Arrested In The Public Eye: What To Do To Save Your Reputation

Being arrested outside of the public eye is something that only friends or family members will know about. If you were able to bail yourself out, you might not have anyone besides yourself knowing you were arrested. Those in the public eye have to worry about how various people feel about their arrest. Sponsors can be the most important people that can cancel partnerships even if an arrest was done under false pretenses. Fans might unfollow social media accounts or vow to never consume content from a celeb or influencer again. The following are tips to help save your reputation when arrested in the public eye. 

Work Closely With Your PR Team 

The PR team or firm that you work with needs to be on your arrest immediately. They should not release any statements until there has been a consultation with your legal counsel. Early statements can cloud public opinion if the facts of the case do not match up. This is exactly what you pay your PR firm for so it is time for them to earn their premium monthly bill. Enllisting the help of additional PR professionals might be in order depending on the scope of your arrest. 

Enlist The Help Of An Experienced Attorney 

A criminal defense attorney is going to be needed regardless of your charges. You could have been unaware of the trespassing laws in NC and it is led to an arrest. The right attorney might be able to get you into a diversion program where the charges are dropped. Other options are fighting the case at trial or taking a favorable plea deal that includes a bit of probation. 

Getting Help If You Need It

Getting help if you need it should be done whether it has to do with substance abuse or even anger problems. Mental health issues can also lead to arrest due to having a breakdown which has happened to international celebrities from time to time. A judge might look at this effort favorably as getting help takes time out of a busy schedule. You want to come out of this experience with an arrest as a better person and having learned a lesson. 

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management can be so important when trying to get through an arrest. The right PR moves and content published on sites with high traffic numbers can matter. You can actually drive down the search results that mention the arrest. The arrest can also be promoted when the charges were proven to be false. Promoting a not-guilty verdict is not the best idea as a good defense team can garner a verdict. Proof that the charges are false will stand up far better in the public eye than a jury’s verdict. 

An arrest in the public eye can be managed in a way as to save your reputation. The charges always seem to sound worse than they actually are. Allow these to come out before making an official statement if some of the details are a bit cloudy.

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