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  1. He never does that in the movie. Either you never saw it, barely remember it or you’re thinking of something else.

  2. I remember seeing this in 2004 with my then girlfriend. I remember how hard we laughed at the scene where Alexander rears up on the back of an elephant. I also remember that there were only two other people in the theater watching besides us. It was neither a great film nor a terrible film, just not one I would ever go to the trouble to watch again….

  3. Happy 15th Anniversary! Knowing that InterMedia rushed out the entire thing (minus post-prod) in order to fend off Baz Luhrman’s project (against Stone’s wishes), I feel that the movie would’ve been better had they slow down the process or made a deal with HBO or Showtime to make it as a mini-series.

  4. We saw this at the dollar theater. It wasn’t worth it. The worst part was when the whole film turned red, for no apparent reason.

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