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  • Directed By: Angelo Pizzo
  • Written By: Angelo Pizzo
  • Release Date: November 13, 2015
  • Domestic Distributor: Aviron Pictures
  • Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Finn Wittrock, Rett Terrell

Box Office Info:
Budget: $27.6 million Financed by: Bud Brigham (Anthem Productions)
Domestic Box Office: $2,246,000 Overseas Box Office: $0

The gross budget for My All American was $28M and a Louisiana tax rebate of $399,772 brought the net budget in at $27.6 million.   It was financed by Texas oilman Bud Brigham through his newly formed Anthem Productions.  This is Brigham’s first foray into the movie business and it looks as if his investment will be all red ink, except for the $1 million US distributor Clarius Entertainment ponied up for the pic.

New distributor Clarius Entertainment botched their first three releases in 2014, the animated fiasco Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, the Michael Douglas geezer comedy And So It Goes and the Nicole Kidman dud Before I Go To Sleep.  Clarius was set to release their fourth film, the Jennifer Aniston vehicle, She’s Funny That Way, which they picked up for $4.5 million with a $24.5 million P&A commitment, but Clarius only came through with $900,000 and did not have the funds to release the picture — and was sued for fraud and damages.  Clarius was then rebranded as Aviron and received a massive infusion of capital from BlackRock — so they can continue to fail upwards.

My All American was originally scheduled for an October 9 release, which would have put the film in direct competition with Woodlawn, which was opening the following weekend — both were targeting religious audiences and are about football.  Clarius shifted the release for one month later, when Woodlawn was still playing in 808 theaters and Aviron inexplicably opened the pic the same day as The 33, which was also courting faith based audiences.

My All American landed dismal reviews and required smaller P&A muscles from Clarius than their previous releases, but the cost of a wide release was still hefty.  It was booked into 1,565 theaters where it bombed with $1,365,000 and a dreadful $872 per screen average.  Plenty of pics targeting the faith based demo have strong legs at the box office and a large multiplier, but My All American collapsed 73% the following weekend to $369,000 and was pulled out of all but 48 theaters going into its third frame of release.  The third weekend took in a mere $59,000 and the numbers were not reported after the weekend at $2,246,000.

American football themed movies have very little appeal overseas and are usually completely dependent on the domestic market for success.  My All American was renamed Courage by its international sales company Spotlight Pictures and went straight to video in a few markets that picked up the title.


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