The Life Of David Gale

Budget: $38 million Financed by: Intermedia; Universal
Domestic Gross: $19,955,598 Domestic Distributor: Universal
Overseas Gross: $19,000,000
Directed by: Alan Parker
Kevin Spacey
Kate Winslet
Produced by: Nicolas Cage

the life of david gale box officeOriginally setup with George Clooney in the lead who left over creative disputes, Kevin Spacey took the role and the German based Intermedia co-financed The Life Of David Gale with Universal for $38 million.  Universal originally dated the pic for a December 2002 release, but pushed it back to February 21, 2003.  The film tested very well with audiences and focus groups, but The Life Of David Gale was savaged by critics. Universal opened the film in the US in 2,002 theaters against Old School, Gods And Generals and Dark Blue (also financed by Intermedia).  The pic pulled in a weak $7,117,225.  Audiences gave the film a positive A- cinemascore and it declined a modest 36.2% in its second weekend to $4,537,395 but the film dropped 53.2% to $2,124,235 in its third frame, killing its chances at breaking out.  The Life Of David Gale closed its domestic run with $19,955,598.  Universal released the film in most territories overseas and distributed it in the UK through UIP (joint distribution between Universal and Paramount) and The Life Of David Gale grossed soft $4,016,065 which posted the highest number from its offshore rollout.  The film was a dud in Australia, pulling in $654,583 and made just $1.8 million in Germany.  The overseas total was $19 million.  About $21.3 million would be returned after theaters take their percentage of the worldwide gross, which would not even cover the P&A costs or any of the budget.  Veteran director Alan Parker has not directed another picture after The Life Of David Gale.

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