The Red Baron

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  • Directed By: Nikolai Müllerschön
  • Written By: Nikolai Müllerschön
  • Release Date: March 19, 2010
  • Domestic Distributor: Monterey Media
  • Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Lena Headey, Matthias Schweighöfer

Box Office Info:
Budget: $28 million Financed by: Niama-Film
Domestic Gross: $37,189 Overseas Gross: $2,783,332

the red baron 2010
Marking one of the biggest budgets for a German film, Niama-Film financed The Red Baron through six wealthy private individuals covering the $28 million budget and the pic was filmed in English to appeal to the global market.  The production of The Red Baron raised eyebrows in Germany, as well as anyone else globally who was familiar with the legend surrounding the Red Baron from World War I — and this picture marked the first time since the Nazi era that a major German movie has one of its military figures as a big screen hero.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Red Baron, perhaps you have seen the Peanuts short Snoopy vs. the Red Baron?  You’ll probably get more historical accuracy through the Peanuts short than this movie.

Warner Bros picked up German distribution rights and launched a big campaign for the picture.  It was very poorly received and tanked with just $2 million total.  The film could not garner interest in its home country and global appeal was nonexistent and it went straight to video in the few countries it found a release and pulled in just $37,189 in the US.

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