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  1. I’m from watching this movie again, and still think it’s one of the best movies. I don’t know why it’s a flop as it has a good story, best moral.
    Applause to all the actors and producers
    I’m from Zambia

  2. Very Very Nice Movie. Love the roll of Bruce Willis & other members.
    This movie show the real spirit of Soldiers who care for all. Very very feelingfull/emotional movie.

    Best wishes to all cast members for this movie from India.

  3. I think this is the best Bruce Willis film. I have watched it numerous times. I think I like it even more than the Die Hard movies. I certainly like it more than Bruce’s later films. I totally liked the character Bruce portrayed as a tough military officer with a soft spot. I thought it realistically portrayed incidents of genocide in countries that experience civil war or civil unrest. I am both sad and surprised that it was not a financial success.

  4. This was a well done movie the writing was tight and the cinematography created one of the better battle sequences I have viewed I think only Willis could have played this part as he can communicate so well with facial movements you feel the unsaid dialog. Zimmer did a masterful score. The casting was well done as the characters compliment each other . There is a sense of real team spirit . The blocking had great flow and led you through the story
    This film has Karma !,
    I am amazed that it did not do better at the box office.

    This is a film you can watch and watch and watch .


  5. This movie was powerful! I had to watch it twice. So realistic and shower and what happened over in Africa to those poor people. I found myself wanting to help as I was watching this movie!

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