketing. They made it look like a cheesy Ice Age movie you would catch on Freeform. In reality, it’s an epic survival movie (it’s mostly subtitled which was refreshing for a prehistoric movie) that is hands down one of the most gorgeous movies of the year. The trailers don’t do it justice at all. It is worth IMAX or 3D. It really caught me off guard how compelling the movie really is. It is so sad that this is going to be overlooked hard due to Crazy Rich Asians (which is also really good) and Mile 22 (a scattershot mess of an action movie) coming out the same weekend.

        • You can blame the terrible box office results on the ABYSMAL marketing campaign Sony gave the movie. They treated it like a generic “historic” drama AND a nature documentary. The favorable reviews the film got would have made me change my mind, but… …I’ll just leave it as is. I think the MCU 10th anniversary IMAX compilation(I’m seeing(at least in IMAX) “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Thor: Ragnarok”, and “Black Panther”(the latter film I saw earlier this year)) will wash the bad taste of “The Darkest Minds” out of my movie going mouth.

        • I may have avoided it in theaters, but I MIGHT check out “Alpha” at some point. Probably when it comes out on home media. I’m ACTUALLY sad that it flopped, despite getting fairly strong reviews from critics. But that might be because of, like I said, the ABYSMAL marketing campaign Sony gave it. I heard that ALL of the film was subtitled(which is RARE for a big film made in the USA), and the film looks STUNNING and is ACTUALLY WORTH SEEING IN 3D. In fact, that film MAY have taken the bad taste “The Darkest Minds” gave in my mouth, IF I ACTUALLY SAW IT. But nope. Both “The Darkest Minds” and “Alpha” ended up being box office flops.

      • If you thought the regular ads were bad, the spotify ads have been atrocious. Makes it sound like a film for five year olds, as it’s supposed to be “the most heartwarming film of the summer” or some garbage like that. Was going to watch it anyways, but the reviews ensured I’ll get around to it, hopefully before it leaves theaters completely.

        • Yeah, it’s not exactly a movie for five year olds. In fact, it reminds me of The Revenant except it’s during the Ice Age, not as graphic, and way shorter. If you do check it out (and I totally recommend that you do), make sure to watch it in 3D or IMAX. It’s worth every penny and looks absolutely gorgeous.

        • Also, for the record, “the most heartwarming movie of the summer” for me was probably Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again of all things. I was not expecting it to be as good as it was considering I didn’t care for the first one.

    • It made 44 million dollars on it’s opening weekend in the USA alone. And nearly everyone said that the film was going to make less than HALF of that(20 million dollars) and flop. FLOP NO MORE IT IS, WARNER BROS.!

      • I just got back from seeing “The Meg”. It’s NOTHING amazing, but it is silly fun. I’m actually glad it was able to defy expectations with it’s solid 45 million dollar opening weekend in the USA(the previous numbers were before the actual numbers came.). Now I have to wait a few more hours… …because I’m FINALLY going to see “The Darkest Minds”. And my few words? Oh no… …give me hope… And I will come back once the film is finished. I will type up my thoughts on it.

        • @ Tristan Michaels you are probably going to be the only person in the theater for The Darkest Minds. XD.

        • I’m embarrassed to admit, I WASN’T the only person in the theater for “The Darkest Minds”. The theater that I was in(which was very small) was actually packed! It was almost sold out! Almost ALL of the people in the theater were around my age(15 to 16 years old)! And I actually heard a round of APPLAUSE at the VERY end of the movie(right when the credits started)! I was SURPRISED that they were actually able to ENJOY meaningless films like this! I heard people laughing(and even sad crying) while I was BORED OUT OF MY MIND(no pun intended.)! Why? The film already does an EXCELLENT job of pandering to it’s teenage target audience, but I was surprised that it MORE THAN DID IT’S JOB! It’s unbelievable! I think this film should be on the main list at any point!

