The Comebacks

Budget: $20 million (estimated) Financed by: Fox Atomic
Domestic Gross: $13,349,927 Domestic Distributor: Fox Atomic
Overseas Gross: $189,227
Directed by: Tom Brady
David Koechner
Produced by: Andrew Panay

The Comebacks box officeThe Comebacks was Fox Atomic’s first film developed from the ground up to make it to release, after the Fox genre branch shut down production on their remake of Revenge Of The Nerds after losing their location and being unhappy with dailies.  The Comebacks cost an estimated $20 million and would be one of many flops for the short lived Fox Atomic.  Atomic opened the film in 2,812 theaters to a poor $5,554,594 — placing #5 for the weekend led by 30 Days Of Night.  The spoof dipped a modest 39.3% in its second weekend to $3,371,708, but fell 57.2% in its third weekend to $1,443,947 and promptly lost most of its theater count.  The Comebacks closed its US run with $13,349,927 which would leave Fox Atomic with about $7.3 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not even cover 1/4 of the prints and advertising costs and leave the budget in the red.  The football theme would be dependent on the domestic market and Fox released The Comebacks overseas in 6 territories to just $189,227 and it went straight to video in most markets.  Domestic home video sales came to $9.3 million (less after resellers take their cut and manufacturing costs).

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