Zyzzyx Road

Budget: $1.2 million Financed by: N/A
Domestic Gross: $30 Domestic Distributor: N/A
Overseas Gross: $0
Directed by: John Penney
Tom Sizemore
Katherine Heigl
Produced by: Leo Grillo

Zyzzyx Road box officeMade for a cheap $1.2 million, Zyzzyx Road staring Tom Sizemore and a not yet bankable Katherine Heigl, is only notable for being the lowest grossing film of all time at the box office with a grand total of $30.  The film was released in one theater in Dallas, which the producers rented for $1,000, for one week with one showing per day at noon, to fulfill a Screen Actors Guild clause that reduces actor’s rates if the film is not direct to video.  The film found a straight to video release overseas in some markets, but it took until 2012 to arrive on DVD in the US.

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