Upside Down

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  • Directed By: Juan Solanas
  • Written By: Juan Solanas
  • Release Date: March 15, 2013
  • Domestic Distributor: Millennium
  • Cast: Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst, Timothy Spall

Box Office Info:
Budget: $50 million Financed by: Studio 37; onyx; Transfilm
Domestic Gross: $105,095 Overseas Gross: $26,284,921

upside down movie
The budget for Upside Down was a reported $50+ million and this French backed English language romantic sci-fi mash up was designed as a major commercial export back in 2009.  Financing came from Studio 37, onyx and Transfilm.  Kinologic Films handled pre-sales which kicked off at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.  Filming was completed in mid-2010 with a 2011 worldwide rollout planned, but then things went quiet for Upside Down.  After two years without a peep, Upside Down opened in Russia in August 2012 and pulled in an ok $5 million.  Then in late 2012 Upside Down was hastily converted to 3D.

The 3D version did see a release in Italy, which took in a soft $2.5 million.  The film was mostly a dud worldwide, bringing in $26,284,921 across most territories with $11 million of that from a China release, where only 25% of the ticket price would be returned.  The French backed film bombed in France with $2,046,371 with Warner Bros distributing (and only in 2D).

Millennium eventually picked up the rights for a domestic release, three years after being completed — probably for an inexpensive amount after the film was already released to poor international numbers.  A planned 2D and 3D release by Millennium was canceled when they dumped the film in just 11 theaters to a dismal $28,722 opening weekend.  It expanded to 39 theaters the following weekend and pulled in $26,145 for a terrible $670 per screen average.  Upside Down closed its fleeting US run with $105,095.  A 3D version of the picture was released on Blu-Ray.

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