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    Best Kids Movies To Watch Over FaceTime

    We live in a world where we can be physically in different locations but still be connected. In an era where even kids have smartphones or devices, it has never been easier to keep up with family bonding experiences. There are so many fun things to do over Facetime that you will even forget that […] More

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    4 Big Budget Flops That Killed The Cannon Group

    The Cannon Group thrived throughout much of the 1980s, churning out very low budget genre schlock and minting modest profits from their endless stream of ninja movies, Chuck Norris vehicles, vigilante films, and an assortment of other entertaining D grade trash. When Cannon heads Golan and Globus began to expand their low rent operation in […] More

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    15 Box Office Bombs That Had An Amazing Afterlife

    Being a box office dud doesn’t always mean death for a film. In fact, many bombs have now become classics that will live on forever. Here’s our list of 15 box office bombs that had had an amazing afterlife: 1. Heaven’s Gate (1980) The failure of Michael Cimino’s Heaven’s Gate is the stuff of Hollywood legend. The […] More

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    Introducing The Best Worst Movie In History

    If you haven’t heard of The Room or watched it, you are in for a treat upon first viewing. This magical story is reminiscent of a short movie you had to write and record for a class in high school. You get an amazingly low production value, terrible green screen, abysmal script, and characters who […] More