        • I’m ALMOST certain that the theater I saw “The Darkest Minds” in was the exception. I saw that film on a Discount Day(which was on a Tuesday), so I was THANKFUL that I didn’t waste my time seeing the film in full price(but then again, I also saw “The Emoji Movie” ON A DISCOUNT DAY. HISTORY REPEATS!(at least that film was successful despite getting abysmal reviews from well, pretty much EVERYONE who saw it(who wasn’t their family target audience).)And in fact, everyone who was in theater saw it with Discount Day. If I saw the film on a normal day(in FULL PRICE, NO LESS!), the theater would have been TOTALLY EMPTY. I knew that it lost almost of it’s theaters and is now playing in almost 450 empty theaters. I think that this week, the film will PROBABLY end it’s theatrical run. That’s just my guess, though. Who knows? It could be playing for a little longer before FINALLY ending it’s theatrical run.

    • Christopher Robin needs 150 million $ to break even ( according to Tristan Micheals it’s 210). Slenderman’s budget is 28 million $ so you might be right.

    • “Slender Man” might overperform with 11-12 million dollars on it’s opening weekend(which isn’t TOO bad, since it cost almost 30 million dollars to make), but it got awful reviews from critics and Sony kept the film away for a few months because of “disagreements”, and didn’t go back to marketing the film until a MONTH ago.(Doesn’t help that I got constant ads for both this film and “The Darkest Minds” on YouTube. It’s clear that both Sony and Fox respectively knew that both films would be terrible.). An awful D- CinemaScore is not helping matter for this film either. The word is still out on “Christopher Robin”. It has a nearly 50 percent drop with around 12 million dollars in the USA. There is still a high chance for the film to hit the 80(or possibly 90 to 100 million if it’s lucky) million dollar mark in the USA, but if the overseas box office for this film continue to be as non existent as they already are, sorry to say, it could be on this list.

    • It did alright on it’s opening weekend in the USA(25 million dollars, which for a film that had a moderate budget(75 million dollars), is nothing amazing, but not too bad either), but it’s overseas results(so far) are VERY limited, which just 5 million dollars. If it stumbles in the USA, or has weak overseas box office results, it could be on the list. But hey, the film was cute! And Disney has the money they made from “Black Panther”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Incredibles 2”, and “Ant-Man and The Wasp” to help fix things up. Speaking of which, CONGRATUATIONS “Black Panther” FOR FINALLY HITTING THE 700 MILLION DOLLAR MARK IN THE USA AND “Incredibles 2” FOR HITTING THE BILLION DOLLAR MARK WORLDWIDE!

      • Hey Tristan, I realized it needs at least 150 million $ worldwide to double it’s budget. Fun fact, it made the same amount as The Emoji Movie on it’s OW.

        • It’s going to need MORE than that to break even. Disney spent a decent amount of money(from what I can tell) to market the film(they probably spent around 50 to 60 million do so, in addition to the 75 million dollars it cost to make), and they need the marketing costs back as well for the film to make a profit and make even. I will say that 210 million dollars is a better break even point. But considering that overseas box office results for the film are non existent, it’s going to need A LOT of luck to do so.

        • I think it will need a little more than 150 million dollars to break even. In addition to the 75 million dollars Disney spent to make the film, they spent a decent amount of money(from what I could tell)(around 50 to 60 million dollars) to market the film as well. I think that 210 million dollars will be a better break even point for this film. But with non existent overseas numbers so far, I’ll doubt it will make it.

  60. Just wanted to report on a new bomb I found: Escape Plan 2: Hades. The film had a $20M budget, but only made $14,208,277 in it’s full worldwide run. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_Plan_2:_Hades). I will say that it apparently didn’t have a domestic release ,or at least any tracking of how much it made if it did have a release so I don’t know if that excludes, but I still wanted to let you know.

  61. The Spy Who Dumped Me needs a page. it made 12 million $ on a 40 million $ budget. Sadly possibly Christopher Robin too due to making less than the 30-29 million $ and it has a 75 million $ budget. so, siabara.

