The Jacket

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  • Directed By: John Maybury
  • Written By: Massy Tadjedin
  • Release Date: March 4, 2005
  • Domestic Distributor: Warner Independent
  • Cast: Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson, Jennifer Jason Leigh

Box Office Info:
Budget: $28.5 million Financed by: Mandalay Pictures; VIP Medienfonds 3
Domestic Box Office: $6,303,762 Overseas Box Office: $14,822,463

The Jacket began development at Mandalay Pictures in 1998, when the company began a 4 year domestic distribution partnership with Paramount.  In 2002, Mandalay moved off the Paramount lot and this project landed a financing arrangement in late 2003 between Mandalay Pictures and a now defunct German tax shelter fund VIP Medienfonds 3 — which quickly raised $181 million at the end of the year in 2003.  Summit handled pre-sales to distributors.

Warner Independent acquired US distribution rights and The Jacket was the specialty label’s first wide release movie.  It was dated for March 4, 2005 as counter programming to The Pacifier and Be Cool.  After a confusing marketing campaign that stressed odd distorted dream imagery over anything that might connect with audiences, the film was booked into 1,331 theaters and tanked with $2,723,682 — placing #10 for the weekend led by The Pacifier.  The Jacket declined 50.8% in its second weekend to $1,339,283 and promptly lost most of its theater count.  The film closed with just $6,303,762.  Warner Independent would see returned about $3.4 million after theaters take their percentage of the gross, far less than their modest P&A spend.

Constantin distributed in Germany and the German funded film was dumped straight to video in 2006.  The Jacket grossed a total of only $14,822,463 overseas, across numerous distributors.

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