Mr. 3000

Budget: $30 million Financed by: Disney (Touchstone); Dimension; Spyglass Entertainment
Domestic Gross: $21,811,187 Domestic Distributor: Disney (Buena Vista)
Overseas Gross: $28,190
Directed by: Charles Stone III
Bernie Mac
Angela Bassett
Produced by: Frank Marshall

mr. 3000 box officeBernie Mac’s first solo vehicle was the $30 million Mr. 3000, financed by Disney’s Touchstone, Disney owned Dimension (Miramax) and Spyglass Entertainment.  Disney distributed in the US through their Buena Vista label and originally scheduled the pic for May 14, but moved it to September 24 and then bumped it up to September 17. It opened against Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and another sports comedy Wimbledon.  Mr. 3000 was booked into 2,736 theaters and pulled in a soft $8,679,028 — placing #2 for the slow weekend led by Sky Captain.  The film saw an ok 41.3% second weekend decline to $5,094,867 before slipping 50.4% the third weekend to $2,526,420.  Mr. 3000 closed its US run with $21,811,187 which is troubling since the baseball theme would not carry well overseas.  Disney gave the film a token theatrical release in Spain for one week to $28,190 and sent Mr. 3000 straight to video in every country.  Disney would see back about $12 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover P&A expenses.

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