Best Kids Movies To Watch Over FaceTime

We live in a world where we can be physically in different locations but still be connected. In an era where even kids have smartphones or devices, it has never been easier to keep up with family bonding experiences. There are so many fun things to do over Facetime that you will even forget that the experience is all digital.

The ability to stay connected even when separated is a technological accomplishment. But sometimes, keeping a young child engaged while on a video call with them can be challenging. That is why you should choose a fun activity to do with them instead rather than just expecting them to hold a conversation for an hour.

One of the best activities is watching a movie with them on Facetime. And with so many of the best kids movies easily accessible to watch, it will not be challenging to find one that piques their interest.

To help you create a memorable movie-watching experience over Facetime, we have rounded up the best movies to watch that both kids and adults will enjoy.

1. Boss Baby

This DreamWorks film is not only adorable but hysterical too. Kids will find the main character hilarious, and so will adults. Best of all, the whole premise of the movie is to highlight the dynamics of family relationships and emphasize just how important family is.

There is no better message to get out there when making time for family bonding over Facetime.

2. Despicable Me

Now a trilogy of films, you can easily create three Facetime movie-watching sessions with your kids and family. With a storyline that can captivate all age ranges and tons of warm fuzzy feelings from the plotline, your whole family will likely want to join these Facetime calls.

Plus, who doesn’t adore watching the little minions be goofy and silly? It is a film trilogy full of laughs.


3. The LEGO Movie

Legos are one of those brands that simply stay relevant with all generations. Now, they have taken it to the next level and created a movie out of them too. The older people in your family will appreciate this film’s nostalgia, while the kids will love the Ninja-themed plotline that will have them wanting to be Kung Fu masters by the end.

Don’t be surprised if your kids end up practicing their ninja moves during the Facetime call.


4. The Incredibles

While this Disney Pixar classic was all the rage at the start of the century, it is still just as incredible (no pun intended) to watch two decades later. Based on a family of superheroes who disguise themselves as everyday people, the film will inspire your kids to want to make the world a better place. Plus, there is some brilliant adult humor hidden into the film, which other members of your family will certainly appreciate.


5. Up

This film had us crying a decade ago. It will still have you crying when you watch it with your kids on Facetime. The premise of this film is two-fold: to be prepared for unexpected adventures and learn to connect with different generations. If this isn’t the perfect family film to watch on Facetime, then we don’t know what is.

All the characters in this film are adorable, but perhaps the all-time best will be Dug—the speaking dog who provides a ton of laughs throughout the film.


6. The Lion King

One of the OG Disney animation films, The Lion King, is a timeless kids’ move that every generation should watch. Chances are other family members have also seen it in their childhood. So it provides an excellent opportunity to go down memory lane while letting the kids be equally entertained. This film provides a unique opportunity to bond on Facetime.

Plus, this film will make it extra special if you want a multi-generational Facetime call that keeps everyone entertained.

7. Ratatouille

Who knew that a story of a literal rat could be so entertaining? This great kids’ film will also be entertaining for the adults on the Facetime call. Plus, the chances are high that everyone will be inspired to cook afterward. This transitions nicely into yet another great Facetime activity, where everyone on the call can cook or eat together.



In a world where it has never been easier to stay connected with one another, watching a kid-friendly movie on Facetime is a great way to keep those of all ages engaged on the call. With movies that have only recently come out to those that have been classics for decades, you will not have a problem finding a great film for all to enjoy.

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