  62. It may be a bit too early, but I think The Darkest Minds will be a box office bomb. With a $34M budget, it is estimated to gross just $6M in it’s opening weekend.With it’s terrible reviews, I doubt it’ll leg out to gain enough money and there doesn’t seem to be any release worldwide so it should have a good shot on making this list. Just a heads up. Keep up the good work!

  63. I have no idea what A.X.L.’s budget is but I feel pretty confident that it will have a future spot on this list.

    • I think most of the box office bombs are coming towards the end if the year. A lot of movies are releasing in October and don’t get me started on the crap ton of big budget movies releasing near Christmas. There’s no way they are all going to survive. But so far this year, the box office has been pretty decent so far. Solo was probably the biggest surprise in how much it underperformed but it released at a really bad time, facing heavy direct competition and people who were still salty about The Last Jedi (which came out only 5 months before Solo).

  64. This month, I could see The Darkest Minds, The Meg, Alpha, A.X.L., and Kin all flopping. The only one with a known budget right now is The Meg ($150 million) and that could be saved by China. The Darkest Minds will be crushed by the other action movies out right now, Alpha has been pushed back multiple times by Sony, A.X.L. just looks like a lower budget version of Monster Trucks but with a robot dog, and Kin hasn’t been gaining a whole lot of buzz.

    • Happytime Murders might be too niche to make money too. Sure, it has Melissa Mccarthy, but it seems like a weird place to go with muppets.

        • It could just be me but I know quite a bit of people who know what Happytime Murders is and I am going to see it with a whole group of people when it comes out. I don’t think it will make as much as Sausage Party but I do think it will be a decent hit. Plenty of people like out of the box ideas.

      • “The Meg” is continuing to do well at the box office. “The Darkest Minds” already became a MAJOR flop for Fox, and based on how it’s doing, I won’t see it doing better anytime soon(though Fox still might make money from the film if it has good home media sales). “Alpha” is already flopping at the box office, making around 10 million dollars in it’s opening weekend(on a film that cost around 50-80 million dollars to make). I can see both “A.X.L” and “Kin” becoming major box office flops.

    • “The Darkest Minds” has a 34 million dollar budget, which is a very small amount of money for a YA adaptation and a effects heavy film(even the last two “Maze Runner” films cost over 60 million dollars to make), but it will only make around 8 million dollars in it’s domestic opening weekend, and even with it’s limited budget, it’s still not a good start. Another thing I’m worried about is that both “The Darkest Minds” AND especially “Christopher Robin”(which I’m seeing tomorrow) don’t have their Rotten Tomatoes scores yet, AND it’s only one more DAY before they come out. I know that Disney is trying their best with the latter film(they have been heavily marketing it), and believe it or not, one of their most critically and successful films, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, WASN’T EVEN SCREENED FOR CRITICS UNTIL IT WAS RELEASED(but that was to avoid spoilers and NOT the quality of the actual film)! But still, I’m worried.

      • “Christopher Robin” finally got it’s Rotten Tomatoes score(ONLY HOURS BEFORE IT CAME OUT!). 62 percent Fresh. It’s nowhere near the level the “Paddington” films were on Rotten Tomatoes(98 percent and 100 PERCENT Certified Fresh!), but it’s passible enough. I heard that it is SLOW PACED, but it is innocent and cute natured. I’m going to check it out for myself in a few hours. By the way, “The Darkest Minds” had gotten it’s Rotten Tomatoes score a while ago, and IT IS NOT GOOD. 14 PERCENT ROTTEN. But then again, it helps that I wasn’t even that interested in that film anyway. It looked like a lesser combination of the “X-Men” series(even more so since Fox distributed both films) and “The Hunger Games”. Aside from “Ready Player One”(yes, that was a YA adaptation, and even though the book it was based off was targeted to(mostly) pop culture fans, it was also targeted to young adults as well.)(and that film did well because… …well, it was from Spielberg! And it did MASSIVE in China as well!), YA adaptations(since the last “Harry Potter” and “The Hunger Games” films) are struggling, both with the critics and box office, and I can definitely see “The Darkest Minds” being a flop as a result. Aside from “Christopher Robin”(“Eighth Grade” doesn’t count because it was in limited release for a few weeks before it expanded to wide release this week), all of the other films that came out this week were Rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. A lackluster week indeed.

