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  1. I really loved the movie I was hoping they would’ve made a sequel. I found it funny and a very good story plot. I was very surprised to find out online that it flopped. I will never understand Hollywood and their pickiness.

  2. Loved the movie! It’s western/modern era theme was excellent!
    No I’m not making fun of it!
    With all the Bull crap that Hollywood released as movies, you have a movie picture that is
    Every movie doesn’t have to be an academy award movie!

  3. This is a damn shame me and My fiance look it up to see if a second one was going to be in the making . We loved it and I’ve seen him watch it atleast four times in the past two years on a rainy day or snow day definitely know alot of friends our way that are going to be shocked that they consider this one of this biggest flops top ten
    Everyone I know LOVES this movie

  4. RIPD was ruined for me by Jeff Bridges hogging, well pretty much everything.
    “Talking” with marbles and thick custard in his mouth, he had far too many lines and the comedy elements that Ryan Reynolds had to offer locked in the dressing room.
    I’m not sure when anyone ever thought Bridges was funny.
    Dull and disappointing.
    I had to watch Dead Pool 2 to restore my faith in off beat comedy….

  5. This beats the 1st Ghostbusters and MIB, more action, more verbal banter, too bad it flopped. We watch this and Dead Heat, Ghostbuster(s), MIB(s) about every 2 years.

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