Bad Santa 2

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  • Directed By: Mark Waters
  • Written By: Johnny Rosenthal, Shauna Cross
  • Release Date: November 23, 2016
  • Domestic Distributor: Broad Green Pictures
  • Cast: Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox

Box Office Info:
Budget: $26 million Financed by: Broad Green Pictures; Miramax; Ingenious Media
Domestic Gross: $17,782,178 Overseas Gross: $5,447,195

The budget for Bad Santa 2 was $26 million and it was co-financed by new startup distributor Broad Green Pictures, Miramax and Ingenious Media.  Sierra/Affinity handled foreign pre-sales sales, which began at the American Film Market in late 2015.  Broad Green took on domestic distribution and dated the picture for November 23.  After Broad Green botched the release of The Infiltrator in July, CEO Gabriel Hammond laid off 6% of his 90 staffers and the president of distribution Travis Reid resigned and was replaced by Richard Fay.  The new distributor, which had been struggling, would focus on more commercial fare — beginning with this stale property that had a 13 year gap from its predecessor.

Bad Santa 2 opened over the crowded Thanksgiving frame against Moana, Allied and Rules Don’t Apply and was tracking for a decent $15 – $20 million.  Reviews were awful and the behind the scenes talent of the first installment had no involvement in this belated cash grab.  Missing were original producers Joel & Ethan Coen and replaced by Entourage creator Doug Ellin; misanthrope specialist Terry Zwigoff was replaced by director Mark Waters; and original scribes Glenn Ficarra & John Requa have moved onto their own writing/directing careers.

Bad Santa 2 was dead on arrival with $6,176,680 — placing #7 for the holiday weekend led by Moana.  The film declined 46.8% in its second frame to $3,286,338 and sank 62.4% to $1,236,113 in its third session.  Bad Santa 2 closed its domestic run with just $17,782,178.  Broad Green does not command the usual 55% of the ticket price the majors see back after theaters take their percentage of the gross, so they would likely see $8 million or less — leaving much of the P&A expenses in the red.

Bad Santa 2 has a recorded overseas gross of just $5.4 million — poor numbers, even by the modest standards of the first installment’s $16.4 million offshore cume.

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