All The Anxieties of Peter Parker (And What Makes His Problems Relatable)

Spider-Man is a franchise that has gotten rebooted over and over again. The most recent reboot, where Tom Holland plays Peter Parker, has become one of the most famous Spider-Man series. It certainly helps that it has become a part of the Marvel Universe, and Peter Parker is more relatable than ever. It is helpful to take a closer look at some of the times when Peter Parker gets anxious. Then, it is critical to figure out what makes these specific situations so relatable.

Meeting Tony Stark for the First Time

One of the first situations where we see Peter Parker’s anxiety is when he talks to Tony Stark for the first time. Robert Downey jr. plays Tony Stark, one of the most essential characters in the Marvel Universe. He is also known to be an impressive, narcissistic genius, but he is also one of Peter Parker’s idols.

When he meets Tony Stark for the first time, he has a difficult time stringing words together. It is obvious that he has a lot he wants to talk about, but he can’t figure out what to say first. We can all relate to this, as we have probably met someone famous before and froze up. Peter Parker does the same thing when he meets Tony Stark. 

Hiding His Identity From His Mother

Peter Parker also spends a lot of time hiding his identity from his mother. He has to sneak in and out of his window, figure out where to hide his superhero outfit, and make sure not to use his powers in front of his mom. Even after his mother discovers he is Spider-Man, Peter Parker still goes out of his way to hide his activities. He does not want his mother to worry about him, but he still has a job to do.

This is another issue that many people can relate to. Particularly when we are in high school, which is where Peter is at, we are striving for independence. Just as Peter wants more independence from his mother, every high schooler wants more freedom from their parents. We do not want our parents looking over our shoulders all the time, and even though we might not necessarily have a superpower to hide, we see Peter trying to do the same thing. 

Talking To The College Admissions Officer

In one of the movies, Peter and his friend are incredibly anxious about getting into college. They all want to go to the same school, and they are nervous about whether they will get in. Most high schoolers can relate to the stress of college admissions. His friends are constantly making plans about what they will do together, but they don’t even know if they will get into school.

Of course, it all comes crashing down when Peter Parker opens his letter, only to see that he was rejected. Then, he has to go hunt down a college admissions officer and talk to her to convince her to give his friends another chance. The anxiety of meeting with a college admissions officer is on full display, even if none of us are going to fight off evil robots and monsters while trying to discuss with a college admissions officer. 

What Makes His Character So Relatable?

In the movies, it is relatively easy for everyone to relate to Peter Parker. particularly the Tom Holland version of Peter Parker. Even though he is a superhero with amazing powers, the movie also greatly humanizes him. He has a lot of problems that are normal for high schoolers, and his anxiety is on full display throughout the movies. The vulnerability makes him so relatable, and that is one of the biggest reasons why the most recent Spider-Man franchise has done so well. 

Anxiety Is a Key Issue That Warrants More Discussion

These are just a few of the biggest examples of situations where Peter Parker gets anxious. There are lots of people who suffer from mental health issues. Putting mental health issues on the big screen can make people feel more comfortable in their skin. Too often, people who develop mental health issues feel like they must go through this situation independently. They may feel like other people could not possibly understand them. By creating famous characters, particularly superheroes, who also suffer from mental health issues, we make it easier for people to open up and discuss their problems. Then, they can get the help they need. 

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