The Top Ranked Fitness Trends in the Country

Good fitness is critical to maintaining strong overall health. Engaging in healthy fitness habits improves physical and mental well-being and increases energy. Whether your routine is outdated or you are looking to start from scratch, consider any one of the following top fitness techniques trending in the country.


Infrared Workouts


Infrared workouts allow you to tap into fitness routines and practice exercises in infrared heat. This can occur in infrared saunas or on specially-made workout machines like infrared treadmills. This form of heat increases the body’s core temperature, causing it to work from the inside out as you engage in your exercise of choice. Hotworx is the most well-known location that accommodates individuals interested in infrared workouts. You can also purchase infrared workout equipment independently to invest in regularly incorporating this technique into your routine.




Fitness buffs have begun to utilize “biohacking” in their exercise routines. This allows you to create a custom-fit exercise routine, incorporating specific nutrition and lifestyle habits, that naturally lean into your body’s underlying genetics. Some wearable technology possesses the capability to track our baseline biological measures in combination with biological measures during and before exercise to gauge what forms of exercise work best at what level and repetition. You may consider investing in biohacking wearable technology, such as the Oura Ring, if you plan to incorporate it into your workout routine.


Functional Fitness


Functional fitness improves strength, balance, and flexibility by mimicking the movements we use in day-to-day life. Something as simple as bending over to pick up groceries or mopping the floor, for instance, are two activities that wear down our bodies over time. Traditional fitness exercises or exercises you can perform only with gym equipment may isolate specific muscles, but a functional fitness exercise capitalizes on your body’s natural movements which require multiple muscle groups moving in tandem. Whereas few locations offer infrared workouts, many locations, such as Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness, offer functional fitness training.


Mind-Body Workouts


Because physical exercise is so intertwined with our mental health, the fitness collective continues to grow in the direction of incorporating mindfulness techniques into workouts. Mind-body workouts, such as yoga, utilize breathing, reflection, and mental focus to capitalize on the full benefits of physical activity. You may choose to do this self-guided at home or led by someone at a nearby studio or gym if you prefer group settings.


Outdoor Adventure Fitness


Outdoor adventure fitness is an equally holistic approach to fitness. This form of exercise occurs in an outdoor setting, satisfying your need for sunlight, fresh air, and desire for adventure. The benefits of running on uneven ground provide more opportunities to work on stabilization and other in-built body mechanics that traditional, in-door fitness routines might neglect. This trend caters strongly to those with “all-natural,” audacious mindsets.


These cutting-edge, trending techniques will kick off your new or adapted workout routine strong in 2024-2025. Whatever caters most to your preferences, move forward with renewed confidence in your ability to live a healthier lifestyle looking and feeling your best.

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