Everybody's Fine

Budget: $21 million Financed by: Miramax; Radar Pictures
Domestic Gross: $9,208,876 Domestic Distributor: Miramax
Overseas Gross: $7,234,733
Directed by: Kirk Jones
Robert DeNiro
Drew Barrymore
Produced by: Vittorio Cecchi Gori

Everybody's Fine box officeCo-financed by Miramax and Radar Pictures for $21 million, Everybody’s Fine would be the final film released by Miramax before Disney shut it down.  Miramax went out with a whimper, when they opened the film in the US in 2,133 theaters to a terrible $3,852,068 opening weekend — placing #10 for the weekend led by The Blind Side in its third weekend.  Everybody’s Fine declined 43% in its second frame to $2,194,210 before being yanked out of every theater after only three weeks with $9,208,876.  Disney released the film overseas to poor numbers everywhere and it grossed just $7.2 million and the mouse house sent the film straight to video in major markets like France and Russia.  In an interview with Deadline, De Niro talked about how the film was mishandled by Disney: “I think it was frankly left flat by Miramax and the parent company. They just left it. They said they weren’t going to do that  but of course they did.”  Domestic home video sales were a soft $7.4 million.

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