5 Signs It’s Time To Hire A Disability Lawyer

5 Signs It's Time To Hire A Disability Lawyer

Data from the U.S. Census Bureau from 2021 shows that there are about 42.5 million Americans with disabilities, which is 13% of the civilian non-institutionalized population. Some would find it challenging to file for disability insurance because submitting a well-documented and complete application goes a long way in disability claims, especially with the high denial rate of 65% for the initial SSI applications.

To improve the completeness and accuracy of your application and increase the likelihood of a favorable result, consider getting yourself legal guidance. This support is particularly necessary if you rely on these benefits for your daily needs and financial security. 

The SSA has strict eligibility requirements for SSI, SSDI, and other benefits programs. According to Sacramento disability lawyer Elizabeth L. Gade, many of the denial letters the SSA sends out are caused by misunderstanding of eligibility requirements, lack of evidence, or improper presentation of the claim.

Your disability lawyer can assist you in bolstering your initial claim and preventing unjust claim denials. Find out whether you need to hire a disability lawyer for your claim by reading these telltale indicators.

Multiple Benefit Denials

If you have been repeatedly denied benefits, it may be time to consider hiring a disability lawyer. When you receive denial letters, you must understand your options. Each denial may come with specific reasons cited by the insurer or government agency. A disability lawyer can review these reasons, assess your case, and determine the best course of action to appeal the denials effectively, says disability lawyer Bobby L. Bollinger Jr.

A disability lawyer also brings their expertise in disability law and regulations. They know how to gather compelling evidence, obtain medical records, and build a strong case in your favor. With their guidance, you can present a solid case during appeals or administrative hearings.

Overwhelmed by Paperwork

Feeling overwhelmed by paperwork when dealing with disability benefits is a common sign that it’s time to seek assistance from a disability lawyer. The sheer volume of forms, medical records, and other documentation required for disability claims can be daunting. You might find yourself struggling to understand the complex legal language or unsure about which documents you’ll need to support your case. The application procedure may be delayed or denied as a result of this misunderstanding.

A disability lawyer can assist you through complex paperwork, which will lessen your stress. They’re experienced in handling the documentation required for disability claims and have the know-how to persuasively present your case. You can make sure that all of your documentation is completed accurately and submitted on time by entrusting it to a disability lawyer.

A disability lawyer can also communicate with the Social Security Administration or other relevant entities on your behalf, freeing you from the stress of constant correspondence and follow-ups. This support can make a big impact on your disability benefits application process, giving you peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled skillfully.

Medical Evidence Challenges

When applying for disability benefits, having strong medical evidence helps in proving the extent of your condition and its impact on your capacity to work, but gathering this evidence can be difficult and time-consuming.

An issue that many people deal with is having incomplete medical records. Your medical history is an important element of your disability claim, but missing or incomplete records can weaken your case. So, make sure your application contains all relevant medical records, test results, and doctor’s notes.

Sometimes it’s also difficult to interpret medical jargon and connect the dots between different medical reports. A disability lawyer can help you with this, analyze your medical evidence, identify any gaps, and, if needed, gather additional documentation for you. They have the expertise to understand complex medical information and present it in a way that strengthens your claim.

Appealing a Denial Alone

It’s normal to feel discouraged and uncertain of what to do next after your disability claim is denied. Especially with the complicated procedures involved in appealing a denial, which makes it difficult to complete without help,. It takes meticulous attention to detail and a full grasp of legal procedure to succeed in the appeals process, from obtaining more evidence to fulfilling stringent deadlines.

Making mistakes when handling the appeals process on your own could hurt your case. Without the guidance of a disability lawyer, you may struggle to present a compelling argument that addresses the specific reasons for the denial. 

An experienced lawyer in disability claims can help you create a strong appeal, making sure that all necessary documentation is included and that your case is presented effectively. By seeking legal assistance, you increase your chances of a successful appeal and getting the benefits you deserve.

It can be difficult to deal with the bureaucracy of disability law, particularly when dealing with intricate documentation, tight deadlines, and legal jargon. A disability lawyer can help you make sense of these procedures and make sure that all necessary documentation is properly completed and filed on time.

Disability claims often involve multiple levels of appeals and hearings, each with its own set of procedures and requirements. A lawyer experienced in disability law can guide you through these stages, preparing you for what to expect and representing your interests effectively. Without proper legal guidance, you may risk making critical errors that could jeopardize your chances of a successful claim. 


It could be time to contact a disability lawyer if you’re dealing with frequent denials of benefits, feeling overburdened by paperwork, having trouble with medical evidence, trying to appeal a refusal on your own, or finding it difficult to deal with complicated legal procedures.

Seek the advice and assistance of an experienced professional who can guide you through the legal difficulties and fight for the benefits you are entitled to, rather than attempting to handle the procedure alone.

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