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  1. This movie has a great story and I love the bond between tamina and dastan. This movie reminds me of the days when I use to play prince of Persia in my childhood although movie like this definately should have sequels but I’m disappointed it shouldn’t have one.

  2. This was an excellent family movie. When I watch movies with my kids, I always look for the “lessons learned.” Lessons such as decision making when you have conflicting advice, placing value on something that is valuable to someone else but not necessarily to you, or what you do with knowledge etc. it was all in this movie.

  3. We enjoyed the Prince of Persia/Sands of Time every time we watched it. Do not understand it’s lack of being top grosser for longer than it was. We’re in our late 79’s & 84 so we’ve seen more movies than you can count. Loved it! Keep playing it………..

  4. A very heart warming movie…. Authentic story great chemistry bet tamina and dastan.. Nothing to be uttered bad about this movie.

  5. It was a very good film. I watched it many times. I was hoping for a sequel. It would have done well with normal advertising.

  6. Personally, I thought the film was very good, and pretty faithful to the game in all the ways they could replicate. Helps they didn’t adapt The Warrior Within.

    • Agreed. I actually liked it a lot too and I’ve seen it more times than I care to admit, although I wish they could’ve cast someone else as the princess and that they could’ve shown more of the traps (like the spikes in the floors, that kind of thing), but I really wish things worked out better for the film.

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