Rey’s of Sunshine: A Mother’s Love Story, by Navi Ghataore

The diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy during Rèyan’s birth devastated Navi Syan Ghataore and her family. Because of it, she had to deal with the stress of caring for a child with special needs and the judgment and criticism of some family members. Navi, however, met these problems head-on, showing great perseverance, patience, and optimism as she eventually came to enjoy her and Rèyan’s new way of life.

In her book In Rèys of Sunshine: A Mother’s Love Story, Navi tells of her love for her son. It is a moving story about her resolve to advocate for their child against the odds. It is a moving example of what may happen when a parent takes on the role of advocate for their child.

Navi is a mother with a medical background. Her book Rèys of Sunshine is a fantastic resource for families with a child who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Navi helps them to see that every cloud has a “Rèy of sunshine.” 

It’s All About  Love

Now Navi has written about her life with her child in Rèys of Sunshine: A Mother’s Love Story. The story shows how far a parent’s voice may go when advocating for their child, even if they know there is a good chance they will not be heard. It is a case study of what can happen when, out of love, one person takes on the dual responsibilities of parent and advocate.

Going from Fear to Hope 

When the doctors informed Navi that Rèyan would have to remain in this chair for at least 12 hours a day for the rest of his childhood. Navi simply did not accept it. She was also informed that a tube would be placed in his nose or stomach to provide him with nourishment.  This would also require a large number of reconstituted food packets. This meant that he would never get to enjoy the pleasure of tasting food or feel a sweet delight melt on his lips.

Navi had something else in mind and worked tirelessly to achieve it. Today, Rèyan uses his own strength to propel himself forward with the help of a walker. Despite his speech impediment, he is able to express himself completely through the use of his voice and sign language. He always sits down with his family at home or out for meals. In addition, he frequently visits fancy hotels with his family for afternoon tea.

Navi says that she enjoys most his enormous, bright smile that brightens up the room. He is truly a Réy of sunshine in her eyes. In fact, Navi refers to Réyan as her “sunflower boy.” He may require a few more supports than the other ‘flowers,’ but he will blossom wonderfully in due time.

Making Even Bigger Changes

Parents with a child with special needs may find themselves fielding a lot of questions and receiving lots of suggestions from well-meaning friends and family members. The curiosity of others is usually well-meaning. However, it can become overwhelming at times. But this is not a book about advice on how to live your life. Nonetheless, it will be of great use to its readers, maybe even inspiring. 

This story is simply about a family’s ups and downs and getting through it all. So if you find yourself on a similar journey, you may find something to relate to in this book. But more than that, it is hoped that this book will provide useful information for medical professionals and parents of disabled children. The more we can learn about these disabilities and how to effectively deal with them, the better the world will be for everyone.

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