  65. Netflix bought Mowgli from WB, which means they thought it was probably going to be a flop. Got saved from being on here.

    • The 100% it doesn’t deserve the last Jedi had good reviews but nobody liked it same fate will be with this movie

      • You can’t judge a movie you haven’t watched. I myself think that the show the movie is based off of is garbage. That being said, the writing for the movie looks like it’s going to be much better. The last trailer they put out I found very funny. Also, with the budget being low, it will make a profit easily.

      • Rotten tomatoes is a measure of how many people liked it, not how much. Most of those last Jedi reviews were just okay with it, probably the same for teen titans

        • I wish more people understood how RT ratings worked. You summed it up well. Looking at the average ratings are probably more accurate than the percentage.

    • Depends on how good of a deal they got for Netflix. It seems like it at least broke even. It was one of the few movies I liked in a pretty weak year so far, shame it didn’t do better.

  66. Here is a list of movies I’ve found that I believe to be box office bombs:

    Higher Power by Matthew Santoro
    Budget: Supposedly $500K (http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/higher-power-the-vfx-rich-sci-fi-thriller-that-was-made-on-a-500000-budget)
    Box Office: Domestic = $528, Foreign = ???

    Marrowbone by Sergio G. Sánchez
    Budget: €8 million (est. $9.9 million)
    Box Office: Domestic = $1,377, Foreign = €9,549,990 ($11,164,683)

    Kickboxer Retaliation by Dimitri Logothetis
    Budget: $13 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $4,537, Foreign = $39,356 (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Kickboxer-Retaliation#tab=summary)

    Woman Walks Ahead by Susanna White (Still in Theaters)
    Budget: $5 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $6,863, Foreign = ???

    Blood Feast by Marcel Walz
    Budget: $1.2 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $8,708, Foreign = None

    The Assasin’s Code by David A. Armstrong
    Budget: $1.8 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $11,218, Foreign = ???

    Freak Show by Trudie Styler
    Budget: $2 million
    Box Office: Domestic: $18,216, Foreign: $961

    The House of Tomorrow by Peter Livolsi
    Budget: $8.6 million
    Box Office: $6.9 million (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_House_of_Tomorrow_(2017_film))

    How To Talk To Girls At Parties by John Cameron Mitchell
    Budget: $3.8 million (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Talk_to_Girls_at_Parties_(film))
    Box Office: Domestic = $84,809, Foreign = $223,268 (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/How-to-Talk-to-Girls-at-Parties#tab=summary)

    Goldstone by Ivan Sen
    Budget: $2 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $86,402, Foreign = $583,515 (I got the Domestic box office from Box Office Mojo and I got the foreign box office from The Numbers)

    Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty – Concept Short by Darin Southam (Still in Theaters)
    Budget: $120,000
    Box Office: Domestic = $93,224, Foreign = $5,184

    Golden Slumber by Noh Dong-seok
    Budget: $12.75 million (or ₩14,222,369,366 in South Korea) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Slumber#Box_office)
    Box Office: Domestic: $94,450, Foreign = $10,733,326 (or ₩11,972,809,953)

    Revenge by Coralie Fargeat
    Budget: $2.9 million (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revenge_(2017_film))
    Box Office: Domestic = $102,091, Foreign = $228,490

    The Guardians (Les Gardiennes) by Xavier Beauvois
    Budget: $10.5 million (or €8.9 million) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Guardians_(2017_film))
    Box Office: Domestic = $137,054, Foreign = $3,944,048 (or €3,358,297) (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Gardiennes-Les-(France)#tab=summary)

