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  • Directed By: Greg McLean
  • Written By: Greg McLean
  • Release Date: April 25, 2008
  • Domestic Distributor: Dimension (Third Rail Releasing)
  • Cast: Radha Mitchell, Michael Vartan, Sam Worthington

Box Office Info:
Budget: $23 million Financed by: Dimension; Village Roadshow; Union Bank; Media Rights Capital
Domestic Gross: $10,452 Overseas Gross: $4,613,118

rogue 2007
Rogue was in active development back in 2000 and while the financing was being put together, in April 2000 the production defaulted on a funding loan from Film Finance Corp. and the project fell apart.  Director Greg McLean then went off and helmed the low budget success Wolf Creek (2005) and then returned to his big budget crocodile picture.  Just before Wolf Creek was set to open in the US for the Weinstein’s Dimension label, they boarded McLean’s Rogue.

Rogue would sport one of the most expensive budgets ever for an Australian production at AU$28 million (approx. $23M US) and at the time of release it was the most expensive Australian horror movie.  It was majority financed by the Weinstein’s Dimension branch and also had funding by Village Roadshow.  Union Bank and Media Rights Capital also invested into the movie.

Rogue was set to open in Australia as its first market in January 2007, but another killer crocodile movie Primeval was also dated around the same time and Rogue was pushed back.  It eventually was dated for November 8, 2007 and bombed in its home country with a total of just $1,673,693.

Dimension first set the stateside release for February 2, 2007 and then pushed it back to April 20, 2007, then November 30, 2007 and after Rogue flopped in Australia, it was delayed until a TBD date in 2008.  On April 1, 2008 it was announced that Dimension would release Rogue on April 25 through a newly formed label called Third Rail Releasing, which would give a minuscule theatrical release to films aimed at the video market.  Even with decent reviews, Rogue was dumped into 10 theaters for one week and pulled in all of $10,452.

Rogue pulled in poor numbers in the few markets where it found a theatrical release, to a worldwide total of just $4.6 million and it went straight to video in most countries.

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