We Are Marshall

Budget: $65 million Financed by: Warner Bros; Legendary
Domestic Gross: $43,545,364 Domestic Distributor: Warner Bros
Overseas Gross: $0
Directed by: McG
Matthew McConaughey
Produced by: Thomas Tull

we are marshall box officeAlthough considered as one of the best movies about football, We Are Marshall was far from a touchdown at the box office. The film was financed for $65 million by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures and began filming in April 2006 with an October 27, 2006 release date planned, but it was pushed back as a Christmas release to give it more time in post.  The football-themed movie would be dependent on the US market, as American Football has limited appeal outside of the states and 2006 also saw two other football pics aimed at a similar audience — Invincible and Gridiron Gang.  Warner Bros booked the film in 2,606 theaters and it would go up against Night at the Museum, Rocky Balboa and The Good Shepherd.  It was lost in the crowded market and flopped with $6,114,264 — placing #7 for the weekend.  We Are Marshall posted a 32.3% uptick in business over the New Year’s frame to $8,089,931 and had a modest 39.7% decline in its third weekend to $4,875,400.  We Are Marshall ended its run with a disappointing $43,545,364.  Warner Bros would see back about $23.9 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, which would not cover all of the P&A costs and leave the budget in the red.  WB dumped We Are Marshall straight to video in every market after the weak domestic run.

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