    The Young Karl Marx by Raoul Peck
    Budget: $11.2 million (or €9.5 million) (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1699518/)
    Box Office: Domestic = $125,659, Foreign = $4,226,849 ( or €3,599,097) (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Jeune-Karl-Marx-Le-(France)#tab=summary)

    Double Lover (L’Amant Double) by François Ozon
    Budget: $8.3 million (or €7.1 million)
    Box Office: Domestic = $167,581, Foreign = $4,688,606 (or €3,992,277)

    Zama by ‎Lucrecia Martel
    Budget: Supposedly $3.5 million (https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2018/04/zama-movie-review-lucrecia-martel)
    Box Office: Domestic = $194,441, Foreign = $406,741

    Borg vs McEnroe by Janus Metz Pedersen
    Budget: $7.5 million (or 65 million SEK)
    Box Office: Domestic = $231,346, Foreign = $3,014,135 (or 26,300,733 SEK)

    But Deliver Us from Evil by Joshua Coates
    Budget: $1 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $285,169, Foreign = No Release

    Flower by Max Winkler
    Budget: $500K (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flower_(film))
    Box Office: Domestic = $328,188, Foreign = $51,983 (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Flower-(2017)#tab=summary)

    Bag of Marbles (Un Sac De Billes) by Christian Duguay
    Budget: $21.4 million (or €18,205.839)
    Box Office: Domestic = $393,070, Foreign = $10,045,370 (or €8,545,999) (http://www.jpbox-office.com/fichfilm.php?id=16594)

    Condorito: La Pelicula by Alex Orrelle
    Budget: $8.3 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $447,719, Foreign = $7,983,475

    The Insult (L’insulte) by Ziad Doueiri
    Budget: $3 million (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7048622/)
    Box Office: Domestic = $1,001,305, Foreign = $1,878,414

    Lean on Pete by Andrew Haigh
    Budget: $8 million (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lean_on_Pete)
    Box Office: Domestic = $1,163,056, Foreign = $1,087,674 (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Lean-on-Pete-(UK)#tab=summary)

    Thoroughbreds by Cory Finley
    Budget: $5.4 million (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoroughbreds_(2017_film))
    Box Office: Domestic = $2,830,775, Foreign = $71,585 (https://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Thoroughbreds#tab=summary)

    Disobedience by Sebastián Lelio (Still In Theaters)
    Budget: $6 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $3,467,378, Foreign = $1,814,821

    Gotti by Kevin Connolly (Still In Theaters)
    Budget: $10 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $4,183,395, Foreign = ???

    Hotel Artemis by Drew Pearce (Still In Theaters)
    Budget: $15 million
    Box office: Domestic = $6,656,011, Foreign = $1,393,586 (http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=hotelartemis.htm)

    Annihilation by Alex Garland
    Budget: $40–55 million
    Box Office: Domestic = $32,732,301, Foreign = $10,140,000

    Pacific Rim: Uprising by Steven S. DeKnight (Still In Theaters)
    Budget: $150-170 million (According to Deadline Hollywood, it needs $350M to break even) (https://deadline.com/2018/03/pacific-rim-uprising-black-panther-weekend-box-office-1202352184/)
    Box Office: Domestic = $59,185,715, Foreign: $230,875,582

    I would might also add Superfly which has a budget of $16 million and so far brought in $19 million at the box office, but I can’t confirm that.

    (I also wanted to point out that a lot of these movie I listed were films that were either limited release in certain film festivals from 2017 or released in other countries in 2017. These films were then open in American theaters in 2018 so I don’t know if those count as 2017 bombs or 2018 bombs. The films that were released solely this year from this list were Higher Power, Kickboxer: Retaliation, The Assasin’s Code, Reign of Judges: Title of Liberty – Concept Short, Golden Slumber, Gotti, Hotel Artemis, Annihilation, and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Blood Feast and Goldstone were the only films on this list to have a limited release in 2016.)

