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  1. I believe it didn’t do well because it wasn’t released around the Christmas area, it was released in MAY. People were confused and didn’t see it because they believed it wasn’t a necessary pic to see if it wasn’t part of the ‘Force Awakens’ saga, (which is wasn’t but still) because the Star Wars movies were always released in the Christmas Area. More people probably would’ve been more likely to see it if it had been released in the Christmas area, like Rogue One (which had nothing to do with the ‘Force Awakens Saga at all but was still a huge success) because people would’ve thought this was an important movie in the saga or something like that. Not so much in May.

  2. I actually liked it but I agree a smaller budget would’ve been better. The setup for a sequel was very intriguing and I hope it gets made in some form.
    Really they made the wrong movie. Something with Vader covering the pre-New Hope would’ve been better, Rogue set that up.
    I hope we get that Knights of the Old Republic series. I think Disney learned its lesson.

  3. When will the budget be released? Do we have to wait until Disney releases full 2018 financials in (what I assume will be) March?

  4. People do not want to see the original characters recast. The guy playing Solo looks NOTHING like a young Harrison Ford. Pity, I liked Solo a lot and wanted to see Darth Maul’s come back. Ron Howard did a great job.

  5. I’m surprised this movie failed because it’s a Star Wars movie. I know that’s a stupid thing, but it’s Star Wars! What’s next, is Captain Marvel gonna fail at the box office as well? Probably not.

  6. Backlash from that abysmal piece of crap called the last Jedi. People who are fans didn’t want to see another total disappointment in the star wars universe happen. Filled with total disregard of the characters history or how the characters persona is within the Star Wars cannon.

    • That’s just the estimated budget. The budget was around 250 to 300 MILLION DOLLARS. And that’s NOT including marketing. With the box office results the film had(which were GOOD if the budget wasn’t massive like this), the film was a failure for Disney. Luckily, they had their billion dollar films(“Black Panther”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, and “Incredibles 2”) cover up whatever losses this film and “A Wrinkle In Time” had, “Ant-Man and The Wasp” is doing good at the box office with more than 430 million dollars worldwide, and if it continues(since it has only been a week since it came out), “Christopher Robin” is doing okay for itself so far at the box office, unless it has a huge drop. Disney is still having a strong year regardless of “Solo” and “Wrinkle” flopping.

    • “Episode 9” hasn’t even come out yet(at least for another year). I though it was “The Last Jedi” you were talking about. Sure, there people who ABSOLUTELY hate the film, but there are just as many people who ABSOLUTELY love the film as well. I think “Episode 9” will be another massive, billion dollar box office smash for Disney and Lucasfilm. By the time it comes out next December, we will all think that the box office failure of “Solo” was just a distant memory, and the main “Star Wars” films will continue to make billions and billions of dollars at the box office. We can all hope and dream.

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