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  1. Quite possibly the worst English accents in a movie this side of Dick Van Dyke, Reilly’s inability to pronounce “mosquito” in a posh London accent is downright hilarious (in fact the only funny thing in this film)

  2. I wish Rebecca Hall wouldn’t debase herself by being in garbage like this.

    Also 2006 called, it wants its movie back (a comment I usually reserve for anything starring Vince Vaughn and/or Owen Wilson).

  3. This film is an abysmal, pitiful, woeful abomination of cellulose film and no doubt it ruined some children’s Christmases.

  4. The final markets have been entered (Spain on February 22) – once theaters take their cut of the gross, Sony will see back around $22.6 million, leaving, what, 2/3 of the P&A costs at a loss?

  5. I’m surprised Netflix didn’t pick it up. The cult around Farrell and Reilly together would have given it a lot of views.

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