    I hope that this list is helpful to you and I apologize for any mistakes as I’m new to this. I think that you have done a great job with updating all the box office bombs for the past decade and I wish you good luck for finding any other films.

    • The guy who does these typically tends to focus on big releases, so the majority of your suggestions probably won’t get used

    • Thanks for your compliment Cutthroat Island. We are adding movies with budgets around or above $20 million and have been removing older posts with movies that have lower budgets. Thanks for your comment and glad you are enjoying the site!

      • Thank you Bomb Report! Sorry that most of the list doesn’t work with that rule, but still will continue to look for any that follow it. You do work hard and am glad that you have continued the hard work.

  67. Sicario: Day of the Soldado might be in trouble if it doesn’t pick up the slack. It had a terrible 60%+ second weekend drop.

    • It might be able to limp its way to the first film’s gross, but the word of mouth hasn’t been stellar. We may get a third one, since this series only exists on the whims of the daughter of FedEx’s founder, so she has millions to throw away on this.

      • I sure hope so. Sicario 2 is one of the best movies of the year in my opinion and I would be totally down for a third one. I think a lot of people were turned off with how depressing the movie is but it’s about the drug cartel so I don’t know what people were expecting.

  68. Pacific Rim Uprising:

    Estimated budget $150-$175 mil
    Box office: $290.1 mil
    Estimated break-even: $350 mil

    Seems floppish to me

  69. Does anybody think that either Skyscraper or The Equalizer 2 is going to flop? They come out just weeks before Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which I expect to be one of the biggest movies of the summer due to the track record of Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise, and heavy advertising.

    • Dylan W how do you think Alpha, The Happytime Murders, The House With A Clock In It’s Walls, Mowgli, and Welcome To Marwen will flop? They haven’t even revealed their budgets yet.

      • I’m not sure about the others but I don’t think that Happytime Murders will flop at all. I think it might pull in the Sausage Party crowd and become a decent hit actually.

        • i agree, even though “Muppets Most Wanted” was a flop. but “Sausage Party” was a hit with that crowd though. i think Alpha could flop though. i think Mowgli too since Disney already turned The Jungle Book story into live action and it has to compete with the Halloween remake which i think will be this year’s ‘It’. The House With A Clock In It’s Walls could do well with the target audience, but comes out a week before the animated “Smallfoot”. Welcome To Marwen has 2 compete with the 4 holiday movies (Timmy Sargent and Tristan Micheals said what they are), but with the director and the animation, it could be another Isle Of Dogs. You’ll find out soon enough.

      • Marwen is trying to go for that feel good movie aspect that middle America loves, but the actual story has enough weird detours that unless they are severely downplayed, it will be too controversial for that group. Not to mention that the animation style feels off along with the whole vibe of the film. Mowgli’s been delayed so much, it’s probably already being internally written off. Alpha’s been pushed around a lot too.

    • Skyscraper has The Rock, so it’ll do well overseas at least. Equalizer 2 has Denzel Washington, who’s one of the few real “movie stars” left, and the first one did well enough. Probably won’t justify a 3rd, but will probably make back its budget

    • Sad to see the FIRST EVER “Star Wars” BOX OFFICE FLOP. At least that’s not going to affect Disney(thanks to “Incredibles 2”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, and “Black Panther”)or the upcoming “Star Wars” film that’s coming out next year. It will still do HUGE business for Disney, even after the polarizing fan response “The Last Jedi” got and “Solo” flopping at the box office. If “Solo” was moved back and released in December, it would have been another story. It would have done very well at the box office and would have probably made a billion dollars. Releasing it in May(when “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Deadpool 2” were dominating the box office) was a VERY bad move. Even with the heavy competition with “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”, “Aquaman”, “Bumblebee”, and “Mary Poppins Returns”(which, ironically enough, is also from Disney)(those four are probably the only films that will do well on the 2018 holiday season). The film was also fairly well received by critics, so… how it flopped… …I could imagine… …people just weren’t interested? I don’t know.

