How Handwritten Cards Can Help Drive Client Retention In The Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry is extremely competitive due to the financial rewards of being successful. There are a number of niches in entertainment with even marketing agencies entering the space to represent influencers. Building rapport in an industry that might seem so fast-paced and full of empty promises presents a problem. Taking time out of the day to write a card for each client might not be in the cards for you. Not all people have presentable or even readable handwriting to handle this alone. An individual might not even know how to create a holiday card. Driving client retention can turn a business into a staple of the local or national entertainment scene. Below are things to consider about handwritten cards and client retention in the entertainment industry. 

Can You Really Write All The Cards By Hand?

A client is not going to know your handwriting as most communication is handled digitally in today’s world. The ability to note a few things about a client shows that they are valued. Sending a card with a small gift for a birthday or the anniversary of working together is a great example of showing a client they are valued. As mentioned above, the handwriting you have can be the issue as some people have far better handwriting than others. Enlisting the help of a quality company like Handwrytten can provide automated birthday cards. Ensure that you never miss an important client anniversary or birthday ever again!

Handwritten Cards For ALL Clients 

Clients want to feel valued whether it is their talent agency or PR team. The entertainment industry allows people to gain massive amounts of fame in a short time due to social media. TikTok influencers can go from a few thousand followers to millions with a number of brand partnership opportunities. Small things make a big difference to those that have struggled but then suddenly find quite a bit of success. 

Reaching Out To Previous Sale Prospects

Reviving leads from the past can be done with handwritten cards. Emails might have been marked as spam from a business if the sales team was a bit overzealous and pushy. Even cards to previous clients can be fruitful as they could lead to a client signing another contract with the business. Quality matters when it comes to sending personalized handwritten cards. A client will notice a poor-quality attempt that might not truly be handwritten but is rather just generated text from software. Sales prospects might be so impressed by reaching out again in this fashion that they give the business another chance. Clients might feel like it is easy to get lost with certain businesses that are present in the entertainment industry.


The traditional way of showing appreciation has been writing a card for decades. Thank you cards are still so important and so are client appreciation cards. The small things matter when it comes time for a client to sign another contract. A client that is happy with a business and truly feel like they are valued will have little to no issue signing an extension to a contract.

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