Reading Comprehension and Ways to Improve It

Comprehensiveness is an essential element of reading. When reading, you must try to grasp and understand the meaning to gain a better understanding of what you’re reading. Through learning and applying reading strategies and altering the way you read, you’ll be able to enhance your comprehension of reading as well as make reading simpler and more entertaining.

In the article, we’ll examine what reading comprehension is and the most effective methods you can employ to enhance your reading abilities. More similar articles you can find on StudyCrumb.

What does reading comprehension mean?

Reading comprehension refers to the ability to understand the content you read. It’s an active and deliberate aspect of reading that occurs prior to, during, and after you have read something. When you are able to understand the text, you are reading and interpreting some meaning out of the words and understand what the writer is trying to communicate.

There are two parts of comprehension in reading: comprehension of text and vocabulary. Vocabulary knowledge is the capacity to comprehend the language used, while comprehension of text is the use of this language to build an understanding of the meaning of the text.

Why are reading comprehension skills crucial?

Reading comprehension is essential for a variety of reasons and can offer many advantages. The ability to read effectively can enhance your professional and personal lives and improve the enjoyment you get from reading. Being able to comprehend the text will help increase your knowledge of specific areas and can help you acquire new abilities and learn more quickly.

Other benefits of having good reading comprehension skills are:

  • The ability to comprehend and analyze documents and written communications 
  • Enhance your ability to write clearly and effectively.
  • The ability to understand and participate in current events written in a form like newspapers
  • Ability to concentrate on reading for a longer period of time
  • Increased enjoyment as well as motivation for reading

Six ways to increase your reading comprehension abilities

There are many strategies for reading that you can implement now to enhance your comprehension of reading. The more you do your reading skills, the better you are able to comprehend the content you’re reading. Six simple methods you can employ to improve your comprehension abilities:

1. Improve your vocabulary

Understanding the words, you’re reading will help you to understand the meaning behind the text. To increase your vocabulary, you could:

  • Complete an online quiz on vocabulary to gauge your current knowledge of vocabulary.
  • Make use of flashcards to test yourself on terms you don’t know at least once or twice per week.
  • Be sure to incorporate new words when communicating in both written and verbal communication.
  • Do as much reading as you can in order to enhance your ability to figure out what the meaning of a word is in the context of a particular situation.
  • Create a list of the unfamiliar words that you have read, and then look them up in the dictionary.


2. Bring up questions regarding the book you are reading.

A few questions regarding the content you’re reading could aid in improving your comprehension as it allows readers to get involved with the content. It also helps to broaden your knowledge of the text by allowing you to discover themes, intentions, and other elements of the text that you would not normally ask questions about. These are examples of questions you can ask yourself while reading:

  • What is the reason why the author began the book in that place?
  • What kind of relationships do these characters have?
  • What is known about the character’s background at this stage in the story?
  • Are there any topics that are frequently mentioned throughout the novel? If yes, What do they mean?

The more specific your question, the more likely it is that you’ll gain more knowledge of the meaning of the text.

3. Utilize context to help you understand

Context clues are an effective method of understanding the content you’re reading, even if you don’t understand the entire vocabulary employed. Context clues are usually found in the sentences and words around the word you don’t have a good understanding of. For context clues, you need to focus on the most important phrases or concepts in an article and then deduce the primary concept of the paragraph or sentence based on the information you have. It is also possible to look up close words that are synonyms or even antonyms to the word you’re not familiar with.

4. Seek out the principal idea

The main message of the paragraph or article will assist you in determining the significance of the text. Knowing why what you’re reading is significant will help you gain an understanding of the message that the writer is trying to communicate. If you’re reading, take a break from each paragraph and look for the primary idea. Try to explain the idea in your own words to gain a better understanding.

5. Note down the information you have read.

One of the best ways to improve the depth of knowledge you’ve read is to write a summation. It is necessary to consider what’s essential in the text and then write it down in the form of your own language. It lets you determine whether you are able to comprehend the content you read and also helps you recall what you read over the long run.

6. Divide the reading into smaller portions

If you’re reading lengthy or more difficult text, you might want to break it into smaller parts. For instance, you could go through two paragraphs at a stretch, then take a moment to summarize what you read in your head. The ability to break down what you are reading will help people feel more relaxed and give them the best chance of fully understanding the content.


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