      • I have to disagree with some of your points. Long term getting Star Wars out of December is the right move for Disney even if it’s not best for Star Wars. Why? Because Disney has TONS of four quadrant family friendly IPs that will play spectacularly during the holiday season, like for example Mary Poppins which you mention. There are even better examples. How much money could Beauty and the Beast have gotten if it came out in the holiday frame? Unfortunately Jedi was in the way and so it was never an option. Disney understands that their overall slate is better off with Star Wars in the summer with the holiday frame left open for the type of big family friendly entertainment that Disney does so well.

        • Well, I both sort of agree and disagree with those points you mentioned. For the “four quadrant family friendly IPs” you mentioned, there aren’t REALLY many of those. They’re just holdovers from November(like “Frozen”, “Moana”, or “Coco”), and Disney focuses mostly on “Star Wars” for December. Yes, I will agree that these IPs do have SPECTACULAR box office results, and like you said, I do have bets that “Mary Poppins Returns” will do VERY well over the holiday season. I just had different thoughts, but I do get some of your thoughts. Still, I’m glad that Disney has a lot of HUGE, money making IPs under their company.

  70. Better look out for John Travolta’s Gotti, which so far is getting a BIG FAT ZERO rating on Rotten Tomatoes!!! Too much fiction and hardly any facts!!!

  71. Well, Hotel Artemis looks like it’s going to bomb. It’s only expected to pull in $3-3.5 million in its opening weekend off a $15 million budget.

  72. Where’s Chappaquiddick on this list? It did better than it was projected to but it still couldn’t even top its $34 million production cost.

    • Chappaquiddick did not cost $34M. It’s an inexpensive indie. Here’s how we got to that $34M number — Variety had an article (https://variety.com/2018/film/box-office/chappaquiddick-box-office-1202742903/) about Chappaquiddick before it opened and in that article another political drama Detroit was mentioned. Variety stated that the budget to Detroit was $34M. Google meta-descriptions picked up the $34M budget from the variety article and assigned it to Chappaquiddick for search results. Then The Boston Globe wrote some brief article and cited the $34M budget. Then someone added the $34M budget to the Chappaquiddick wikipedia page and cited The Boston Globe and now its circulating that the budget is $34M.

  73. Solo is the worst performing star wars movie ever it is projected to have only a 105m opening on a 250m budget with 500m needed to break even and its underproming outside of america with record low in china and japan and noone watching it in England it is almost certain to bomb just look out for the sales

    • Needs a lot more than $500 million to break even. Budget was $300m. Total cost is usually twice that to include marketing, so $600m. Studios only get half of box office receipts in US and 25% abroad. If we go with a typically even split of domestic and foreign then the break even point would be $1.6 BILLION. (800m * .5 + 800m * .25) = 600m. And that’s with zero profit.

        • That was the consequence of releasing the film FIVE MONTHS after “The Last Jedi”. “Solo” will be the “Justice League” of 2018 for sure. Too bad, since I thought it was good(even if it is the weakest “Star Wars” film from Disney so far.). At least Disney has the HUGE box office receipts of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Black Panther” to cover up ANY of “Solo” ‘s potential losses. And Disney also has “Incredibles 2” coming out in a few weeks, and that film will be a HUGE hit at the box office(and with the critics, too! It’s also from Pixar, after all!). I’m glad Disney is still doing fine. Even if “Solo” made less than their 150 million dollar 4 day prediction.

    • Tomb Raider apparently needed $275 million to break even. Its worldwide gross so far is $273 Million, and it’s coming to Digital formats and Blu-Ray/DVD in a week or two; so it’s may squeak in just enough to break even or to make a small profit.

      I wouldn’t blame you for considering it a BO disappointment, though.