Peter Pan

Budget: $130.6 million Financed by: Revolution Studios; Sony; Universal
Domestic Gross: $48,462,608 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $73,512,403
Directed by: P.J. Hogan
Jason Isaacs
Produced by: Lucy Fisher

peter pan 2003 box officePeter Pan was another box office disaster from the now shuttered Revolution Studios, which had a string of big budget flops in 2003 like Gigli, Tears of the Sun, The Missing and Hollywood Homicide.  Revolution equally co-financed Peter Pan with Sony and Universal, which came in after Disney backed out of the project.  Universal also controlled worldwide merchandising rights.  Universal distributed in the US, the UK, Australia, South Africa, France and Sony distributed in most overseas markets.  The budget was originally listed as $100 million, but after Revolution’s library was up for sale, the actual cost was listed as $130.6 million.  Universal opened Peter Pan in the US on christmas and despite a decent reception from critics, it was lost in a crowded end of the year marketplace and also hurt from The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King which was in its second weekend of release.  It also saw direct competition from new opener Cheaper By The Dozen, which was courting family auds.  Cold Mountain and Paycheck also bowed.  Peter Pan came in with a disappointing $11,139,495 in 2,813 theaters — placing #7 over the holiday frame.  It saw a modest 20.8% second weekend drop to $8,818,755 over the New Year’s frame, but sank 52.6% in its third weekend to $4,182,415.  Peter Pan closed its North American run with a less than blockbuster $48,462,608.

Overseas, its numbers were soft in most markets and the overseas total stalled at $73,512,403.  The worldwide total was $121.9 million against its $130.9 million in production costs, plus a massive worldwide ad spend.  About $67 million would be returned after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover the P&A costs.  Peter Pan was absent from screens until the box office mega-flop Pan in 2015.

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