Your Checklist For Daily Cleaning Tasks

While there is a time and a place for deep cleaning your home, it isn’t every day, that’s for sure. However, it is important to carry out a few essential cleaning tasks every day, to prevent your home from becoming too dirty and untidy, and to stop your deep cleans from taking hours on end to complete!

Check out this guide to daily cleaning tasks:

Daily tasks in the kitchen:

  • Never let the dirty dishes pile up. Try and make it a habit to load the dishwasher after every meal, or wash the dishes in the sink, to stop your kitchen smelling, attracting pests and looking untidy. 
  • Clean countertops. Always clean countertop spillages up right away, and sanitize regularly used surfaces to maintain a certain level of hygiene when preparing food etc. 
  • Keep clutter to a minimum. Kitchens are popular places for members of the household to leave things lying around, but most things have a home of their own, so to avoid clutter, encourage others to put things away after use or take them back to their original home. 

Daily tasks in the bathroom

  • Clean the sink and faucets. With a cloth or sponge and a household disinfectant spray, wipe down the sink, faucets and mirror (if necessary) to maintain hygiene, and keep the bathroom looking clean.
  • Clean the toilet. A simple scrub with some bleach and a brush might be all it takes to keep your toilet clean every day, and if you do it every day, you should be able to minimize scrubbing. 
  • Declutter. Ideally you’ll have plenty of storage in your bathroom to keep cosmetics and toiletries in, and if you don’t, investing in some would be wise to prevent clutter in what is often a smaller space with less usable surfaces. As such, put all items in their rightful place after use, and pick up wet towels from the floor etc.

Daily tasks in the bedroom

  • Make your bed. This simple act can make a huge difference not just to how tidy your bedroom looks, but to how it feels when you climb into bed at night. Do it every day and make it a simple routine that you always follow. 
  • Fold laundry. It can be tempting to leave piles of clean laundry in your bedroom, but the reality is that it takes but a few minutes to put it away in the closet, and doing so can help leave you with a cleaner, tidier looking room. 
  • Store things away. As with most rooms in the home, clutter can quickly make it look untidy and make it harder to clean, too. Have plenty of storage in your room and make sure you use it!

Daily tasks in the living room

  • Clean the sofa. We’re not talking about hiring equipment and literally cleaning the sofa every day, but rather, picking up blankets and cushions that may be strewn over it, and vacuuming up crumbs and other debris. 
  • Tidy up the coffee table. Coffee tables are prime spots for dumping things, and while a couple of magazines and an empty coffee cup don’t sound like much, they can soon draw the eye to the table and have a negative impact on the room as a whole, not to mention the fact that any clutter makes cleaning harder and take longer to do. 

By not wearing outside footwear inside your home, and cleaning up messes and spillages as soon as they occur, you can make short work of deep cleaning when the time comes. 

Don’t have the time to clean your home every day? Why not hire someone who does? A professional cleaning service can keep your home clean every day of the week, and leave you free to go about your day without a care in the world!

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