What’s Stopping You from Moving?

The idea of moving is often something that fits into people’s ambitions for the future. Whether this is a genuine, practical move that they plan to make soon, or something more theoretical – part of a greater lifestyle shift that would take them completely somewhere new – can vary. 

However, if you find that it’s been a part of your aspirations for a while, it’s worth asking what’s holding you back. If you can get a better sense of what’s keeping you somewhere you don’t feel as happy as you could, you can explore options for how you can still move and address those potential issues.

Friends and Family

One of the more difficult emotional reasons behind not wanting to move could be that you’re currently living close to friends or family members. If you see these people often, it could be a cornerstone of how you currently live your life, and moving away from them can make seeing them more difficult. More difficult, but not impossible. It might be that you see people less regularly, but the nature of these meetings might also change – you might plan large-scale trips or holidays to make the most of the distance traveled to see each other, or you might plan creative ways to spend time together such as playing online games with them.

It’s a Chore

There’s also the fact that moving is just inherently a burden. Moving on a whim might seem like more effort than it’s worth, and while that might sometimes help you to be realistic about a given situation, it can also deter you from taking a life step that might make you happier.

What’s the way to go about addressing this? Well, part of it might be simply accepting that more work in the short term might allow you to be happier in the future, but it’s also beneficial to research the options that you have for the move itself. For example, companies like Shiply can offer a free moving quote, offering you a way to reduce the stress of the process itself. If you make yourself aware of these options ahead of time, they can help you to think about your move in a more constructive way.

Work/Financial Stability

Much of the time, people who want to move might not even think of it as a choice that they actively have – they might view it more as a fantasy that’s made unrealistic by the fact that they need to keep their job. This can be made more difficult if you find that you also enjoy your job, but it’s worth understanding that moving is always going to be a compromise. It’s incredibly unlikely that you’ll ever find a move comes with nothing but improvements, and if you don’t like your job, this is your chance to research something new and plan ahead – getting more out of your career. This could even be a chance to make a shift that you’ve been planning, and if you’re happier throughout your daily life, that could add up to a significant improvement.

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