6 Ways To Celebrate Armed Forces Members on National Airborne Day

National Airborne Day – ever heard of it? Well, folks, strap in because we’re going on a little history trip. Every year on August 16th, we honor the U.S. Airborne Forces, those daredevils who decided running into the fray wasn’t enough–they had to drop from the sky, too. Talk about making an entrance!


This celebration commemorates the first official Army parachute jump, which took place way back in 1940. These brave men and women have been serving our country gallantly ever since. It’s a day dedicated to the airborne divisions of our Armed Forces, where we cheer for their courage and commitment.


Thankfully, you don’t have to jump out of an airplane to be part of the celebration. Let’s dig into how we can honor these skydiving heroes right from the ground!

The Significance of Thin Ribbons

In military culture, thin ribbons are a big deal. They’re colorful, they’re neat, and they’re packed full of meaning. Each one represents a specific achievement, honor, or recognition in a service member’s career. 


How do these thin ribbons come into play on National Airborne Day? Wearing these ribbons, especially the ones specifically associated with airborne service, is a way for us civilians to show our respect and admiration. They’re symbols of our airborne heroes’ bravery, skill, and dedication. It’s like saying “Thank you” without saying a word.

1. Attend Air Shows and Paratrooper Demonstrations

Who doesn’t love a good air show? The roar of the engines, death-defying stunts, and parachutes blossoming in the sky are enough to make anyone’s heart race. Air shows are not only thrilling to watch, but they’re also a direct insight into the skill and courage of our airborne forces. 


Look out for special paratrooper demonstrations this National Airborne Day. They’re the best tribute to the original 1940 jump that started it all!


2. Wear Thin Ribbons

Remember those thin ribbons we talked about? Here’s where they take center stage. Wearing them is a great way to show support. But remember, each ribbon is more than just an accessory; it’s a mark of respect. 


So, wear them correctly. Plenty of online resources can guide you on proper placement if you’re unsure. Just remember, it’s not about looking flashy; it’s about paying tribute to our service members.

3. Organize a Community Salute

What better way to share your love for our Armed Forces members than to gather your friends, neighbors, and community members together? 


Organize a small tribute ceremony, hold a moment of silence, or try a communal singalong of the national anthem. Nothing says unity and respect more than a community honoring our heroes.

4. Educate Others

Knowledge is power, my friends, and sharing knowledge is even more powerful. This National Airborne Day, take it upon yourself to spread the word about the history and significance of this day. Dive into the world of thin ribbons–how they’re earned, what they represent, and why they’re so crucial to military culture. 


Make a presentation for your local school or just sit down with your kids and tell them about it. Let’s keep the stories of bravery and dedication alive for future generations.

5. Write Thank You Letters to Active and Veteran Paratroopers

Who doesn’t love receiving a heartfelt letter? For our Armed Forces members, these letters can mean the world. This National Airborne Day, let’s pick up our pens and write a few lines of gratitude. Share your admiration, say thank you, or simply acknowledge their bravery. 


These letters could reach active-duty paratroopers or those veterans who once served in the airborne forces. It’s a small gesture, but the impact it can have is immeasurable. 

6. Participate in Fundraisers for Veterans

Alright, let’s talk about the power of giving. There are plenty of fundraising events organized around National Airborne Day. These events help raise money for causes that directly benefit veterans and their families. 


You can run a marathon, host a bake sale, or organize a fun community event. Every cent collected goes a long way in helping those who’ve devoted a significant portion of their lives to serving our country. It’s a way of saying, “We’ve got your back, just as you’ve had ours.”

Every Day Is a Day To Salute

National Airborne Day. It’s more than just another date on the calendar; it’s an opportunity for us to extend our gratitude, remember the brave, and educate ourselves and others about the rich history and significance of airborne forces. 


Remember, the thin ribbons we wear and display are not just colorful pieces of fabric — they symbolize dedication, bravery, and service.


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