9 Male Celebrities Who Know How to Accessorize

Most fashion news revolves around female celebrities, and for a good reason. Their outfits tend to be more varied and dynamic. But plenty of male celebs know how to accessorize fashionably and cleverly – let’s celebrate nine of those male celebrities now.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds might be the easiest definition of the “basic” man, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to accessorize! On the contrary, Reynolds often accessorizes quite well with stylish watches, belts, and boots.

He’s the perfect poster child for men who want to keep things simple while looking great 24/7. If you don’t want to redo your wardrobe but accessorize smartly completely, try to emulate Ryan Reynolds’ fashion choices.

David Beckham

David Beckham is also a man who knows how to accessorize; that might be because he is married to one of the most popular fashion designers in the world! He likes to wear knitted cardigans in the fall and winter, pairing them with Oxfords or stylish boots and a favorite watch.

He may not wear jewelry all that often, but when he does, it complements rather than overwhelms the rest of his ensemble: an important fashion tip that all men should try to keep in mind when choosing their own accessories.

Idris Elba

If only we could all be as charming as Idris Elba. In any case, Elba represents timeless style and masculine fashion with his accessories, namely watches, belts, and bracelets. From time to time, he’s also worn a necklace, though you won’t see him sporting studs or earrings all that often.

Still, Elba’s focus on masculine classics, like dark leather belts and metal watches, marks him as a man who knows what works and doubles down on it rather than spending too much time experimenting.

Will Smith

Then there’s Will Smith: a fashion icon for men if ever there was one. Smith is a little more creative than the above guys, frequently wearing basic rope or cable necklaces without many bells and whistles (or jewels). But he’s also a fan of metal watches and bracelets, which showcase his willingness to accessorize beyond the bare basics and be a little experimental.

He’s also popularized many different types of sunglasses, including aviators. The right shades can elevate your outfit and make you look on fire whenever you step into the sunlight.

Harry Styles

The pop star Harry Styles loves to accessorize, as indicated by his pearl necklaces, charms, and regular earrings. They go well with his wild hair and rock star persona, though jewelry is by far his signature fashion element. If you’re in touch with your feminine side, consider sporting a necklace of pearls just like Styles – you might find that they elevate your aesthetic more than you initially anticipated. 

Justin Bieber

We can’t forget Justin Bieber, who has accessorized his fashion for years at this point. Necklaces, pearls, and earrings make up fashion staples for his wardrobe, and he often pairs them with caps, baggy jeans, or low-cut t-shirts that show off his physique. 

Bieber has often showcased tons of men’s rings, ranging from large rings big enough to stamp envelopes to smaller artifacts with jewels. Whether you like the tattoos or not, you can’t deny Justin Bieber has mastered the male fashion accessory game.

Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes showcases effortless style and accessorizing strategy with gold jewelry like necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Gold looks good on him because his skin tone tends to wear the warmer side. But he pairs it smartly with a vintage watch, which harkens back to a classic period. In this way, he mixes the simple with the elegant in a memorable way.


Drake’s silver and jeweled accessories make him unforgettable in any room he enters. He’s frequently seen wearing a bracelet that matches a statement diamond necklace. Both pieces also usually complement his watch (typically a simple but stylish piece with a black band and a silver frame). From time to time, he even breaks out a watch with a diamond set bezel, proving that diamonds can also be a man’s best friend, not just a girl’s!

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a fashion designer, singer, and record producer, but he’s also known for his fashion sense. He demonstrates an excellent and experimental style that often incorporates jewelry pieces, like a half-pearl and half-chain necklace. This may be a little more popular in Asia, but many Westerners are starting to take pages out of Wang’s notebook and blur the line between traditionally masculine accessories and more unisex options that promote flexibility and gender fluidity

Want to undergo your own fashion-accessorizing journey? Check out the online photos for each of these celebs and you might find yourself inspired to emulate their aesthetics!

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