Why Don’t We See More Yoga In Comic Books and Action Movies?

Yoga is something that has become very popular during the past few years. Many people perform yoga regularly because it provides them with a wide variety of benefits. Some of the most significant benefits of performing yoga include increased flexibility, better mobility, and a reduced chance of developing injuries. On the other hand, we do not see a lot of yoga in comic books or action movies. Perhaps if yoga were more visible, more people would try it, meaning they would enjoy all its benefits. What are some of the biggest reasons why we do not see more yoga in comic books or action movies?

1. It Is Relaxing, Which Doesn’t Fit Action Movies

One of the first reasons we do not see more yoga in comic books or action movies is that it doesn’t quite fit the flow of the story. If you go to an action movie, you expect it to be fast-paced. They will constantly be moving from one thing to the next, and you will get frustrated at the film slows down. After all, an action movie is supposed to keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Now, think about what happens in a yoga studio. There is probably some soft music playing in the background, the instructor is trying to explain how to pose, and you take an hour to stretch out and increase your flexibility. The relaxing pace of a yoga session does not fit with an action movie. If you want to see an action movie only to see the characters doing yoga, you might feel like it has interrupted the flow, which can be frustrating. 

2. Superheroes Can Often Do Everything Themselves, So They Don’t Need Yoga

A lot of comic books focus on superheroes with unbelievable powers. For example, Green Lantern can make just about anything using his Green Lantern ring. Superman is smarter and more powerful than just about anybody else, so he can solve problems without having to rely on anyone. Even Batman has a wide array of impressive equipment at his disposal.

Because comic book superheroes can already do just about anything, they don’t need to rely on yoga. Many superheroes can heal themselves in the blink of an eye, so they don’t need yoga to help them increase their flexibility. Furthermore, with many superheroes having the ability to fly, why do they need to rely on yoga? Their mobility is already just fine. The reality of that yoga doesn’t fit with what superheroes do, which is one of the biggest reasons why we do not see more yoga in comic books.

3. The Characters Don’t Have Time To Do Yoga

Finally, one of the biggest reasons you do not necessarily see more yoga in comic books or action movies is that there is no time. When reading a comic book, you expect it to move quickly from event to event. When you watch an action movie, the characters are always under tremendous stress. They must stick to a schedule and solve problems before time runs out.

Because there is a lot asked of characters in action movies and comic books, they do not have time to do yoga. Even though it might be nice for them to take an hour to do yoga, there is too much placed on their shoulders. They are often asked to save the world; if they do not do so by a specific time, people will die. This is a tremendous amount of stress, but it also means that they cannot afford to take a break to do some yoga, as entertaining as it might be to see The Hulk hold a Warrior I pose or do a Downward Facing Dog.

Will We See More Yoga in Action Movies and Comic Books in the Future?

These are just a few of the biggest reasons why we do not see more yoga in comic books or action movies. Yoga provides a wide variety of physical and mental benefits, so it is important for everyone to consider giving it a try. If we saw more yoga in comic books and action movies, more people would be willing to sign up for a trial class. If you want to try yoga, you may want to visit your local gym to see if they would be willing to let you try it for free before paying for the whole thing. 

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