Living Like A Celebrity: Large Home Maintenance Tips

Plenty of people have dreams to live like a celebrity in one way or another. Most just want a large home where they never would have to leave if they did not choose to. The truth about celebrity homes is that there is often an entire staff to take care of certain tasks. Travel is very important to a number of celebs so they likely will not be at home as many days in a year as you will be. This means you can handle some of the maintenance and will have to hire help for the rest. The following are tips to handle the maintenance of a large home if you want to live like a celebrity. 

You’ll Need Help With Landscaping

Landscaping is something that you should try to nail down immediately. The previous owner of the home might already have a crew that you can discuss rates with and what you want done. Do not let landscaping get out of hand as a lack of maintenance on a large lawn can cost thousands to clear after only a few months. 

Get A Reliable HVAC Company

You are going to want to be working with a top company that provides cooling and heating repairs. You want HVAC professionals that can keep your large home in working order in terms of staying comfortable. A lack of AC in certain times can lead to the home getting quite humid which can cause an array of problems. You likely will have a few units around the house in order to heat and cool it adequately. Maintenance is so important as to keep each piece of equipment working at an efficient level. 

Pool Maintenance And Cleaning

The pool area can be perfect for relaxing, fitness, or entertaining. The versatility of a pool in a warm climate is nearly endless as meals around the pool are common for families. The cost of cleaning and keeping the pool chemicals balances depends on the size of the pool and your location. Luxury pools might take quite a bit more upkeep whether it is washing the tiles or maintaining the landscaping around the pool. The pool deck should also be powerwashed regularly to give it that new look. 

Look Into Security Options

Security can be something you need to consider as luxury homes are frequently targeted by thieves. You do not have to spring for security to the point of having guards on the property. You can have cameras along with other alarm systems for the home. Large dogs are often deterrents as a criminal would rather target a home where they have no chance of being mauled by a canine. Certain breeds are great with families along with scaring potential intruders. 


Living like a celebrity will come with quite a few costs and extra steps even when it comes to owning a home. Take the time to create a list of maintenance and the frequency that it should be done immediately. This will make it far easier to remember if you put it into your smartphone or Google Calendar.

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