Budget: $30 million Financed by: Sony; Medienboard
Domestic Gross: $4,463,292 Domestic Distributor: Sony
Overseas Gross: $11,352,217
Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Rhys Ifans
Produced by: Larry J. Franco

anonymous box officeSony backed this $30 million Roland Emmerich pet project and received some financial assistance from German grants.  Anonymous received the largest grant in 2010 from Medienboard with $1.25 million.  Two weeks before Anonymous’ US release, the film was tracking poorly and was heading for a sub $5 million opening and Sony cut the marketing down and changed the the wide release to a platform release.  They opened the film in 265 theaters to $1,021,768 with a not very promising $3,856 per screen average and expanded it to 513 theaters the following weekend where it showed practically no growth with $1,233,006.  Anonymous never expanded beyond the 513 theaters and closed with just $4,463,292 at the US box office, which wouldn’t even come close to covering the partially aborted ad spend or any of the budget.  Sony released the film overseas to a poor $11,352,217 and a weak $2.2 million from Emmerich’s home country and partial investor, Germany.

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