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  1. This was so pointless and stupid. Here’s a thought: make a Cats movie with an A-List cast, spare no expense on practical sets, practical costumes, and practical effects. You can probably make the movie for half the cost and you won’t be responsible for inducing nightmares. Everybody’s a winner. Hey Hollywoo, where’s my check?

  2. “Cats” the movie was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. The acting was mediocre. The cats were portrayed as nasty, stupid, vapid, and mean. I felt bad for parents with young kids that were there. The “cat fur” body suits or whatever they were looked like fuzzy footsie pajamas like you wore when you were three. They concealed what should’ve been the sinuous lines of the dancers bodies and rendered them utterly un-catlike. Most of the cast could not sing. It was a depressing, hugely disappointing mess and after an hour I decided I’d been punished enough and walked out. ONLY movie I’ve ever walked out of. If there was a negative star rating, it would be a -5 stars.

    • Thankfully most people share your sentiment, as right now it’s only at $65.3 million worldwide, against a $95 million budget. After the theaters take their cut, Universal has only received a little over $30 million back. So its loss is currently at around $65 million, BEFORE P&A costs.

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