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  • Directed By: Christian Volckman
  • Written By: Alexandre de La Patellière, Jean-Bernard Pouy, Patrick Raynal, Matthieu Delaporte
  • Release Date: September 22, 2006
  • Domestic Distributor: Miramax
  • Cast: Daniel Craig, Romola Garai, Ian Holm

Box Office Info:
Budget: $18.2 million Financed by: Onyx; Canal Plus; France 2
Domestic Box Office: $70,644 Overseas Box Office: $1,760,704

The budget for Renaissance was $18.2 million and this R-rated, black and white motion capture animated film was co-financed by France based Onyx, Canal Plus, France 2.  70% of the budget was covered from pre-sales to over 40 distributors.  Disney acquired US rights in May 2003 after viewing 4 minutes of footage and distributed through their child company Miramax.

Pathé distributed in France and planned on releasing Renaissance in over 200 theaters, but reduced its count to 90 when a student led nationwide strike over labor reform about making it easier to hire and fire young people, coincided with the release and kept its targeted audience out of theaters.  The film received mixed reviews and pulled in just $1,520,587 from its release.  Pathé also distributed in the UK, where they dumped the film in 9 theaters to a total of only $132,165.  The once buzzed about title pulled in a mere $1.7 million from its overseas run, across the 40+ distributors who picked up the picture.

Miramax put very little effort or resources into the US release and booked Renaissance into 2 theaters, where it grossed a weak $10,800 with a $5,400 per screen average.  Renaissance lasted four weeks in release and expanded to only 13 theaters with a total of $70,644.

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  1. No better luck for Daniel Craig, as two months later, his debut as 007 (Casino Royale) ended up getting beaten in the US by Happy Feet, in one of the biggest box office upsets of all time!!!

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