Top 7 Popular and Powerful Characters in Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, there is a vast array of characters with different ratings, skills, elements, and features. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the most effective heroes that synergize well within a team. 

In addition to choosing the most suitable character, you also need to develop it correctly. It is important to know all the stages of character development so that you do not have to start the game again later. Proper leveling also helps you improve your performance faster, get cool prizes, and compete with the best players. Therefore, many fans of the game order genshin impact boost so that professional gamers will help them with increasing performance.

In this article, we will explore the top 7 most popular and powerful characters in the game, Genshin Impact.

Kaedehara Kazuha

This is an S+ rank character. This is an extremely useful and effective hero. He excels as both a support and a main damage dealer.


  • Provides a good Elemental Mastery buff to the entire team. 
  • This character has passive skills that allow him to be used as elemental damage support. 
  • This character acts like a battery for energy recovery. 


  • Requires reaction time to use dispel. 
  • The elemental explosion pulls enemies together less effectively.

This character excels in group settings as it boosts elemental damage for all team members. You can acquire this character by participating in the “Leaves in the Wind” event and offering your prayers.


This is an S-rank character. Xiao is a spearman and stands out from other damage dealers with unique gameplay.


  • Elemental Explosion allows you to jump in the air and strike while falling. 
  • Can dash in the air. 
  • High attack speed. 
  • Deals good damage even without constellations. 
  • The third passive ability helps in the exploration of the world.


When unleashing an elemental explosion, he experiences a loss of health. The primary downside of this hero is the reduction in HP during the activation of the elemental burst, although it ceases when switching to other characters. You can obtain this character by participating in the “Invitation to Mundane Life” event and offering your prayers.


This is an S+ rank character. Zhongli does an excellent job as a support but also shows himself as a damage dealer.


  • Large range and ability damage. 
  • An elemental explosion petrifies enemies. 
  • Elemental skill drains a geo element from enemies. 
  • A durable shield with a short cooldown that allows you to keep it on the character almost without interruption.


  • Low normal attack damage.
  • Long energy recovery.

A durable shield is activated by holding an elemental skill for a long time. You can get a character for the prayer of the “Mountains and Markets” event.


This is an S-rank character. Tartaglia is great for groups based on the elemental reactions of steam, freeze, and charge.


  • High area damage. 
  • Can switch between melee and ranged combat. 
  • Close-range strikes inflict hydro damage and consistently apply the associated status effect. 
  • Additionally, the elemental burst adapts based on the chosen combat stance.


  • Elemental skill takes a long time to recharge if not properly managed. 
  • No falling attack while in melee stance. 
  • It is necessary to pump the full level of the constellation in order for the hero to be as effective as possible.

Tartaglia can switch between melee and ranged combat by himself. You can get a character for praying the “Farewell of Snezhnaya” event.

Arataki Itto

Itto is classified as an S+ rank character due to his exceptional performance. He excels in dealing significant damage through regular and charged attacks.


  • Possesses a high base critical chance.
  • Ultimate ability amplifies all outgoing damage.
  • Elemental skill taunts enemies, drawing their attention.


  • The high cost of the explosion of the elements. 
  • Not very effective against elemental shields. 

Itto is a hero with powerful charged geo-attacks. You can get a character for praying at the “Oni’s Royale” event.

Hu Tao

This is an S+ rank character. With an appropriate build, she is considered one of the best damage dealers in the game.


  • High normal and critical damage. 
  • High levels of health and protection. 
  • Grants a bonus to Critical Chance.


  • Not very convenient combinations of attacks. 
  • Decreased health when using an elemental skill.

Hu Tao has explosive but short-duration damage. You can get a character for praying at the “Moment of Bloom” event.

Raiden Shogun

This is an S+ rank character. A distinctive feature of Baal is high-speed energy recovery, combined with an increase in damage to the entire team.


  • Increased energy regeneration and increased damage from elemental explosions for the entire group. 
  • Dynamic gameplay. 
  • Provides synergy and fast rotation of all characters in the group. 
  • Support character and main damage dealer.


  • Not a very high increase in skill damage from the level of pumping. 
  • Requires a lot of resources for pumping and maximum efficiency.

Raiden is a great support hero that buffs the ult of the entire squad. You can get a character by praying at the “Reign of Serenity” event.

When choosing a team to explore the world and go through dungeons, you should not stop choosing only the proposed characters – you can try different heroes, discuss them on the official forum and choose the most suitable. There are many more interesting, strong, and unique heroes available in the game who can become a support, damage dealer, or healer.

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