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  1. Really good movie, acting and story line. I missed it at the theater. Don’t recall seeing the ads for it. Nonetheless, it’s intriguing and a good watch. The thought that it should have been shorter would be an injustice to the story. It opens with a bang and never stops. At least you get your moneys worth.

  2. This was an incredibly entertaining film. I was chomping at the bit to see it in theaters but bad reviews made my wife less than enthused. By the time I went to see it myself it was gone. Finally it’s in Redbox. I rented it last night. Watched it again tonight with my wife. We both loved it. They don’t make too many movies like this. Sad that it bombed. Guess people need more Transformer type of movies. I’ll buy it on Amazon to show my support. Best thriller in a long time. My hats off to the cast,everyone of them and the producers.

    • I too neglected to see the production in theaters, but sas it via Redbox. This movie was highly entertaining! Very intense production and kinda scary.

      • this movie could’ve been good but the director’s too self indulgent and thought of himself as an auteur. he could’ve cut it to less than 2hours and it’d still be too long. if the suits were smart, they’d cut it to 90 minutes and sell it to netflix and saved themselves 35 million dollars in P&A spending. i guess this guy will never make another hollywood movie. another one bit the dust. such wasted talents among the cast

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