An Unfinished Life

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  • Directed By: Lasse Hallström
  • Written By: Mark Spragg, Virginia Korus Spragg
  • Release Date: September 9, 2005
  • Domestic Distributor: Miramax
  • Cast: Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman

Box Office Info:
Budget: $33 million Financed by: Miramax; Revolution Studios; Initial Entertainment Group
Domestic Box Office: $8,586,392 Overseas Box Office: $10,031,892

The budget for An Unfinished Life was $33 million and it was financed by Miramax, Revolution Studios and Graham King’s Initial Entertainment Group.  Initial Entertainment Group sold international rights to distributors and Revolution held onto UK rights and Miramax had North American rights.  An Unfinished Life was filmed in 2003 with a planned end of year release as a potential awards contender, but Miramax pushed it back to 2004.

In 2004, the future of Bob and Harvey Weinstein remaining at Miramax was in flux as they were in negotiations with their parent Disney and many movies in their pipeline were pulled off the calendar — including An Unfinished Life.  During this time, the Weinsteins asked Revolution if they would release the movie, but they declined.  It was announced in March 2005 that the Weinsteins would be leaving Miramax on September 30 and most of the movies that were rotting in their vault were hastily thrown into release.

After two years on the shelf, An Unfinished Life was finally dated for a limited release on September 9, 2005 with a wide expansion set in the coming weeks.  An Unfinished Life landed unenthusiastic reviews and was booked into 139 theaters and pulled in $1,008,308.  The following weekend the location count expanded to 753 theaters and it pulled in a weak $2,052,066.  There was a third frame expansion to 888 theaters with diminishing returns at $1,680,867 and the domestic run quietly closed with $8,586,392.

Most overseas distributors did not do much with the picture and it cumed only $10,031,892.  The film’s strongest showings were in Spain with only $3.4 million.

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