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  1. I enjoyed the movie. Great cast, interesting story, which is a bit different from the usual action hero forced out of retirement to kill and maim everyone in sight!
    The critics talk crap!
    This was a decent enough movie – and I enjoyed it!

    RH Auckland, New Zealand 🇳🇿

  2. If the critics dump on a movie I can pretty well guarantee that I will like it. We very much enjoyed The Contract

  3. It was a good solid “B” movie. It was worth watching just for the spectacular scenery alone. Morgan Freeman was outstanding, very much in command. Cusack was v.g. There was a nice surprise at the end.

  4. I liked it, too. So did my husband. We like both Morgan Freeman and John Cusack,and thought both were believable in their roles. The relationship between Cusack’s character and his son was well done. Nice to see parts of the world we’ve never been to (filmed in spectacular forests in Bulgaria, with high rock cliffs, ice age moraines, crystal-clear rivers…).

  5. I liked the movie. I will pretty much go see any movie with Morgan Freeman in it. I have loved that man’s work since The Electric Company was on television. Morgan Freeman is a great actor but I really don’t care to see him play the villain, nevertheless he plays a damned good villain. I just hope the directors and producers all recongize how diverse of an actor his is and well received by all humans no matter the sex or age.

  6. I enjoyed it and thought it was well done. Great plot and beautiful scenery. It flowed well and the acting was good. It’s the critics who don’t give it a chance that causes viewers to not either. Too bad.

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