Celebrities Have Regular Fun Too: How Certain Celebs Have Fun

The world of celebrities is vastly different than the average person. The truth is that most celebs were not born into it so they lived ordinary lives before their fame. Hobbies of the rich and famous can include things like polo which require a large budget. Others might be quite affordable and something a person could identify with. The stress of life gets to anyone and celebrities seem to constantly be in the public eye. Finding hobbies can help distract anyone from the hustle and bustle of life. The following are celebrities and how these individuals like to have fun. 

Barack Obama Loves Escape Rooms

If you look into a Durham escape room or one in your area, you might be surprised that former president Obama adores escape rooms. The former president enjoys the challenge as these escape rooms truly make you think outside of the box to get outside of the room. Look into this option if you want to have a different night than usual as this can be fun for family or friends for a night out. 

Michael Jordan Loves Golf

Michael Jordan is the ultimate competitor so his daily golf games should not surprise anyone. There are a number of pictures of him on the course with various celebrities. Jordan also has quite an affinity for gambling which was also highlighted during his playing career. His Airness is apparently quite the golfer which is not a surprise due to his athleticism. The that he has played professional baseball means he has a great swing. Look for MJ at one of your local golf courses as he is likely in celebrity company. 

Tim Mcgraw Fishing

Tim Mcgraw is a country icon that has so many hits that it is difficult to pinpoint his most popular song. The star’s Instagram feed is full of pictures from tropical fishing vacations in the Bahamas. There are so many different celebrities over the course of time that have been photographed fishing. There are even celebs that you would have never guessed that love swimming. Spearfishing is something that Mcgraw is known to do and do quite well at. The physical fitness of the star gives him an advantage when stalking a fish of any size. 

Adam Sandler’s Love For Basketball

The number of clips that show Adam Sandler taking part in a pickup game of basketball are plentiful. The celebrity is known as a solid basketball player that can hold his own against various levels of skill. Sandler has played against professionals that admire his basketball knowledge and claim he understands how to play the game correctly. This is high praise from people that play the game for a living. The star has been a part of various sports movies in the past whether it is Happy Gilmore or The Waterboy. 

Celebrities usually have normal interests when they gained fame a bit later in life. Finding a passion outside of your professional life is important whether you are a celebrity or the average person.

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