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  1. It’s a solid movie and I look forward to the sequel. You’ve gotta know what your getting into, it’s no titanic or saving private ryan, just a solid action movie.

  2. I really liked this film and would like to see its world explored more. Unfortunately I never even heard of it until several years after its release. Perhaps it poor box office performance was more down to crappy marketing…?

  3. Loved this film. Again to reiterate others, this is a go to film watched time and again. Why do the big companies claim there are no good stories for films. But they keep rebooting old films. Everyone I’ve talked to and people coming out of the cinema when I went to see this, all were saying they couldn’t wait for the sequel .
    It’s 2019 and still would go to see this or no 2.
    And hey, it’s not the “Vin Diesel” thing either.

    • I loved and enjoyed watching “The last witch hunter”. It was such an amazing movie, I can’t wait for part 2.

      even now, I just watched it with my family.

      Please make a sequel

  4. I liked this movie and judging by the comencom I’m not the only one. They should do a sequel without Vin Diesel, outside of the Fast and Furious movies that guy is box office poison.

  5. They should definitely make a sequel. My husband and myself have watched and enjoyed the first one several times. We and most of our friends wait for the dvd’s to come out to see most movies, (we all feel going out to the movies are a waste of money when we will be able to own it for less than the cost of two tickets within two months)and we dont know anyone who’s seen this movie who didnt enjoy it.

  6. Family, friends, and myself have all watched the movie. We loved it, they are baking off from theater sales when many people just wait til it comes to DVD.

    US citizens are well known for doing this, so you can’t just count on those figures alone.

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