Easy TikTok Transitions 2023: Trends

Properly constructed transitions that are beautifully done can be the key to a successful video and edit TikTok video. The most important thing is to be able to work within the allotted time frame and special effects.

Among all the techniques, transitions have an important place. On the Internet, you can see many different things. But there is a list of those that arouse the greatest interest in the audience. With the optional TikTok editing app, your video is more likely to become popular. Don’t hesitate and try the VJump video editor hereĀ

Trend Effects 2023


Jack is one of the most common. To make a video with this technique you need to place the phone in front of you at arm’s length. Set a short time on the timer. Start lowering the phone and when the specified time expires, flip the camera. Specify the next timing and return the camera to its initial state. When you mount the video, you will get an interesting flipping effect.

Flip over the head

Put the camera behind your head, before that, specify the time period on the timer. Such that the time is up when the phone reaches the top of the head. Pull the camera back as far as you can. Flip your phone 180 degrees. We direct the phone to the back of the head. Stop the video again near the crown. Enable and pause the camera when the phone reaches your face. Pause and cover the camera with your hand. Return the phone to its original position, remove your hand, and start shooting further.

Hand through phone

This kind of TikTok video editor creates a feeling as if a person is moving through space. First, you need to specify a time interval of several seconds. Turn on the camera and point your hand at it. Pause the roller and now move your hand in the opposite direction. Close the camera and start shooting.

Hood or cap

Turn on the camera and tilt your head towards it while wearing a cap. Stop the video and remove the cap leaving the top in the frame. Record on pause putting on the cap back in a different state. You can take a completely different cap. Start recording and move away from the camera. As a result, it will look as if the headdress has turned over or changed itself.

The camera that flies nearby

It is considered one of the most difficult transitions. For him, you need to take the phone, put it behind your head and pause the video. At this point, you need to make the desired change in the frame (change the image or environment). Grab the phone behind your head in your other hand. Start filming and bring the camera forward. It will seem to the viewer that Tik Toker seems to have taken off.

Transitions can be very diverse. The best TikTok editing app that will perfectly transform your video and make it better. Among the popular ones are also tricks with words in the frame. For example, attention is often received by a video in which a person changes clothes and it is not difficult to do this.

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